Senin, 22 Februari 2016

I'm Not A Cupboard, I'm A Human

This is a challenge, to do yourself a favour: be human. Not a cupboard, or shelf, whatever you call a container of clutter. 

That's why I don't want to attach myself to stuff I (thought I) need to possess.  Such as a random sling bag on an online shop.  Or thinking about adding another cute haircomb to my collection... Or even a pet. Or a guy. Just to post it on social media so people will give me a high score.

I'm a human.  I have to fill this body with good, healthy food.  I have to fill this soul with happiness and satisfaction.  Therefore, I'm just a box. Even worse, a trash bin, maybe! Doesn't meant to be rude, but, that's a fact.  A sad fact about our society nowadays. 

I want to be fulfilled with love and spread it to all the creatures. To solve the world's problem and cure the pain of Mother Earth.

And slowly, this blog has changed to a minimalist-lifestyle blog from a greedy lady who wanted to collect all organic beauty products in the world. LOL. 

Welcome to the 3rd week of February.  Oh, how time flies!

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