Senin, 13 Maret 2017


Rewel in Indonesian means 'grumpy'.
It's not pronounced like 'towel' but more like 'ray-well'. 
Sinar sumur. HAHA. 

I met this furry persona before my orchestra rehearsal, 
turned up, she's super duper annoying. She keeps meow-ing even after a bowl of cat food! 
she has a lovely side, tho'. 

And I love her rewel-ness.

Happy Monday, folks! 
How's your day going? 

I'm cleaning up my desk. 
Sorting out painting brushes, multi-surface used papers, old stack of sketch, books, etc. 

And preparing for another exam and concerts. 

Eating grapes and banana. Waiting for mangoes and avocadoes to be ripe.

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