Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Biarkan waktu bergulir. Dia sedang mengumpulkan warna-warni sebelum memperlihatkan selengkung pelangi. :)

Tetap percaya pada mimpimu, sampai yang paling renik!


4-Legs-Darlings :D

Pluto si ganteng :)

Rabu, 13 Februari 2013

Happy Celebration of Love’s Day! :D

May all the elephants be safe always! Stay healthy.  ;)

Bright Happy Blue

Music store is always tempting!

blue shirt with tiny triangles: Impromptu, the one that has a print I’ve been searching for months (and doodled a lot). :) So happy I found one from Indonesia in perfect colour mix!

pants: Minimal.  Magically appeared at Cascade FO when I was searching for tartan shirt for my Mama. So I took it.

tote bag: Guyu.  Know this brand? I know it really well.  It’s my own brand! LOL.  The simple offwhite bag dipped into black-tea-infused-hot-water, then I made those apples.  And here it goes the details: :)

shoes: From a shop at Bandung Trade Centre. Custom. I ordered and it’s ready after a month.

At Indonesian music section! Why so serious? Because I was searching for a CD of any good indie band from Indonesia. :D

credits to the photographer: my Brother who is also ‘on Tumblr’ but I forget his account. :p

Selasa, 12 Februari 2013

Tumbuh bunga kecil berwarna merah di atas makam Rama dan Maya.  :’)

Juice box, now it’s a half rubbish, a half functional. :D

Senin, 11 Februari 2013

Bye, Soap?

Have you ever tried 5 Days No Soap Challenge?  My friend Lynn has done the challenge.  And I was curious so I've been doing that these days! How’s the result? I’ll tell you later.

But, just so you know, going back to a clean state is GOOD! :)

Marry Kei's ombre cake by my cousin Martha. :)

Behind, you can see Kirana, my cute niece! That hand is her Mothers, Kak Fitri, my cousin, she’s a crafty person too. 

My family filled with crafty edgy eccentric people! :D

keisengan teman-teman

Rabu, 06 Februari 2013

This Dress

Once upon a time, there’s a silky cream dress. 

A girl owns this dress, and she loves mixing it with other stuffs from her wardrobe. :)

For example:

Dressed this way at my Brother’s best friend’s wedding.

But, yeah, this one dress can solve another reception’s trouble! Like this:

 Here’s the real photo, by the way:

Big hug for my cousin, Martha The Cake Artist for taking this picture! :*


I made my illustration on used papers and cartons. ;) Would you like to be a copy-cat of my action?