Kamis, 30 Juni 2016

Why I Gave Up on Pretty Oxford Shoes

I used to be a shoe-addict. Especially oxford shoes (sometimes they call it 'brogues' too).  You know, that kind of shoes with lace, flat insole (generally), very narrow heel, and usually made with polyurethane outer. Here;s one of the example from my Pinterest, an oxford shoes from Argyle & Oxford. Objectively, I love the details, the uniqueness, and look at the quirkiness! Plus, it's metallic. I can't not appreciate this piece of art.  And it was on 50% sale. Ugh.

I was in love with oxford shoes that almost all my past drawings contain that kind of footwear. Here's some samples: 

Maybe during my 18s-24s, I've purchased 8 different oxford shoes, with different material, price, quality, and comfortability. Well, honestly, none of them was comfortable enough.  Especially at the first usage. It usually takes time to fit in my feet, and it costs a lot.  A LOT of pain. It usually tores my back of the ankle, hurt my toes, that I should buy a slip-on in Singapore 5 years ago, because I failed in handling the pain of my new oxford shoes. And it's cracky after a long time.  Like...3 months, for example.  Because polyurethane + tropical climate + true pedestrian = hardcore shoe life. Girly shoes won't make it. Oxford shoes...have failed. Many times, yet I didn't care at all. I wanted to look GREAT.  Sundanese would call me 'loba gaya'--literally translated to 'too much style': it means, I gain beauty voluntarily, even with pain and loss. 

After a while, I don't think it worths my effort anymore.  The sight of any oxford shoes still steals my attention, but, hey, it's not comfortable, and not actually useful besides making you 'feel good but hurt'. It's just me and my delutional idea of 'finally have my own money to buy all the shoes I want!'. I should've listen to my conscious body parts: oh, dear, do you feel okay with these stuff wrappin' ya' around? 

Then I took a breathe and had a flashback.  The only shoes I own when I was a high-school student were 1 pair of black slip-on as a school uniform,  1 pair of polkadot slip-on for free time, and I think I owned a pair of party shoes or something for formal attires. AND HEY. I survived. And my feet were happier.

Now, for my footwear, my priority is not again 'the style' or 'the must-have', or 'the trend', moreover, 'the uncomfortable beautiful shoes'.  It's now: pink and made of airy fabric with fluffy insole and flexible sole. At least it's going to be really nice to walk on. If it has to be a sport shoes, I'm so fine with it! Now I've found out why I never, never ever used a feminine shoes except a simple mary-jane (with rubber sole, lol) since I was a kid. My childhood consciousness was more generous with my body. Hahaha! 

Anyway, my hometown provides a really, really random trotoire. I mean for real.  Wandering around by feet is compatible with an off-road--being seen from a Landrover's point of view. :p

I also need a pair of sandals for rainy days.  Since my jelly shoes has ended up in the landfill.  It's broken. Definitely broken. I bought it 2 years ago. On the 1st year, one of the part on the left was crushed.  But it's still usable.  But the right part followed the path.  And last time, the belt was in a horrible condition.  However, it's just bad.  I expected she would live longer, but, she's a cheap sandal anyway. Bought impulsively (only 40% thoughtful thoughts in it). Thanks for everything, Dearest Jelly Sandals. :)

My 77 days of no-shopping still continues.  So I have to stop here before...suddenly making a long wishlist and get impatient to purchase something.  Remember: more impulsivity = more damage on Earth. Simply.

Have a cheerful weekend, darlings! xx 

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