Minggu, 16 Februari 2014

The Going Green Tag

I read this tag, like, everywhere through the green bloggers' pages.  The last Going Green Tag I caught is S Green Juice's post.  There are more out there. 
And yes, I finally know that the real source come from Rachel of All Natural Aspirations. :)  Great blog, Rachel! Thank you for creating this tag and making it goes around the world, too.

Finally, my curiosity can't stand it.  I want to share my beauty lifestyle green journey by doing the Q & A technique.  I haven't been a senior in going green and clean.  Boro-boro, Indonesian said.  Means meh, it will never be--translated dramatically. I started with a concern, and now I continue it by being critical to everything! :D

Firstly, thank you for tagging everyone in Going Green Tag, dear green bloggers around! :)
All we have to do in this tag is...answering questions.  It's not only for bloggers who talk about beauty stuff.  Any species of bloggers may join, I think! :D 

1. What started it all off for you?
It popped from nowhere in my mind that I'm the citizen of Planet Earth.  I borrowed everything from this planet, I shouldn't harm Earth, duh! Meanwhile, I've done many, many things that disturbing the natural circle of life in The Planet, and I'm feeling guilty.  The only way to reduce the risk of becoming frustated is...to start making changes. :) 
And, oh, I read ACME CLIMATE ACTION, the book that makes my life even better. 
C'est tout.

2. What was the first thing to go? (product or ingredient)
Parabens.  I caught the danger in Parabens on one fine day and decided to shoo them from my life.

3. What are you/did you struggle to let go of  ?
Eating instant food (LOL, I know it has nothing to do with beauty products, but, meh, it influences my skin's condition!).  We have delicious instant noodles here in Indonesia.  It's okay, it's quite healthy for some reasons, beneficial enough to erase your hunger, but sadly it contains tons of salt, preservatives, and, ah, palm oil sometimes.  Since not all palm oil is taken from sustainable resources, and not every preservative is fine for your body, yep, I shouldn't eat instant noodles too often! But, due to my homey personality, sometimes I'm just too lazy to go out (even from my desk) and cook something that needs a long time.  I know.  I have to be a little more...telaten or maybe tireless, in English?

4. What has been your best find or change? (i.e. a green product or a tip that you're really glad you found/learnt)
I live in Indonesia.  Virgin coconut oils are massively available in Indonesia.  And this plant-based oil is such a useful stuff! See what VCO would do here and there. It acts as a moisturizer, cleanser, serum, and yes, it's healthy as a digestive oil too! :)

5. What transition has been the worst thing about going green? What has been the hardest to transition or find an adequate green replacement of?
Personally, since I started using cloth menspad, my life in period is a little more complicated.  I have to wash every single pad and make sure it's clean.  I can't use usual fabric detergent with softener or bleaching properties.  I don't have a sanitary napkins if it's raining and no menspad dried.  I know, I know it seems like I jumped into the trouble, for instant-life's sake! But, hey, I'm getting used to it and I love cloth menspad! <3

6. Anything else to add? Any tips or tricks to pass on?
Be happy and patient.  This going green journey is endless.  The more you jump, the more you'll learn something.  But trust me, it'll make your life better! :) 

Okay, since this is a tag, it should be...tagged to someone.  :} Who will I tag? 
Well, I guess I would love to tag 2 people in my blogging circumstance:

Lynn & Windi! :)

But for you, all Planet Earth's citizen, you may do this tag too.  Show your effort to the world.  Show that you care! :) 

4 komentar:

  1. I'm interested in the 5th question..
    What kind of fabric do you use? I ever think about using cloth menspad, but I just wonder that some fabrics might be difficult to be cleaned and there's any specific fabric that easily washed :)
    And yeah, is using cloth menspad 'safe' from 'bocor'?kekeke


    1. Hai, Hana :)
      I have cloth menspads from different brands (you can click the link to see a further thought about this new lifestyle, hehe). Most of them use a towel-like fabric (kain handuk), soft and quite easy to be washed. My favorite easily-washed is the one from Ziggie Zag and Clue Bebe. :) But actually, it's still based on your way of washing and what kind of cleanser do you use. Sometimes, spot-free liquid detergent can't even remove the stain perfectly. So it needs a little experiment. :D

      About 'bocor', yip, it's safe! Eventhough you're a heavy-flow type, it's still safe. ;) My suggestion, use night menspad on your 1st-2nd day, because somehow the day pad's volume is more limited than the night kind. :D

      Thanks for coming and being concern! ;)

  2. What a great blog! I loved reading this post and so glad you answered my questions :-) Well done for writing a blog in a different language, huge respect from me for that achievement!
    Lovely to connect with you,
    Rach xx

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I'm happy that you made this tag, too. :)
      Yep, I want to say so many things to the World, so I make this blog in international language. In case someone out there may be inspired but he can't read Indonesian.
      I've followed your blog and can't wait to see any new inspirations from you! :D
      Let's keep loving The Earth! :)