Senin, 08 Februari 2016

Well it's actually a picture I made for Huraya Garage Sale
but yea, I want to talk this up with you, folks. 

Okay, first. I already have a smaller refrigerator and it's vintage.  Hahaha. Sorry for the sudden news, but, it's important. :p 

I have a tough January's February now, guys! Miracles came to me in last year's February and I believe that the month is good for me. Scrolling to the upcoming months, too. I don't know.  I have a special connection with February ! February always gives me a new beginning. Sends me amazing things. There will be Valentine's Day and it's my favourite celebration ever !

This February, and the whole 2016, I'd like to dedicate the day for...MY SOUL. What? Not my...soulmate? If I have a bright soul, the channel will have a better perfomance of finding the one, right? :))

Not my parents? No.  I love them everyday. Simply.  They're like roommates with a bit more controlling system for me.  HAHAHA.

Not Kimkim? I haven't seen Kimkim for a while.  Where is she?

By the way, this is Kimkim.  Not my cat.  But mine in the heart.

Not my friends.  Off course I love them, but not only on Val's Day! Hahaha.

Okay.  My soul. How ?  Here's my goals this year:

+ do a simple morning yoga routine and say some simple 'mantra' for self-suggestion.
+ eat more local food with slower cooking process (a.k.a. not fastfood)
+ reducing dairy products more
+ give cats some treats, only if they are hungry (not forcing anyone, huh?)
+ not giving 'defensive body language' --such as folding your arms in front of the chest
+ lower the ego and listen to ones who try to say anything to me

+ be grateful, even for the smallest thing

And if I make it, I'll have a new habit of being good !

Let's start in this first day of year 2567 !
Focus on your well-being state and The Universe will do the rest.  :D

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