Rabu, 26 Februari 2014

An Exhibition

Two years behind in my journey of finding the best beauty stuff, I made this post about my toiletries collection. 
I also painted my karas puhun and use it as a storage for those bottles, cans, jars, et cetera.

I'm changing a lot these past months.  I do a little spending ban, gain more wisdom, and thankfully I do simplify my body and skin care routine.  So I spend more on make up and other decorative stuff I need.  And happily, I have found my holy grail shower gel and body lotion manufacturer: Nicole's Natural.  LOL. 

I will be boring somehow, someday, but I love their products.  And once I fall in love with something, I'm faithful.  I discovered that I'm not seeking more and more body care stack.  All I think about is to use up everything I already got at home, and refilling my Nicole's Natural bottles.  After trying their lines, I end up planning to refill only one shower gel and one body lotion from one same line, the Romancing Rose.  My Mom and I love it.

Okay, by the way, I was talking about my wooden box, isn't it? If you clicked the karas puhun link above, you'll see my empty box. FYI, now the box is stuffed:

What do you think? :D I love that my toiletries collection is more monochrome and simple now.  But, hey, where's my make up?

They're here in a customized box! :D

handcrafted ;)

I pasted grass-like paper on the base to give a green effect, plus to remind me to stay green! Not all in the place is a truly green product, but I will try to restock it with greener products along the way.  :) 

Uhm, yes, I also have a separated reused box for my make up brushes and other tiny particles:

once, it's a Vanity Trove box, I modified the coverage ;)
I only have brushes from 3 brands (click to read my story with them): The Body Shop, 100% Pure, and Ecotools.  I have around 7 brushes and only use 4 of them repeatedly.  Another brushes in my house are painting brushes for different paints.  Aclyric, oil, poster colour... okay, out of topic, People! Those two sponge and puff are even more jobless here.  Haven't find the function yet.

That's all I have! Actually there are soap bars, but I keep it in the other place.  And nail polishes, these are my colourful multifunctional paints...yes I convert them into art tools.  Oh, those are alumunium tealight candle holders actually.  I don't want to trash them out so I made microsize-matter's container.  Painted them all with my nail polishes. :p

I have nail polishes from Innisfree, Skinfood, and Etude House.  The best one comes from Innisfree.  My Skinfood has weird colour on my nails, and the EH's texture is too sticky to be true.  The metallic blue is actually a gift from my Mom. 

Before we close today's exhibition, let's read the typography work I made with only 2 devices: Sharpie Permanent Marker and Playcolor 2 on recycled paper grabbed from an empty schedule book. 

have a Wise Wednesday! :)

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  1. jadi kerenn hasilnya ^^
    jd pengen nyoba modif jg :P hehe

    don't forget to join my giveaway ( ^^)/

    1. Makasih, Xiao Vee! :D Ayo, dimodif juga biar makin semangat dandan *eh :))

  2. Huwaaa senpai XD kawaii~ dari dulu aku terinspirasi olehmu terus nihh jadinya ohohoho :D
    Smoga di waktu yg padat ini aku sempet bikin2 daur ulang barang2 yg ga terpakai jadi box2 makeup n kutek ini.. xD
    Thanks utk smua postinganmu yg selalu mengingatkan soal pentingnya utk terus go green :D
    hijo hijo hijo yeyeyeyeeee~ <3

    1. Ngahaha, jadi malu ah Rel.. :"> Tugas kita para seniman kan menginspirasi orang! Sambil cari-cari inspirasi buat diri sendiri tentu. Yang akan banyak muncul kalau mepet deadline. (._.)/
      Iya, mari disempatkan daur ulang, biar nggak nimbun sampah di Bumi--yah mungkin nimbunnya cukup di rumah masing-masing. :D
      Mari berhijo-hijo, Kohai! <3

    2. hihihi iyaaa bener :3 hijo hijo horeeee <3