Sabtu, 01 Februari 2014

Sunday Sunshine

Just an old unpublished photo I found in my folder.  Well, I used to love The Body Shop really much, and their Nature's Minerals make up line is the only all-natural products I could get that time.  It's good in quality, I think.  Unfortunately, that range has discontinued.  Thankfully, I already have backups.

Anyway, it's just nice to see my blog's header finally finished happily in the right colour tone.  It has no Latin alphabet on it! The title of my blog is written in Sundanese alphabet!  :D You know, my blog's name Citraramya actually comes from Kawi a.k.a ancient Javanese traditional language.  But, since I came from Parahyangan, the lovely place with easy Sundanese aksara, I made it in that alphabet.  I'll learn to write in Javanese later, it's a little more difficult than Sundanese I think.  By doing this, I hope our traditional alphabet will be eternal!

And those doodles up there...well, I made it myself, with lotta' love.  I put a giraffe since I reaaally love giraffe, and I do love other animals as well.  But giraffe is special.  It's gentle, vegetarian, tall, and has cute prints! LOL. 
Talking of animals, I guess, to love them is not enough.  We have to respect animals, respect their life, their territory, and their comfort.  If you have any pet at home, please take care of them. If you want to have an animal, please make sure you'll provide good place, good food, and let them live happily with you.  One more thing, don't ever keep rare animals at your house! Don't ever pet orangutans, sloths, elephants, I know, I know they are cute and whatsoever. Me myself, I really want to have a giraffe at home. But actually, wild animals should stay in the wild (in the jungle, par example).  Especially when they are rare! Ugh, come on.

So, please, just pet a pet, never pet a wildebeest or anyone else  you usually find in National Geographic's documentary films about wildlife or rainforest.  Cat, dog, rabbit, turle, hamster, guinea pig, goat, and fishes are homey, they can be happy in the house (as long as you take care of them).  Oh, I don't know about snake and chameleon, or gecko, but I know some people love reptiles. 

Other stuff on doodles is talking about cosmetics.  But if you look carefully, there is a 'cruelty-free' rabbit.  Means I don't want my cosmetics to be derived from murder of animals (or human!).  Vegan products are preferred too.  I still can't be totally free from honey and beeswax, they are useful.  But slowly, I'm moving to vegan alternatives.  And, sure, I'm concern about ingredients.  We better be careful about what you apply on your body.  However, it will be absorbed to your bloodstream and organs.  Eh, and they will come to say 'hi' to Mother Earth, too.  Who wants to see our planet harmed? She has already been harmed... So, well, educate yourself. Do a research, read ingredients list, learn, learn! 

I know school doesn't teach us to actually learn something. We were just students who have to memorize anything in books. Ah, a post about education world will come later, okay?  

Last but not least, happy Sunday to you! May your life be filled with gladness. :D

*yes, I'm a random person anyway...

2 komentar:

  1. Hi Ningrum,

    Your signature on your blog header has made me interested in learning kawi language. Is there any online resource about learning the language? I'm keen on incorporating the language into my designs.

    It is unfortunate that schools (at least in Indonesia) is rigged to make their students become passive. I'm looking forward to your education post (if you decide to post it), especially from you as an Indonesian that chooses not to continue education to college. I bet it'll be an interesting post.

    Have a nice day!

    1. Hi, there, Kak Karla! :)

      Kawi language (and other curly alphabets) is difficult! I don't know the system of writing it, or the grammar, but I have a Kawi dictionary at home, which is simply telling us the meaning of this and that from Indonesian to Kawi. I get my vocabulary by reading that dictionary. The alphabet, I haven't master it. I'm only quite sure with Sundanese alphabet. I haven't get any satisfying online resource of Kawi lesson. But if I catch one, I'll post it here. For now, we can at least find the explanation and little study about Kawi in Google. :)

      Yep! I feel like I actually learn something after I passed school. I learn that school system doesn't want us to be smart. It pushes us to write properly, speak properly, read carefully, count things up, remember all patterns, and that's all. We aren't provided with creativity-motivation and life skill, and strong mentality. Not every single school is bad, but majority of them are that creepy. :p

      Yep, I'll post about education! :D Already prepare the thoughts.
      Thanks for coming!