Senin, 29 Februari 2016

Thank You, Dearest Consciousness

I'd like to give myself and appreciation,
who has made this decision:

+ buying a lot of TBS products
+ ...ended up selling some of them in a Facebook group.

+ start having trouble with blemishes
+ that I got from using TBS Tea Tree Toner
+ and discovered my real skin type
+ special credits to Lynn.

+ had dandruff thingy since puberty
+ tried out a lot of shampoo, from the cheap one to fake natural shampoos, to the high-end ones
+ considering no-poo method
+ i'm blessed to have my black, thick, hair back again after simple treatment with coconut soap & apple cider vinegar

+ ate a lot of beef steak
+ finally knew that beef causes body odour (on me)
+ and it was a living cow, jsyk.

+ met real cow and thought, "Gee, I don't wanna harm this glorious creature!"
+ met a chubby hen and thought, "Boy, what did I do to your ancestors? You're cute!"
+ started being pescaterian

+ said to fishes in the pond : "Someday I'll save your clan, too."
+ now moving to being pure vegetarian. 

+ above all, i'm grateful that I started this so-called 'beauty' blog
+ and saw many changes i made through the journey
+ i'll keep posting !

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