Kamis, 16 Maret 2017

Hey, March!

Haven't written anything since...I don't know. The beginning of the month? 
Too busy with...things that happen. 
People who passed away, chores to do, packages to send, clutter to shoo, rehearsals to attend. 

Well, the photo above, it's an old photo. Around 2014 I guess. I'm questioning myself now: How did you survive that messy, full desk, Ningrum? I survived anyway. I made goodness out of it. But thinking with my recent point of view, I'll surely feel stuffy if I have to work on that space. 

Hahahaha. Anyway. Thankfully, I'm here. With less uneccessary clutter around me. Horray! 

 My soft pastels.
Honestly, I have no idea: 
when will I use those beautiful media on my artworks? 
But I'm feeling like keeping 'em. 
D'you think? 

I think I need this layered crepe cake somehow. 
And the vibe. And the taste. 

So random. 

Here's a random Mozart chocolate. I'm studying one of his piano sonata. 
Hey Mozart, the easy-going Aquarian. 
Sadly you have a short life. 


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