Sabtu, 25 Maret 2017

A Voyage to A Tropical Flower Garden

It's been a while...a loooong while since my last product review. OMG what is a product review?? Since I don't want to trigger anyone to shop more or anything else, I'm not making reviews.

Starting now, I name this session "A Happy Tale of ... ". It consists of beautiful things I found during my minimalistic life. This is not a post to make you feel like buying a new product. It should be like that. But it's all in your choice.

So this post is about a roll-on perfume. Yeap! I usually prefer spray bottle, but they're expensive--talkin' about some organic/natural fragrance around.


I bought the organic perfume with a brand called Oneself last year when I was in Singapore. I had one pleasing holiday. And because it's Singapore, I have one big scheme about going to Bud Cosmetics where organic / natural toiletries products remain. I always have a visit everytime I go. Hee-hee. Out of that fact,  I think it's my first time of buying a toiletries product without searching for a review before. Lol. But maybe, it's just because I've commited to go to Bud Cosmetics, so I feel like I have to find something precious...and I got myself this tiny little fragrance.

Because literally, I had no fragrance at all. Not even a cheap cologne.

ANYWAY. What I reaally love about this perfume is:
1. It's natural. No artificial fragrance.
2. It's petite. I can bring this bottle everyday in my backpack or small sling bag.
3. It's floral. Like, truly, floral. Without hints of sandalwood or musk or anything weird. So gentle, so lasting, sweet but not yucky. It lingers around on the skin and pulse points. And sometimes to my clothing pieces.
4. It's 10ml but I've been using it for 10 months and it's still purposeful--at least, I have 1 mm last drop of it now. 

1. It's rare and it's expensive.
2. If the cap is not being closed tightly, it's spilling out, but if it's too tight, it's so difficult to open the bottle!

But, it's still 8,999 out of 10 for me. I can smell this all day long without sneezing or any counteracting reaction! :D

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