Selasa, 27 Desember 2016

Tranquilty in The Heart

Mom and baby cow (?). Peacefully live on the Bali meadow. I pray so they're safe. 
Lookin' at their eyes. 
Was the moment where I seriously decided to be a vegetarian. 
It's around 2011. Phew, a long time ago! :D

So, December 2016.
I took a mug of iced coffee, poured with a simple, soothing soymilk. 

No more cow's milk.  
Cause I remember the cutest cows I've ever met on 2011. :)

Minggu, 18 Desember 2016

Haturnuhun, Taun 2016

hello, Peko Poko

Oh, unexpectedly, it's December already!
This means, the year 2016 will end soon. Wow, time flies!

If I have to name this year, maybe 2016 is a Clutter-Cleaning year. I got a lot of question about clutters, and letting go so many stuff around that have no more functional function (?) and magically started affecting my parents. A couple of human that I thought as impossible to join my clutter-cleaning movement. So, I'm touched by their kindness to support me, tho'. And they sell some of their random stuff, too! It's such a progress. Since it's crazy to walk alone through this journey.

Besides being free from a hoarder trait, I'm back to my musical path. I think I've found that music is my passion, so I'll always be with music. No matter how far I've wandered around, I always come back to the music. Or meeting music person. And other things. Like it's...stick with me. Accepting it as a fate, I think I'm grateful! ;)

Oyeah. And, recalling the biggest events of the year: my brother's getting married, doing a track-jogging in a sport field with Inez and becoming 'norak' because we never did it before, hahaha. Went to Singapore and saw A LOTTA SESAME STREET, plus...being with 4 A-blood types, 2 O-types, and 1 AB altogether with no water element (from zodiac)...oh, it's fun and crazy. Aoh. Human Jet Coaster. The Mummy track. Definitely an epic experience. (for a lady that never visited DUFAN)

MUSIC CAMP! Aw, yeah. My favourite music camp annual event. I've missed the camp for, like, 2 years, that's why it's so lovely to join 'em again. Another event? Ah, Gaby's wedding. Meeting school friends and spent an evening with them.

Ordered my first vegan cake from Kilivi/Talli Bhumi and it's delicious. Surprised my Mother on her birthday--for the first time in my life, hahaha.

Eh, and, hey, LSO gatherings! In November we held a barbeque session. It's cute that people remember my vegetarianism and gave me...grilled corn and sweet potatoes. And pumpkin soup. And fish, they believe I eat fish so they bought a fish for me unexpectedly, lol,  I ate a little of it anyway, hahaha. Thank you folks to at least remember! Had a good time playing UNO Stacko in twisted plots, by the way.

In December, we had another one-day trip. Almost canceled but happened anyway. Less people involved, but still, many laughters and happiness.

Ah, I'm not an expert in listing small details and stories, but let me show you some picture and a list of randomness, again.


"You're so slim now," said Kokol my brother, on May. 
"OMG you're even thinner now," said Kokol my brother, again, on December. 

"D'you still eat fish?" my friends asked. "What about eggs?"
They're consistently questioning my eating style, but, no problem.

"Monday is mop day," said Mama every single Monday.

"Please heat up the car machine," Papa asked me every Monday dan Wednesday. Duh. 

"Notice your right hand." Just my friend commenting on my viola playing.

"Just bring the cat home, Neng!" said random men around me everytime I feed a stray cat. 

"Ning," said everyone. (continued with various topics)

Well, though it's annoying, I'm happy that I'm surrounded by people who cares and pays attention. LOL.  

Last but not least, what about you? Did you enjoy 2016 so far ?  

favourite beverage, ever !

got lost in a small residential area and met this blacky

some shade...


charging my energy through the nature

Minggu, 27 November 2016

Polyvore Reveleation : Concert Days

Concert Days
basic t-shirt : wearable for daily occasions, too. skater skirt : easy to mixmatch and comfortable. no underarm maintenance required.  

I've forgotten how fun playing Polyvore was. So I reopen my account and create my virtual wardrobe. And now, when I limit my possessions, it's even more fun! Why? Because you're focused. You know what you're doing. You're integrated with your persona list--not living a consumptive dream. Just like when I started over my fashion-istic journal in the beginning of this year. 

I used to be a dress junkie. With so many reasons: wedding receptions, churching, concerts, hangouts, etc. In fact, 80% of my dresses are generally useless. I wear some of them only once or twice and forget their existence immediately. Because, how would you teach energetic kids with a lace dress, or how will you take a walk around the city with high pollution wearing pretty mini dress with ribbon on the waistback? It's...a dream. And sadly, most of my dresses are never, never been appropriate for those casual activities. Furthermore when it's sleeveless...since I become shy with that sleeveless stuff, can't wear 'em spontaneously without considering my hairy underarm situation. Or should I layer it with a cardigan eventhough it's sunny and hot outside? :p

That's why I've sold 3 of my little black dress (which is a-must-have, according to fashion experts and magazines, meh), my high-heels shoes, and all inappropriate things that usually stay deep down in the drawer without any human touch. 

Anyway, this is my previous concert pieces expectation: 

lesson learned : the shoes might be fine, but those dress' details on the neckline will make it hard to put on my viola on the shoulder. and sleeveless : need armpit hair clearance and it takes time...and effort.

And this (newer version of the one above):

the concept is better, but sequins all over? wait a minute! It's itchy like hell for energetic activities. plus, it's high-maintenance. and it usually comes with nonabsorbent lining. reality is, playing music makes you sweat a lot, you need a easy-breezy clothing!

Well, folks, how do you manage your formal attires? 
Will you sacrifice your comfort only to impress or to make sure you look good? 

Rabu, 16 November 2016

The Colour Combo

Some capsule wardrobe experts create their colour circle. Or pallette. Or whatever you name it. The point is: the general colour combination of your wardrobe to be sticked on.

I am not a strict, organized person. But naturally, I'm building a pallette in my daily outfit choice. Without noticing it!

Caution : some items in the illustration are not really something I possess. But it's generally something I'd like to wear...or it's just cute to be drawn. Hehe.
Anyway. After a while, here's my general colour pallette :
Pink, denim, yellow, and blue. Yes, it's just so me! Plus, some grey shade for cleanliness and neutralizer. You know, I'm full of emotion and excitement. Something has to...calm me down. :p

And, anyway, some printed stuff is ME. I do love pattern game! XD 

There you go. My pallette. Do you have a colour pallette for your wardrobe organisation? :D

Kamis, 03 November 2016

Neglected. Abandoned. Bye.

Noooo, don't misunderstand this post as a sad, hollow-faced lady writing up her feelings!
It's not about me being neglected or a pet being neglected or what. It's just a simple post we have abandon the real quality of humanbeing. It's about humanity.

But, surprise! I'm kidding. Yes, I'm concerned about humanity nowadays, but actually, that title is just a representative for some little thing I've realized recently. Hahaha. Got you!

*minta dijitak 

OK. Anyway. I'm in the middle of the 20s now. In the world full of materialistic offerings. But I've been a make up hoarder in my early 20s, and an outfit lover in my 18s-23s. I also love to buy expensive imported food for the sake of gaya and ceritanya sih veganism and health. But in the end, because I wasn't wise enough (not actually gain much wisdom now, but not worse than yesterday!), I've thrown too much effort, money, and space. And time. Sorry. The enlightement started here.

And, after a while, I think I've left a lot of things I used to hang on to hardly. These are things I've neglected with a mindful reason :

+ plural lip products
I used to have lip butter, balm, tint, and colour stick together at the same time.  I only have one lips, but I thought I gotta use 4 products for this so-called-beautiful-organ. And...actually, rather than makin' me happy, it stressed me out.  I need to use it before the expiring date! My lips I dry I should use a butter! Balm before lipstick! Lipstick stains on tumbler neck! Lipstick stains on my clothes! 
Pale lips! Where's my lipstick? Oh I forget it. AAHH! 
What a stressful lady. I'm still young, I don't wanna be old earlier! And my lips are FINE. Definitely fine. My daily-game (call it a game or I'll be under pressure) doesn't even push me to wear lipstick! A proper lip-colouring session only appears in concerts or weddings / another party events.
The last time I wear my lipstick (which is this lipstick) was 3 weeks ago for my friend's wedding. So, it could be silly if I collect more and more lip products, since I only use it for special events?

During this time, I'm feeling lighter. Like there's no pressure or doubt about my lips being pale. Because, in reality, it's even brighter and more red after I left my habit of using lipstick every single day. 

+ eyeliner
I have a bad feeling about eyeliner everytime I see an additional stroke on my bold eyelids. But I still gave it a try, with such a ladylike expectation. It's not  bad, actually. Not actually annoying. Unfortunately, wearing an eyeliner increases my freedom. I didn't want to laugh too hard or it'll melt. I can't touch my eyes area. I...literally couldn't do anything without considering my eyeliner situation. HAHAHA. So I give my eye a freedom. Real liberacy. I'm thankful for that decision. 

+ handcream
Because handcream is just a body lotion being kept in a smaller tube and being labeled handcream. THAT'S ALL.

+ flat shoes
Nothing is wrong with flat shoes. But being realistic, I can't walk safely with this species of footwear. Especially on the bumpy road of Bandung, plus it's usually muddy and slippery during the rainy season. I have a zigzag walking style and some friends of mine know how often I fall down on the street! Flat shoes is definitely dangerous for me in my habitat. It could be different on you! It hurts, too. As much as stillettos. In my standard.

Everytime I feel like complaining, I try to remember a joke or a funny switch to a better channel of mind. And good things are coming. Along with an optimistic feeling.

Happy Friday, people! :)

Senin, 31 Oktober 2016

Things I've Learnt from Kids

Kids. Oh, those tiny little folks are such a role model for me. Why? Here's why :

1. They don't complicate things. 
Hungry? Just find a food (or ask for it). Sad? Cry it out. Angry? Hit something. Everything's simple and straight in kids' world! And it's reflected on their expressions, their general face. Nothing is hidden. Nothing is kept inside waiting to explode.

2. They dream a lot higher. 
And they believe that they'll achieve it. Even if they dream of flying high riding a llama. Seriously.

3. They wear bright colours. 
Because there's no trend flow or fashion rules for them. And, you know, somehow, they tend to choose bright colours, because their life is bright! As bright as their intelligence!

4. They know that they know nothing. 
So they are always curious, asking for answers of their inner questions. In our society, they are banned for asking such random interviews. But, trust me, curiousity is our no.1 important talent! You'll bloom out of pure curiousity!

5. They're sincere. 
Loving people like there's no tomorrow. Starring at their beloved parents or friends or siblings's eyes with a lot of attention and affection. Why can't we just act as easy as that?

6. They love animals! 
D'you ever encounter a kid that doesn't want to feed or pet a stray cat? I don't. They naturally respect animals and nature, without nobody tell 'em to do so.

7. They choose their food wisely. 
Consciously, they know which food that is not good for their body. So, they're picky! It depends on their parents, tough.

Do you have special attention to kids? Do you think they're better than adults? :p 

Kamis, 27 Oktober 2016

Me, Lately--in pictures

Enjoying pants,'s cold and I am maceuh (unable to stay calm). 
My favourite mix-match style : t-shirt and denim. That's all. 

 Planning to swim weekly with my best friend, ready to be mermaid!
Boho tunic looks cute. But I'm not sure I'm wearing it daily since it's...cold? 
Maybe next summer (which is questionable). 

How's your week going? :)

Jumat, 14 Oktober 2016

Tiny Talk in One Raincoat-Friendly Evening

Actually, I've just organized (and ditched) my old sketchbooks and papers. Phew! There's a lot of 'em! I've found a lot of sketches drawing myself with oxford shoes, hippest fashion item, and stuff.

Randomly thinking about my early 20s. Or, well, call age. You remember about my post of oxford shoes? Yes. It's definitely in my early 20s when all I could think about was : "I CAN FINALLY AFFORD MY DREAM SHOES, A DRESS I'VE LOOKING FOR SINCE HIGH SCHOOL. I RULE THE WORLD! I WANNA LOOK COOL!", etc.

So it's that...short-term. After I bought it, I got bored. And it goes on and on. Such a classic capitalism-victim trouble, huh? Mixed with some kind of puberty hormones and seeking for true self through style. LOL.

Honestly, I still love mixing and matching my outfit. But earlier, my concern was 'the ability to shine and spark and be 'me' and lookin' good!'. Now, I think it becomes 'I hope this mix is warm enough for windy season' or 'I assume this is light enough for that bright sunlight above.'
Becoming more functional? Yes. 20% of me. 80% of it was just...what colour is my mood today. But most of my curated clothing articles are pink or multicoloured and vintage. So. Definitely, I have only a few choices:

+ pink / multicolour and plain light-coloured circle skirt
+ multicolour and plain dark-coloured skirt for period days
+ pink / multicolour and plain denim skirt for busy, mobile hours
+ pink / multicolour and plain denim pants for superduper maceuh day
+ pink / multicolour and polkadot denim pants for period days
+ loose tee and grey legging for random sport session
+ one piece swimsuit...if there's any swimming pool :p

+ black / red / white / light blue with embelished collar top and plain black flare skirt for music concerts or other formal events

+ add a pink thick jacket for cold, dry, or rainy evening
+ add a pink parachute jacket for rainy afternoon
+cardigans for feminine mood or when all the jackets are in laundry ( anyway, I can't appreciate cardigan too much now, since it's quite fragile...with my style of living and moving)

(OK. Suddenly I recall that all my dresses are so useless lately...wellllll.....)

Alright. Here's a little picture of how I curate my outer look by single main bottom / top of my choice. The concept is quite similar with a story. There's a main character and some good protagonists around to do a mutualism symbiosis. Haha. Do you get it? Whatever. Just LOOK :

Hey! Look! How practical is my life now! XD
( and how I miss using a beige-ish background without any influence of today's trend of minimalistic monochrome!!!)

This habit has given me a lot know, more time to practice, more time to draw, more time to...procrastinate in high quality. :p
Like, now I never spend even 15 minutes in front of the mirror.  I have a wedding party soon in Sunday and I think I will only need 10 minutes to get ready. Formal events mixture, superduper simple hairdo, eyebrow pencil, and lipstick. Okay...a thin layer of foundation. Watch and stone bracelet. I'm good. Thank you. I will probably wear my slip on shoes.

Oh. Wait. One of my dress was used, actually. In my last concert. It's a gift from my friends! :)
HAHAHA. After a year, finally. And the dress was matched with...a slip-on shoe. Thanks, everybody. When you say no to high-heels, it's...simply no. Why suffer when you have a choice to feel comfortable?

<< just a little glimpse of my latest look during a String Camp, in a very, very small size, don't click to zoom or you'll regret later. Trust me, it's a spam. :p Anyway, tee, slip-on, and jeans. My 23 years old version would be mad at me, huh? Perhaps she'd asked me, "Where's your midi skirt? Where's your feminine-vintage style? Where's the floral??" Whatever, Ning. Move on. You are an angkoter ! REALISTIC !

<< and I know it's more important to save some Rupiahs for a set of new string for Lai other than buying those expensive local brands newest items

<< and invest in more time to practice scales, both minor and major with different techniques

<< plus, watercolour skill !

<< and think about how to ban plastic straws in street food islands while struggling to stay vegetarian even if someone offers me a grilled canned tuna with sambal matah.

I wonder what's your effort to be a responsible Earth citizen and becoming a better humanbeing?
I started with stop eating animals, spreading the word, choosing more natural toiltetries, decided to wear cloth menspad, and now, stop shopping continuously for clothing pieces, because most fashion industries know, cruel. I became a vegetarian because it's dumb to 'hungrily donate' to animal tortures. And, now, what about paying for another form of Earth destruction ( such as wasteful big fashion industries [ that may contains animal-cruelty, humanity and labor rights issue, too!] and unhealthy GMO foods?)? I don't want to! Do you?

Be happy all the time and be thankful for the patient Mother Earth!
Happy Friday!

Senin, 19 September 2016

Just Adjusting The Vibe Here

So this blog was a beauty blog. Full of haul posts and product reviews. I was  such a hoarder. LOL. 
 I don't feel guilty for that. It's just my lesson. 
But it's a little...pity. Somehow. 

Anyway, let me put a small photo of a body mist, just in case you're missing my review.'s not a review post! It's just me showing a bottle of Fresh Soul body mist of Utama Spice. It's included in a gift box I received from my, wow, now sister-in-law. It's minty, and I'm not a fan of minty smells, but this mist is not bad, though. Considering the nice ingredients and consistent branding. 

And it's quite photogenic. Yay. 

Happy Monday Close To The Tuesday! ;D 

Sabtu, 10 September 2016

Oh, Hey!

It's been a while, then, since Citraramya became a minimalist blog! Ahey!
You know what? Listing a haul post every month is more stressing than saying how much I've decluttered on a week.  Seriously. HAHA.

The last thing I've cleaned up in my space was my colouring tools. You might remember how many drawing markers I collected?

in case you had a hard time remembering...

It's my stack since 2012.  Some colourful Copic my Daddy got as a present, Finecolour markers that I thought I need but ended up as a...decoration stick in a drawer? Always purchased 2 Muji fine pen. And all, everything I bought in the name of 'artistic life of an illustrator'.

In fact, I'm not even 50% an illustrator, and 70% of these colouring tools are useless now. Why? How? Because I'm busy using watercolour and acrylic now, because it's more durable, flexible, and somehow natural for my hand. And....60% of my life is spent in front of a piano or playing viola, or facing some kids learning to play music (or to lie to a parent about the red, I'm kidding.). I only draw for important things and I don't have any other time to doodle things up in full colour like the old times (such as...2010s). Do not worry. I still draw.  You see. This blog is still full with my drawings.
Maybe I was optimistic about the funky, trendy colourful illustration that I can make with tons of markers in my drawer.  Honestly, markers are not quite flexible to my taste. Anyway. But I forced myself to buy 'em because I labeled myself as a future comic-maker.

I should've learnt that some things need to be brought home only when it's realistically-essential. If you have to buy something quickly, make sure it will last long. Because, MARKERS get dry. It's going to dry and you cry. I bought Finecolour because Copic is too expensive. But then due to its cheapness, I thought I can buy more than I have to own. And I just didn't want to feel less rich than everyone else. Oh, shallow me !

This is dangerous: can. The ability to buy more eventhough it's not essentially right.  Or the ability to buy something on sale because it's cheaper (they say), even if you don't need 3 pieces of similar tees after all. The feeling that you are able to buy a premium designer handbag because you want to be accepted in your social circle. Then you give everything to it.  Result: drained energy, wasted money, CLUTTER.

Oh, it's actually more than I want to write today.  I don't actually write today, but I got this idea to share with you. Haha.

So. Here's a fulfilling photo for everyone:

Happy Saturday Night! :)
Care for orangutans, please!

Sabtu, 27 Agustus 2016

Survived My 77 Days Shop-Free Project !

Yes, indeed. I survived. But on the way, I bought a shoes. Sorry! Too urgent!

Anyway, it's still an impulsivity-free weeks for me! I didn't buy anything emotionally, nor with an urge to look 'better'.  I have became so mindful, so thoughtful.  And the result is: more space in my brain and living area!

I'm making the best life with available outfits that I've already have. And, my conclusion is: everything I have is already my best, best clothes. They're comfortable, they suit my lifestyle (read as: sweat, road, powdery rosin, toge, paints, random stray cats, etc.). And, trust me, it's so fun to wear leggings!

The treasure I adopted in the period of No-Shop is also worth a lot.  Finally I've realized that a slip on shoe is the most adaptable thing.  It's fine with skirt, it's cute with long pants. It's gorgeous with short pants, and it's funny with dress! So. It adapts with everything. Literally. Everything. Even with my batik shirt and black skirt for formal concert in the church or something. Seriously.  Tried and tested.

And I enjoy using tees now.  More than I expected. They're durable, versatile, light, and so tropical. I mean, hello, I'm living in a humid city, with a lot of sun and rain coming randomly.  No more polyester blouse, especially with longsleeve! It's not summer-friendly, not also rainy season-friendly.

Happy Saturday Night Out, people! This is all I want to write now.  So sleepy. Haha.

Senin, 22 Agustus 2016

Nah, I Don't Even Have An Effort to Wear A Lipstick

As time goes by, started from a little effort of going greener, it has been walking me to a further step. 
It's decluttering. 
But after decluttering, it shapes another habit called 'easy to let go'.  
So, a month ago I've cleaned out all the clothing tags I collected for no reason, 
that actually has stolen too much space & collected so many dust.  
They're all funny and cute, but not worth keeping, since it has no function--except for a bookmark, but I don't read 20 books altogether! :)) 

And, look, this is my final result of doing garage sale and selecting: 


Well, actually I still need a waterproof sandal but it's not that urgent for now. 
So, say hello to Waka-Waka Pinky for daily shoes, and sparkling silver for formal attendances. 

Here's a picture of my latest food, anyway.  I'm decluttering the inside of my body, too. By not eating craps.  Meanwhile, hello, mango! ;) It's local, it's delicious, it's healthy!

Okay, one other clue: I used to be a greedy skincare / make up lover ( already been selective, but, still, greedy, especially when it came to lip products!). But, now, listen, I don't even have an effort to wear a lipstick. Basically, because it will stick on your drinking tumbler's edge, or on the spoon, or your clothes. And, yeah, even more, I'm using less and less make up. 

The only thing I love is a good skincare product, that usually consist of a basic clay mask and a sunscreen or moisturizer. :)) 


Kamis, 04 Agustus 2016

Cheers to My Magic Wands !

After a while, I've finally cut down my stationeries' stuff, and here it is, my 2 options: 

one mechanical pencil from Pentel that I had have since middle school, and a refillable Kikki.K ballpoint! 

cheers. how do you simplify your desk' life (if you do things with one) ? ;) 

Sabtu, 23 Juli 2016

Veggie Report #whatever : Mango Over Milk

Living my life as an ovo-vegetarian, oops, did I say something unfamiliar?

Ovo? No more lacto?

Yes, I decided to quit dairy intake. I used to be a hardcore cheese fan. And I spent my childhood consuming milk everyday and cheese mixed with bread cream! Plus, I loved anything cordon bleu (with cheese inside). I couldn't resist the gooey mozarella on pizza's top, or other meals with it.

It's super delicious.  Salty, yummy texture, said as healthy and full of calcium...and caused an allergy to me.  Plus acnes.  Yeah, after a while, I finally realized why I never get rid of random pimples on my face, and never-ending sneeze in the morning, plus the body odour and unstable poop-schedule.  Oh, and my throat's health were disturbed, too. It causes phlegm on me. The last time I drank a bottle of yogurt, my phlegm was directly formed! Ewww.

But the most important part of my decision is: dairy is naturally formulated for baby cows. Or baby goat/horse. People reformulates it and advertised it as a healthy, arbitrary nutrition, instead of saying the truth that it might disturb your hormon's development and it's so selfish to take another momma's milk! 

Even worse about cheese, it may contains a part of veal's stomach: rennet.  Just Google about it. It's creepy. Here's a short summary I took from Wikipedia: 

Calf rennet is extracted from the inner mucosa of the fourth stomach chamber (the abomasum) of young, unweaned calves as part of livestock butchering. These stomachs are a byproduct of veal production. If rennet is extracted from older calves (grass-fed or grain-fed), the rennet contains less or no chymosin, but a high level of pepsin and can only be used for special types of milk and cheeses. As each ruminant produces a special kind of rennet to digest the milk of its own species, milk-specific rennets are available, such as kid goat rennet for goat's milk and lamb rennet for sheep's milk.

So, literally, your famous macaroni and cheese may contains cruelty.  Straight cruelty. Bloody scene. They force a cow mama to give away her milk, while her baby's stomach is sliced. It's not humane, it's not friendly. But it's organic. Now you realized that 'organic' isn't always kindhearted, right? :p 

Anyway, I'm not only avoiding dairy now.  There is something important too that I find quite...urgent.  Living in a big city, modern times, it's harder to choose your on-the-go snacks! 
I have too many concerns: packaging, ingredients, ethicality, veganism, palm-oil issue.  Label me as a complex old-soul youth. WHATEVER. I want to grow old healthy! 

Here's a short sketch of my fear about our so-called 'trendy' food: 

Bubble tea with various flavours; cereal with milk; donuts! I've written the points I care about, and added a doodle. :D

A cup of bubble tea is just a representative of any other sweet drinks out there: expensive coffee, irrational ice blend, or a simple cup of overpriced tea with ice cubes and chia seeds. 

Donut: it talks a lot.  Your filled breads, your taart, your cake.  It might be colourful, yummy, fulfilling...and fatful.  Please separate 'fatful' and 'faithful', ok? Yes it makes you faithful, it's so delicious. But it's fatful.  Not a good fat, too. And high amount of sugar and cream. Cheesecake: may contains rennet. Cruelty. Duh. 

Cereals: always advertised to be consumed with cow's milk. Which is cruelty and conspiracy. Plus the cereals itself contains a loooot of sugar, may be natural or artificial sweetener, corn syrup. And wheat, a lot of it. Or...GMO corn? And to be more...scary, the red colour of your colourful crisps may be derived from crushed bugs...carmine.  I've talked about carmine in cosmetic sessions in the past.  Now it's in the food. :) 

There are more snacks that I would like to mention, but it would be too long.  You've already known what kind of food they are, haven't you? 
To read my drawn notes, please click the picture. :) Remember: do not copy & use without permission


1. If I'm craving for creamy texture, I'm going to choose avocado. Or banana. Mix it with coconut milk if I need salty taste.  Light, salty taste.  Cheese? Try to make cashew / tofu cheese. Or just, let it go.  Move on. Once you let something go, something better will come soon. 

2. Yogurt? Try to make it yourself, without cow's milk. Use an alternative. Google it. I can't remember the ingredients and direction. 

3. Mango, apple, bengkuang, papaya, pear, sprinkle of powdered aren sugar: my kind of 'cereal bowl'. Crispy texture, fulfilled tummy. Ahoy! If it's too dry, add soy / almond milk.  Coconut milk might help, but it's quite thicker. Oh, do not forget a mungbean / black rice porridge! Ah. 

4. Cake / bread : find a nearest traditional market, buy klepon and traditional cookies like ketan bubuk, nagasari, kue putu...whatever your locals offer! Steam a raw cassava or sweet potatoes if you can.  :) 

5. Feeling anxious to not being trendy or being under pressure inside your friend's circle: go find another sincere friends! Seriously. True friends won't force you to eat something you don't want to.  They may make silly jokes about it, or accuse you with logic, but it's never serious. They'll let you be you, in any era.  Even if you wear a Victorian costume mixed with ancient Egypt earings. 

6. Maybe you're confused about what I'm trying to say.  Do I suggest you all to be vegan? Do I love that guy? Do I have a pet llama? Do you like sabrina top? This post is seriously...serious. I write it randomly, since I can only do it randomly, according to my brain's system. 

7. Enjoy! And sort your food right away.  Don't forget to dance and move your body. Get healthy! Be wealthy with your stamina! 

-on the 48th day of 77-Days-No-Shopping period 

Rabu, 13 Juli 2016


When I was a student,
I actually worn a non-fashionable sporty shoes with a-line skirt that falls down below my knee.

I thought it was so ugly.
But hey, I survived. And I got less wounds from uncomfortable backings of girly shoes.

Then I spent a lot of time, effort, and money only to make my feet beautiful as I expected.  It's a success. I developed a feminine, vintage style...with a lot of pain and failure.  Skirt that doesn't fit, midi skirt that appeared too long I have to cut and re-sew it. Mmm, as I've mentioned in my latest posts, fragile oxford shoes that lasted only a year or so. Maybe it's the one that brings me here anyway.  Because I've learned my lesson about fashion. From my mentality's point of view, and from environment's concern.

I don't wanna be drown in a status-searcher concept of life. Being a hopeless lady in my 20s? Nope.
Better use my time for precious moments and achievements! :)

Senin, 11 Juli 2016

Understanding Between Generation Gaps

So I assume that hoarding trouble comes from some kind of psychological aspect.
Well, okay, maybe in my first attempt in being a minimalist, I've gone through a lot of anger and impatience.  I thought people are stupid, parents are weak, our generation is even worse.  And stuff.

Tired of a glass drawer stuffed with small, fragile souvenirs? Grandmother keeping her dusty, yellow, love letters from the past in the corner of your kitchen? Greatgrandparents not wanting to let go of those almost-mushroom-garden boxes filled with their old stuff? Forgot that you have your childhood pillow? Moms be afraid of you wearing hot pants out there? Well, it's not without reason.

But also during the proccess, I've learned that we become hoarders with something in the background.  It must have been caused by...something.

This is just a short, practical summary of what I've learned about the habit of filling the house with definitely too much items.  Not as detail as you may expect, but only in a small circle:

Our grandparents faced wars. Around 1930-1950s.  These wars made their life troubling.  No stability, aware of everything, sometimes they lost every little belongings they have, including people they loved, only in a second.  It's all chaos.

After the war's over, it's normal to see they have became traumatic, fearful, yet, easily attached with whatever they have. Okay, it's sweet.  Your grandma might be very attached to an antique plate, for example, because it's given by her husband (your grandpa!) and it's the only thing that was saved during the bombing or gunfight somewhere in their village. Or maybe there's a creepy-looking doll that was your greatgrandma's only gift for your baby mother during the chaos.  All of the stuff hold a sentimental value for them, who has gone through hard, hard times.

You see, it's something that is formed.  The base, before we go to the most materialistic era later.

1960-1970s. Honestly, I know nothing about this era, but I know some companies have soap, toothpaste, commercial cigarettes, and stuff.  Magazines advertize a lot of products.  They've started selling things in bigger range.  And people looked more rich (in my point of view, don't trust me).  Or maybe they're just havin' fun in postwar ease.  There are still some troubles in politics etc., but generally, people were enjoying the peace.  Anyway, many good music was born in this era.  Okay I'm out of topic.
Because I don't know the core of hoarding coming from this era. But, our parents were born, or spending their teenage life. Depends on your parents' age. :)) I'm blabbering.  Hahaha.

1980-1990s. ALRIGHT HERE IT IS. Industrial revolution and capitalism reaches the peak.  I guess. Look at the era: colourful, full of amazing items, with colours and interesting commercials.  Inventions in technology, afro hairs, and fun, fun all the way! I guess, the 80s were so shiny, and 90s are nostalgic yet materialistic.  People started to take it seriously: what you possess is what you are.

Our parents were usually have finally make their own money in the era where junkfood is new and super duper funky, and everything seems finally...purchase-able.  Department stores were growing, Barbie dolls everywhere.  Everyone suggests them to buy new, sparkling stuff for their children.  Don't forget restaurants.  They're everywhere! With all the MSGs and overhauled sugar!

Ah yes, I was born in the 90s.  Maybe you, too, in the 80s or 90s. Do you remember how lovely Polly Pocket was? Sorry, I still keep those toys, in a box.  Hihi. But if you're sensitive enough to see, in the 80s and 90s, media commercials have been more, more agressive in suggesting us to buy things.  Imported toys, local foods with palm oil and fat, fancy vehicles, trendy apparels, cute telephone.  Anything. Remember also the glory of first cellular phone in 1999? ;)

This is what a I call a time of accumulation.  Your grandparents spent 3 eras started with sentimental values, pop-culture, and bold commercials. Your parents learned to be sentimental with stuff, being young in pop-culture, and started to be able to buy things in the era where things are easier to have.
And now, it's us. With all of that mixed again. We wanted to buy a new handphone just because our friends have it.  We got bored with clothes we have and bought a bag of new ones only to be kept inside the already-full-closet again because we get bored quickly. We don't care again about what we eat as long as it's socially-accepted. We're dictated with materialistic doctrins. Have more, buy more, grab everything so you're cool and safe !

Needless to say more.  You know how shallowly fun it is to be superduper materialistic and making your house full and chaotic. Right? I've been there. And I want to move my attention to anything but material views. But I know, really, we've been shaped like this.  It's in our bloodstream.  To release the habit, we should actually control our thoughts about it.

Maybe we're okay, ourselves.  But what about our parents and grandparents? Do we have to let them like that, or slowly motivate them to start letting go of things that only caused asthma and stagnancy? All those old books that invite fleas. These antique dinner set which was never used anyway. Your old Barbie dolls.  And it's not easy to suggest them about this.  Because it's all sentimental.  Just. Be. Very. Careful. With. Their. Feeling.

My advice is, do it slowly.  Also with yourself! Don't force yourself to be a sudden minimalist and impulsively throw everything out.  You have to enjoy the proccess, because you'll learn a lot in the way. You'll learn why you started gathering items until you're drown inside 'em.  You'll learn how you handle the acts of letting go.  You'll learn why the sky is blue (okay, sorry, this one is absurd, yea). Once you handle your own ego and finally have some space to be enjoyed in your own room (or your area, if you have no private room in the house), you'll naturally invite your family members.  Maybe your husband, your grandparents, parents, or greatgrandparents.  And your aunties, uncles. Friends.  Cousins. Everybody!

You will teach them even without actually tutoring them for real.  Make them inspired by you.  It's really effective--but yeah, it's slower.  If they're actually very stubborn, just give 'em an article about hardcore hoarders case in other countries.  Hehe.

Anyway, how's your holiday, folks? :) I'm sorting out some souvenirs now, while enjoying the 77 Days of No-Shop. Yea. But, okay, here's a confession: my jelly shoes were broken and can't be used anymore, and my other shoes were as bad as it.  So I have let go 2 pairs of shoes in a week--a strong background of why I don't want to crave for girly shoes anymore to be used as a daily footwear.  Anyway, the sin was: I bought a canvas shoes. I don't have a proper shoes to walk through the pathway without a substitution, since the other shoes I have are heeled & wedges. Which I keep for concerts and formal events.

I'm sorry, then.

Here's a blue sky. Enjoy.

Sabtu, 02 Juli 2016

In Case You Had A Tough Week, Here's Animal Pictures

It's officially summer holiday in Indonesia.  Not an actual summer--because climate change has transformed the cycle: gloomy days in August, yet shiny December. Plus it's not a holiday caused by summer, but the end of the semester and Ied. Anyway, back to the climate change:  If we're human are disturbed with that, think about the animals out there, with more sensitivity, but less complain.  They're growing strong, evoluting, surviving, while we, the so-called-intelligent-men, just talking around about that without any effort to change anything in our daily habit. Knowing we're the cause, yet not correcting anything.  HEEY.

Not to make your holiday a little emotional. Okay, maybe, I'm asking you, and myself, to be concern about this Earth. Make it a core. Grow it a like a seed.  Grow it in your friends and family's heart. Let it bloom together with a better planet.  A happier one. 

Anyway, happy holiday! Don't forget your reusable bag and be thoughtful about what you buy, what you wear, what you dispose, what you say, what you do.  Just, ehm, be focus to The Earth and humanity, folks! :)

Kamis, 30 Juni 2016

Why I Gave Up on Pretty Oxford Shoes

I used to be a shoe-addict. Especially oxford shoes (sometimes they call it 'brogues' too).  You know, that kind of shoes with lace, flat insole (generally), very narrow heel, and usually made with polyurethane outer. Here;s one of the example from my Pinterest, an oxford shoes from Argyle & Oxford. Objectively, I love the details, the uniqueness, and look at the quirkiness! Plus, it's metallic. I can't not appreciate this piece of art.  And it was on 50% sale. Ugh.

I was in love with oxford shoes that almost all my past drawings contain that kind of footwear. Here's some samples: 

Maybe during my 18s-24s, I've purchased 8 different oxford shoes, with different material, price, quality, and comfortability. Well, honestly, none of them was comfortable enough.  Especially at the first usage. It usually takes time to fit in my feet, and it costs a lot.  A LOT of pain. It usually tores my back of the ankle, hurt my toes, that I should buy a slip-on in Singapore 5 years ago, because I failed in handling the pain of my new oxford shoes. And it's cracky after a long time.  Like...3 months, for example.  Because polyurethane + tropical climate + true pedestrian = hardcore shoe life. Girly shoes won't make it. Oxford shoes...have failed. Many times, yet I didn't care at all. I wanted to look GREAT.  Sundanese would call me 'loba gaya'--literally translated to 'too much style': it means, I gain beauty voluntarily, even with pain and loss. 

After a while, I don't think it worths my effort anymore.  The sight of any oxford shoes still steals my attention, but, hey, it's not comfortable, and not actually useful besides making you 'feel good but hurt'. It's just me and my delutional idea of 'finally have my own money to buy all the shoes I want!'. I should've listen to my conscious body parts: oh, dear, do you feel okay with these stuff wrappin' ya' around? 

Then I took a breathe and had a flashback.  The only shoes I own when I was a high-school student were 1 pair of black slip-on as a school uniform,  1 pair of polkadot slip-on for free time, and I think I owned a pair of party shoes or something for formal attires. AND HEY. I survived. And my feet were happier.

Now, for my footwear, my priority is not again 'the style' or 'the must-have', or 'the trend', moreover, 'the uncomfortable beautiful shoes'.  It's now: pink and made of airy fabric with fluffy insole and flexible sole. At least it's going to be really nice to walk on. If it has to be a sport shoes, I'm so fine with it! Now I've found out why I never, never ever used a feminine shoes except a simple mary-jane (with rubber sole, lol) since I was a kid. My childhood consciousness was more generous with my body. Hahaha! 

Anyway, my hometown provides a really, really random trotoire. I mean for real.  Wandering around by feet is compatible with an off-road--being seen from a Landrover's point of view. :p

I also need a pair of sandals for rainy days.  Since my jelly shoes has ended up in the landfill.  It's broken. Definitely broken. I bought it 2 years ago. On the 1st year, one of the part on the left was crushed.  But it's still usable.  But the right part followed the path.  And last time, the belt was in a horrible condition.  However, it's just bad.  I expected she would live longer, but, she's a cheap sandal anyway. Bought impulsively (only 40% thoughtful thoughts in it). Thanks for everything, Dearest Jelly Sandals. :)

My 77 days of no-shopping still continues.  So I have to stop here before...suddenly making a long wishlist and get impatient to purchase something.  Remember: more impulsivity = more damage on Earth. Simply.

Have a cheerful weekend, darlings! xx 

Senin, 13 Juni 2016

As An Alternative from Shopping

My old wardrobe data! Ugh, I found this in my notebook (a bonus from some fashion magazine).  And it was from my post-school time.  After days in boring uniforms, I have only a few of clothing pieces I loved and cherished.  And only 3 pairs of shoes! OMG.

The only minus I had was my colour tones: black, grey, dusty rose, green, random oranges, random yellows?  Only that.  It's not weird that I was more melancholic at those years.  My pallette was bad and not beautifully arranged.

Anyway, that list has brought me wrong. It was the beginning of my fashion hoarding (?). I read magazines and had thoughts like, "Oh, I need a black dress, one jeans, two high-heels..." because I thought it is necessary.  Or arbitrary.  I don't know. I'm laughing at it.  I was a green-obsessed hoarder.  And irony in one label.

OKAY THEN. I was only a naive 18 year old girl anyway.

Now I'm here, focusing on other things than shopping and fulfilling my starvation of ornament-based-pride!

And better make myself proud, strong, and happy with some music. 

And here's a little bunny in memory. :')

Minggu, 12 Juni 2016

May The ( Space-Concerned ) Force Be with Ya'

"Don’t be afraid of empty space in your closet. It might feel weird at first, but when you can get dressed in the morning without stress and struggle, you’ll start to enjoy the benefits of owning less."
-taken from the 333 Project 

I've been reading a lot about minimalism and so. Since last year, I guess. While I'm trying to sell my preloved clothes / shoes / jewelry, plus stop shopping for no reason. It's beyond effective.
It's interesting!

And, just like my proccess of being vegetarian, or becoming a good musician, being in touch with watercolour, plus my path of 'detoxifying' my toiletries, it's a fun, fun journey! No way back. No regret.  Everything's fun!

The other blog that I am subscribed in is: Un-fancy

Oh, yeah, and it's affecting a lot of other sessions in my life.  Most importanly, my lifestyle and mindset. Bye, bye, impulsive shopping. Bye, bye, wander around a departement store for nothing but tired and bankrupted.

I am no longer believe in 'retail therapy', but more into 'use whatever you already have efficiently!'.
And I'm not a hoarder anymore.  That's the most precious step I've ever had.  I might find a reason to stack some stuff just because 'oh, it's a local brand, don't worry', or 'oh it's made of organic cotton, don't worry'. Oh, nonsense! What I have to worry is THE SPACE AND THE ENERGY. And THE TIME, sorry. Shopping has actually eaten a lot of most productive moments, and erase the space I have in house or in my head, and surely, energy. Plus, when I shop without further thinking, I usually end up in regret.  And regret feels bad. Really.

So let's start our little mantra again:

I am not a cupboard, I am a fulfilled humanbeing. 
Thank you, Dearest Universe. :) 


cherishing my super duper simple rings, that i can wear with ANYTHING i already own  

Senin, 06 Juni 2016


Oh, it's June! JUNE! Closer to July, August, oh those sunny days I've been waiting forever until November. A lot of incoming summer projects are in front of me and it's exciting!

Anyway, since June has arrived, I decided to try another 'project' of stop shopping for unecessary things...such as clothes.  Yea, that trap called 'shop till' you drop' isn't healthy at all. I mean, ugh, I don't want to get dropped due to shopping, and shopping has actually swallowed my money worthlessly.

21 days  of shopping less period seems quite easy... now when I think about that.  But what about three times of that? Heya, it's fun to do, huh?

So, the rules are similar, with special notes defined by text colours:

applies to : clothes, shoes, bags, accesories, cosmetics, magazine, book, stationery, office-supplies, furniture, fancy palm-oil based food and beverages, craft supplies, needles, pins, hairpins, bobby pins, organizer, notebooks, animal (off course!), and other thing that usually ends up as clutter.

If I survive the 77 days (counting from now), I'm going to treat myself with a new romantic piece to learn both on viola and piano.
NB. I have to finished the baroque piece from previous project. 
Anyone joining? ;)

Fashion thingy : This is the REAL target--since being 'a girl' gives me a lot of excuse to it's in the social unwritten habit. And these stuff are actually the most tiring things to be thought about--and wasted a lot of time (and material) to browse. I used to spent many hours to browse when I should actually rehearse or doing an unfinished illustration. And yeah, my money has gone far away for some pieces I haven't even worn until now. About cosmetic, I've been so much better on this.  Yee-ha ! 

Books: NO BOOKS, except needed for educational needs such as music bundle in higher grade, better editorial, or arbitrary exam book. Art books? There are free e-books and Pinterest images everywhere, baby. For free.  And all you need is actually...that endless practical session. 

My entire house is stuffed with these stationeries and all art supplies like a workshop garage or something. Should I buy anything? Not in a million years.  We have 7 watercolour pallettes here. A box full of clutter of crafts and...huh. Hello. Food: only eat the necessary and nutritious plants. Fancy foods cost too much! 

So, see you in 77 days from now ( there will be random posts in between, but I meant about this goal ). I'm going to do productive, progressive stuff. Including doing this project already. 

For The Earth, for humanity ! :) 

Senin, 30 Mei 2016

Minimalism in Ningrumism


People always associates 'minimalism' with monochrome tones such as black, white, and gray.  
Well, at this point of life, I think I've been very, very minimalistic.
I haven't changed my daily backpack for 3 years, perhaps, and it hasn't been washed for months, too. :p
I spent 21 days + another 30 days buying nothing like clothes or jewelry (hey, gimme an applause!).
And yes, my working desk / table is becoming I sorted out and curated everything on the surface. Though the desk is woody deep brown I really want to work on a pink-painted space, it's okay for now. At least there are still pink stuff in my sight.

And Sesame Street mouse pad, by the way.

Oh, anyway. All I want to talk about in this post is...hey, I'm still colourful. Everything I have is...beyond colourful. I might take a look at some minimalist bloggers and pinned all those simple, clean wardrobe on Pinterest. Perhaps all my reference are black and white, but my soul is colourful.

In plural colour choice, you can be a minimalist. Yes it is.  The key is: mix and match and do not buy things new except you're drowning in a deep cliff of frustation with your dull closet...but don't. Just...try not to.

I'm quite minimalist about food, too. I personally visited like no cafĂ© or expensive restaurants for months. The only 'dinner/lunch out' I had was just in a food court, eating a simple 'kolak' and 'mung bean porridge'. And I had a Provencale Pasta ( which is spaghetti with eggplant, carrot, and tomato plus mushroom ) before attending a piano recital. And, okay, as a local-oriented vegetarian, actually, my food is quite colourful.  I mean, all the things I eat was...colourful fruits and tropical vegetables--something like that.  Imagine pineapple, tomato, banana, papaya, mango, bright yellow beancurd, golden tempeh, spinach, creamy coconut milk, guava, passionfruit...oh, I never have monochrome platter, too. Amazing!

And days, hey, my days. I think, reducing my activity on shopping or browsing for unecessary stuff makes me becomes more outgoing.  I mean, I tend to focus more on people and important acts. Drawings, practicing, socializing, listening to music with focus, laughing, hugging, kissing (cats/dogs/parents), thinking, even a jogging on a sport field (OMG who am I now??).  I am productive like an ant, hoho!

So, going  green makes my life even more colourful. Actually. It doesn't change anything in my colour choice. Therefore, it boosts my pallette!

Here's my student giving you a clue about the wonderful rainbow world that will boost your mood and bright aura. Thank you.

*feeling not systematic? hey, yeah, I never write anything systematic, right?*