Sabtu, 22 Februari 2014

Morning Marshmallow

Well, bonjour, mes amis. It's Sunday already! I've passed a nice Saturday yesterday, started early in the morning. 

What's you Sunday activity? Mine is to go to a place to do the orchestra rehearsal.  And then, family time after that. 

Today, I just want to have fun in this post.  To talk about...books! Yo, books! Does it have any connection with toiletries? Nope.  But ah, we can connect it. :p

Last week, I discovered that I have too many books in my room.  I've read most of them.  Some mangas and fiction literatures.  Since I've been writing a new book too, and need to finish it quickly this month, sometimes I need refreshment, to trigger my inspiration. 

And, to go out and meet friends, the world, and people will spend too much time outside, meanwhile I get to stay and write! So, I re-read those books in my room! Why do I choose books instead of the sourceful internet world? Internet is too addictive.  It doesn't make me write.  It stops me from writing. 

One of the manga, old-old manga I'm loving right now, is this:

I paste the 4th book's cover here.  In the reality, I only have 3 exemplars and the 4th book is missing! :(
Guess 80-90s kids now this horribly funny graphic story! You know, I didn't find it too hilarious when I was small.  Even after I grew up and read it when I'm in high school, I haven't see the real jokey side. 

Suddenly, I read Si Cerdik Michael again this year (I believe they are titled What's Michael outside Indonesia) and...I LAUGH LIKE AN INSANE.  Maybe I finally stepped in a condition where I caught the real humour the author is trying to represent! And I'm happy to laugh like that. :D 

One other thing, Kobayashi Makoto is a talented mangaka.  Talented and educated, I guess. He made beautiful artworks.  Realistic, but expressive and clean! Perfect!

Besides having a good books, I watch entertaining TV series.  Entertaining? Something like How I Met Your Mother? Nah.  Eccentrically, I don't really love those modern series! I prefer something retro like...Family Ties, Growing Pains, Cosby Show, Full House, and oh, anyone remembers The Nanny? Yeah, I'm a family person, that's why I'm into those homey shows.

The Nanny comes from my childhood era. Yep, 90s.  It was showing from 1993 to 1999.  Almost through the nineties era! :D
Of course I didn't watch that TV show when I was younger.  I was too hooked with Sailor Moon! Once, my Papa suggested me to try The Nanny.  He bought me the DVD and I was trapped in the comedy! The Nanny is absolutely a hit! Look at them...

Different characters, different roles, but same status: humorous. :p

Most people like Niles The Butler with his cynical comments for everything.  Other loves C.C.Babcock, with her strength and bold but pathetique life.  Many girls love Fran Fine. She's the lady in red when everybody else is wearing tan--said the theme song.  I do like her style and personality.  She's lovely. 

I do love them all.  :D

And, ehm, excuse my old taste.  :p  Another retro piece of art I love is Betty and Veronica comics! I prefer their high school story, compared to High School Musical, for example.  They both are brave girls with great ambitions, and how can I resist their fashion sense? *again, another old taste

Eh, don't forget the cute artwork too! :D

Even MAC the cosmetic company made a line inspired by these 2 girls last year, named Archie's Girls! If I'm not an ingredients-freak, I would've bought a series for my collection.  LOL.

Ah, I love both of them.  Their make up style is fun, too! Veronica with red lips, Betty with pastel tones.  I have Veronica's hair, I love Betty's colour (but don't worry, I do like bold red lipstick too!). 

What's in your mind, Readers? What is make up for you? Is make up something required for any women? Or it's something to tickle your fancy?
I choose the second answer.  Plus in my opinion, make up is expression of art and taste.  Symbol of mood and soul.  :)

But I don't want to harm my natural-chemical-composition with make up products, though.  Wearing dangerous ingredients is simply unwise--at least for me.  I won't judge you who don't even care about what's inside the product you're in love with.  I just drop my choice on being care.  Because every little lifestyle you do, it will give impact to Earth and your heart. Small or big. 

I love make up, so I decided to wear make up that fits my standardYou rarely fall in love deeply serious with a man who isn't your type, huh? :)

That's what I want to talk about this morning. Have a great Sunday! Share your thoughts below.  I'd like to hear your opinions. :D

*all pictures today are Googling's result :) Thanks, Google and sources!

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