Rabu, 25 November 2015

The Delutional Society

It's such a blessing to have an ability to see. We can enjoy the beauty through a pair of eyes.  It's a pleasure!

But the story becomes different when you measure some abstract things with eyes.

For example:

You meet a friend who wears an original Chanel bag, and you give her a respect.
You greet a folk who bring a little old dusty tote bag he sewn himself and laugh at him.

And they both are humanbeings.  So what's the matter?

We're drowning in the society who give each other's value by looking at the belongings. By separating the people who drink Starbucks and kopi tubruk to different social classes.  We really think that friends that pay your dinner more often is better than the other who may be honest about havin' a hard time collecting coins for some public transportation.

Okay.  It's beyond crazy.  We really forget how to be a human.  We were born naked.  We die without bringing a ten million handbag.  This industrial era has been so delutional for all of us.  But it's not just the system to blame, but our basic greed.

We literally spend the whole life to own everything in our sight? It's not even bearable! If we really want to have all the assets in the world, okay, we will be exhausted and it won't be enough to do that in a lifetime. You have to be reborned milliion times! :))

So. Let's. Stay. Human.

flowers. effortlessly pretty. more beautiful than all the clutters we collect just for the social status' sake. 

Selasa, 17 November 2015

Veggie Report #infinity

I miss that Sunday organic market at Flamboyant.  Mmh.  

That picture sums up my daily meal.  Leaves, fruits.  Add some carbohydrate folks like cassava, sweet potato, potato...some rice and veggie noodles or pasta.  
Yes, baby, vegetarians are not living with ONLY lettuce.  :)) 

It's strange that I survived my ovo-lacto vegetarian life anyway.  Strange but sure.  I wrote about a delicious chicken spinach just on 2013 and in the middle to end of 2014, I talked about going to a wedding and got nothing to eat but salad! Hahaha!

I choose mushroom over salmon all the time.  Even on my last visit to Braga Permai, I had this bulky Risotto Al-Funghi and almond corn soup...while I usually pick a salmon steak.  I no longer crave for some chicken broth and assume it's just a water.

And, yes, I have no difficulty in choosing my to-go-lunch. I'm good with sliced carrots, potato, any available greens, blanketed (?) in kebab wraps, hide some mashed beancurd inside, pretending it's a cheese.   When I need something creamy? Oh, I'll go with coconut milk with mung beans porridge or black glutinuos rice.  :))

Oh, and, by the way, I discovered a new vegan café in town. The name is Fortunate Coffee - Jalan Kebon Sirih, Bandung. Indonesia.

So happy!
Here's some snapshots of that lovely restaurant.

the 'duh, I can't eat any of this'-free menu ! 

soothing window with vegan bread offerings in those baskets

creamy vegan fettuccinne -- light and guilt-free

my pasta and mom's pasta--both are yummy!
too bad i forgot to mention to give me 'straw-free' drinks to the barista.

Minggu, 04 Oktober 2015

Selamat Datang, KeepCup!

In Bahasa Indonesia, 'selamat datang' means 'welcome'.  To whom do I say welcome? To the newest kiddo in my shelf...the KeepCup

I bought one from Revebelle shop.  After 3 months of thinking.  Actually I've stopped craving for one months ago, until I found out that I need a proper container for on-the-go fruit juices or smoothies, or if I accidentally order a portion of frozen yogurt or ice cream.  It's creepy to wash an postjuicefilled glass bottle because I have to reach some corners with bottle brush. Sometimes the rest of it stays.  And then there is a smell you can't stand.  Seriously. 

Well anyway, this glass-cup-shaped tumbler is also better to keep some fruit slices and everything. 

So, hey-yeah, after a long proccess of judging, I decided to adopt one.  Helloooo, new stuff!
Why do I buy a KeepCup, by the way? Well, since I often left with guilt after any drink outside, or dessert.  There are disposable plastic cup (or paper) and plastic (or wooden) spoon along with the serving.  Plus the straw, sometimes.  That is the point of my horrid feeling.  I don't want to enjoy some meal while cluttering the Earth with small annoying stuff! 

KeepCup is a plastic cup--but it's reusable, and I believe it lasts long--looking at the plastic quality.  The shape is friendly, and it's easier to be washed cleanly. 

What kind of container do you use for your beverages and food? 

Don't you think that reusing is amusing? :D

just one OOTD bonus with my Guyu bag (my own) and favourite Argyle & Oxford shoes,
and the carnival-themed dress that looks like a soulmate to me...

Anyway, I've reduced the amount of my shoes collection to only 6 pairs! Previously, I think I have around 10 or something.  Mostly never worn again after an event or posteuphoria-of-havin'-new-kid-in-town.  Just a reminder, some people out there have no shoes to wear and walk by bare foots.  It's fine for several personalities and needs, but...hey, maybe you can donate your unused shoes to those who need it more! :D

Kesayangan Belakangan

Lagi iseng nyobain odol organik Jack 'n Jill.  Segmennya anak-anak, tentu saja.  :)) Sebetulnya waktu dulu, suka banget sama pasta gigi Zwitsal yang bau pisang dan stroberi--bahkan pas retret kelas 6 SD pun masih pakai itu bareng temen.  

Tapi karena tobat dari bahan-bahan absurd, beralih ke merek lain.  Aslinya sih, sekarang suka pakai soda kue + minyak kelapa murni sebagai pembersih gigi. Cuma, kalau lagi iseng pengen wewangian dan lucu-lucuan, ya pakai Jack 'n Jill.  Teksturnya lembut, transparan, dan aman ditelan.  Malah manis gitu rasanya.  Nggak berbusa, sehingga nggak bikin bibir kering kerontang ( kadang kan odol umumnya bikin bibir penuh derita).  

Kemudian ada si sabun arang bambu.  Tanpa minyak kelapa sawit (faktor penting nih!).  Saya pakai buat mandi dan keramas.  Kenapa sabun batang? Hemat, tidak buang-buang wadah, dan lebih menyenangkan saja.  Busanya lembut, nggak berlebihan dan bikin licin.  

Dan ini tiga jagoan perawatan muka...belum ganti sih sejak bulan-bulan silam. Masih berkisar di serum Vitamin C alami, serum muka Aster & Bay, dan VCO untuk bersihin dandanan + obat jerawat.  Itu ditaruh di atas dus gelas...betulan dipajang sedemikian di kamar. Dus gelas hadiah dari Inez.   Kemarin saya baru beres-beres kamar, mengeliminasi buku-buku yang sudah tidak disentuh.  Ada celah sedikit di rak, lumayan. Dan cangkir manis ini memang masih bertengger di kotaknya (malah tadinya dibungkus kertas).  Kebetulan, kata-katanya bagus! 

Simplicity, the peak of beauty. 

Cocok banget buat yang lagi obsesi bersih sederhana minimalis kayak saya.  Dan juga, ya, kecantikan yang sederhana memang lebih menyenangkan daripada yang palsu berlebihan, kan? :D 

Eh tapi saya nggak menyudutkan pihak-pihak penggemar dandan, lho.  Asli.  Kalau kalian suka soft lens warna-warni atau matte lip cream yang lagi beken, silakan! Saya suka kok melihat penampilan yang lucu-lucu.  Cuma...ingat, jangan serakah di lemari. Cukup punya 1-2 warna bibir saja.  Pakai semua yang sudah dimiliki.  Tak perlu rakus.  Jodoh mah nggak ke mana (?).  

Salam dari Paleo Si Tapir dan korek kuping kayu (eh aslinya, pakai ini mendingan daripada buang-buang cottonbud, lho!).  


Kamis, 01 Oktober 2015

Aren't You Tired of Throwing Every Single Thing Instantly?

Ah, sorry for the long, long title! :D

But, seriously, do you ever feel like you're so exhausted with this grab-go-gone situation? You buy a drink, throw the bottle right away.  You enjoy a pocketful of bastagor bumbu kacang kecap manis and you toss that plastic (sometimes, double plastic) immediately.

You have some coffee from your favourite café and you never bring the paper cup home.  Noodles at the loveliest restaurant in town and you should see a styrofoam box flying right away into the bin? Fragile plastic shopping bags from the supermarket...EUGH.

Oh, crap, even if we do that to not piling up our house, we still create another pile outside! On the landfills! Hey, maybe we've successfully declutter our wardrobe and living room, but we still clutter around the neighborhood! 

How rapid and thoughtless our lifestyle is! We can't even drink anything more than 1 minute because we're always ( acting like we're ) hectic, busy, and trendy ( meh ). That's how we fill the Earth with rubbish in the end.  Because we do everything impulsively. Even all disposable products are the result of our impatient life rhythm.

Since I found out that we, humans, are so destructive to our Beloved Planet Earth, I've been trying to be a reuser.  I started with using reusable lunch box and shopping bag back then when I was around 16-17 years old.  I avoid plastic / styrofoam box at school's canteen by bringing my own food container all the time.  Besides being ecofriendly, I eat slowly.  20 minutes of break is not always enough to eat up all the meal I have.  Don't forget that I have to order the lunch first in first 5 minutes!

I've encouraged my family to use reusable shopping bags since 2008.  It's not easy at first.  I have to remind them all the time, I have to be super duper assertive.  And cautious! I begged to buy a SuperIndo shopping bag, and then Griya's reusable tote.  I have to be strong and (somehow) patient about speaking, "No carrier, please!" to the cashier staff and get that 'you're weird!' eyegaze.

But what is the result? My Mom and Dad is now addicted to use these cotton bags to bring their groceries, even snack or new towel stock! Everything! I'm now an automatic plastic rejector ( is this word exist? ), and they are very similar to me now.

After I feel everyone is good at this step, I found out another trouble called...STRAW.  Those pretty PLASTIC STRAWS.  Do you realized how quick it is to change the status of a straw.  From a decoration to a functional pipe and voilà, it becomes a waste.  It will travel to the nearest sea and hey, a sea turtle swallow it and get hurt...so, yeah, that instant straw can be evil. Though it doesn't mean to do so.

One day, I heard about glass and bamboo straws as an alternative.  Y'know, we can drink some beverages without straw at all, but it doesn't work for some kind of liquids--sometimes depends on the container's shape, too.

Not only straw.  There are more you'll probably find in most food court or food truck around the country.  Plastic eating tools: spoon, fork, bamboo chopstick's wrap, abundant tissue papers, etc.  Sounds a lot? Yes it is a lot.

But if I'm the only person who uses reusable alternatives in this place, will I create an effect? I don't know.  

Anyway, I'm so impressed with the condition in Ubud, Bali.  Where I can find so many vegan restaurants I'm touched and oh, there are plastic / bamboo straws being used FOR REAL ( never find one in Bandung, huh! ). I ate here and there without worry and guilt. And I'm free from that separate-the-meat-and-give-it-to-your-brother scene! I'm inspired. 

Not only being enviromentally kindhearted, they support the slow-eating movement.  Eat with heart, mindfully.  Do not hesitate.  Do not be greedy.  Keep calm, inhale, exhale, eat like it's the best moment in your life.  The food shall have better taste in your consciousness!

Bali Island is so-sea-y.  Maybe they have bigger concern and effort because they actually see the oceans are filled with unbiodegradable craps.  Marine creatures are disturbed!

Okay, maybe I live in Bandung.  We may not be the ones who see the actual destruction.  But we have to realize that what we do here could give an impact there.  So, be responsible and release your ego a little, please.  Consider what you throw and what you do. 

Get busy! Try to reuse things from now on. Bye disposable straw, spoon, fork, plate, box, bottle... and sanitary napkins (for ladies).

The clock is ticking and we only have ONE SINGLE Planet Earth  ( until someone discovered that Saturn might be able to hold a life, but it is a little too early, right? )

If you find that this post is not systematic, uhm, I'm sorry.  A little sleepy when writing. :) 





Minggu, 27 September 2015

Farewell to The Long Summer

There was a storm in my hometown.  Heavy rain and excessive wind blows. Trees are falling onto the ground and I believe a chaos happened on the road.  Thankfully I was home, talking with an elementary school kiddo. She's a friend of mine.  Once, she's my neighbour, below. ( I live in 2nd story).

Talking about rain, yes, the rain came after a long...long heat of the sun.  Seriously, it's not normally this hot during the day and afternoon.  But this year's a hit! I don't know what is the exact cause.  My first expectation is surely the global warming phenomenon--duh, it's been forever.  Or perhaps it's a storm in the sea.  El nino or something.

Or it's just The Sun being bold!?

Whatever.  But remember, during the hot weather, always befriend a sunscreen and a lot of summer fruits: mango, pineapple, papaya, etc.  Ah, I know Our Creator has created a very detailed system.  He makes all those refreshing-sweet fruits grow during summer in tropical country.  So generous! :)

Don't leave your tumbler behind, too.  Bring it everywhere.  You're going to need a lot of water supply, but don't consume too much bottled water since it is definitely a big, big waste on our landfills!

Anyway, after a week, the rain hasn't make a come back.  HAHAHA.  It just hopped and said 'hello, I'm exist!' and went away again.

Rain, rain, you're quirky!

While it's still summer in rainy season months, wear those light tees or blouses and shirts and circle skirt and shorts or skorts and enjoy living in Indonesia, with The Sun above our head. :)

I don't know how, but cat is definitely a unique creature! Every single one is unique, for sure.  But cat seems to have deeper thought and trick.  And it's cute. 

Anyway, far from the cat topic, 
have you ever stay around people you usually meet,
and be still to just feel the vibe? 

Try it, it's fun. 

Happy Post-Super-Moon Monday!

Minggu, 20 September 2015

I have some obsession with ombré hair, but will never apply it to me. Except I find someone who sell Brite Organix hair colour. Holding my dream, I make an illustration. :))

How's your Monday, people? Have you declutter anything today? If you have nothing to be decluttered again, congratulations and keep going! :D

I'm trying to reach my house members to declutter with me. We've just watched a reality show titled Hoarders.  Hahaha.  What a nightmare to be a hoarder! I don't want to be trapped in this hoarding generation, so, yeah, let's be wise! Erase your greed and start to have a peaceful mind out of moments and feelings, not stuff.

Only keep stuff you need and you love.  Ones that sparks joy--borrowing Marie Kondo's word. 

Stay awesome, everyone.

Senin, 14 September 2015

Aktivasi Mantel Biru

Kemarin saya lagi baca daftar baju-baju lama, dan tiba-tiba teringat pada seonggok blazer biru di dalam lemari...entah lemari yang mana.  Saya dulu suka banget pakai, meski bentuknya kayak jaket almamater gitu.  Bentuk kerahnya unik.  Dan kalau tak salah, itu pemberian dari seorang sepupu Mama. Modelnya betul-betul vintage

Mungkin sudah dua atau tiga tahun lebih saya tidak pernah memakai mantel lucu itu.  Karena pancaroba...pancaroba gaya berpakaian maksudnya.  Hahaha! Maksudnya si panccaroba ini apa?

Jadi, dulu saya sering padupadan si biru neon ini bersama jins abu-abu, kaus hitam, kaus warna lain, dan sebagainya.  Saya suka tahu-tahu beli baju biar cocok sama si blazer, tapi kenyataannya nggak berhasil.  Belum lagi pendataan dan organisasi baju saya kacau banget kemarin-kemarin.  Belakangan, sejak punya data busana dan Huraya Garage Sale, baru saya bisa benar-benar memikirkan apa yang saya suka pakai dan apa yang saya jarang sentuh juga akhirnya. 

Saya kira saya doyan sama rok midi panjang setengah betis, ternyata nggak tahan lama.  Balik terus ke rok di atas lutut sedikit.  Soalnya kepribadian saya nggak seanggun itu. Dan dipikir-pikir, rok midi susah akrab sama mantel model kimono dan kardigan yang agak panjang dikit, atauuu si blazer biru.  :p

Saya pikir saya penggemar kemeja-kemeja lengan panjang vintage, berbahan chiffon dan polyester, ternyata nggak kuat gerah dan balik lagi ke kaus nyaman dan kemeja rayon yang lengannya pendek.  Terutama yang modelnya cropped

Saya duga saya bakal betah pakai sweter berjam-jam.  Rupanya nggak terlalu.  Kecuali saya tinggalnya di Eslandia atau Finlandia, gitu.  Saya suka baju ringan di hari-hari biasa.  Kalau dingin, hujan, pergi malam, barulah saya mencari sweter.

Kesimpulannya, saya nggak butuh terlalu banyak varian baju tertentu.  Bahkan celana jins aja akhirnya terlantar! Soalnya saya memang pecinta rok sejati.  Dari kecil main rok melulu sih...

OKE.  Selanjutnya tentang si blazer.  Sekarang, setelah menemukannya, saya jadi punya banyak ide padu padan bersamanya. Seperti yang tergambarkan di atas itu.  Hidup bersama lagi.  Rasanya kayak nemu kawan baru yang seru (dan yang jelas, biru).  <3

Terima kasih untuk keberadaanmu, wahai Mantel Biru Seru! Kita main bareng lagi ya. :)

Minggu, 13 September 2015

Concert is Getting Nearer!

And I would like to say thank you to these items in the past.  The Schwing Eyeliner of The Balm, I've sold it.  That TBS Nature's Minerals foundation has been used up 'til the last sprinkle (horray!).  So thank you, thank you, lovelies, for you have been there with me through ups and downs. :)

I still have the Honey Shea Butter and use it as a clear mascara, anyway.

It's a photoshoot from my last year's orchestra preconcert.  Now I'm preparing for another concert! With no eyeliner and mascara! Yiiha! Bye, creepy noir-eye-make-up-cleansing at night in sleepy condition!  

Back then in 2013,
when I had too much cosmetic pile, 
but don't worry, 
some of the items in picture was my best friend's belongings. 

So we had our effort a lil' bit too late.  
Reached the age 22 and suddenly got interested with make up! 
On the other hand, right after that, 
I turned back and tried to fix the trouble I created: 

I waste my money to products I don't use religiously (or, at all). 
My space was reduced. 
A not-so-clear-mind because of the fulfilled open / closed storages around the house. 
I said I love Earth but I shop excessively, and it's not really an earth-loving act. 

So, hey. There I was last month.  
Sharing some filllings of my lip butter, 
giving things I bought with impulsivity to others who may need it better, 
and stop buying toiletries, 
except some palm-oil-free bar soap.  
Though it's rare. 

Selasa, 25 Agustus 2015

Souvenirs d'Enfants

I thought I need a lot of cosmetics to grow up, 
found out that if I grow up properly, 
I should be a wise woman, 
not a greedy lady. 

That's why I don't buy any mascara or eyeliner again.  

Senin, 24 Agustus 2015

A Switch to The Cleaner

Just a small thought.

How I started to clutter the whole house (at least my zone at my family home) ? I don't know.  I used to live with limited amount of money all the time since I was a kid, so I have no reason to shop a lot and impulsively. 

Well, alright, it could happened since I lived across a fashion mall, hahaha. Or since I had my first job payment? And routinely get it?

But actually, no.  It has appeared even before I was born.  That 80s-90s capitalism culture! I live to see that people struggles for money.  Money is used to fulfill the needs (and wants) : live inside a building legally, eat everyday, clean your body and your shelter, and buy stuff. Okay, there might be some additionals: school fees, paying for bills, etc.

I realized that TO BUY STUFF is definitely a BIG thing in my generation. Maybe in my mother & father's generation, too. Happiness was called 'go to a shop and buy some toys!'.  I know, it's irresistible.  I'm keeping my Polly Pocket and Barbie collection until now.  I will never, ever, ever throw them away.  Sorry. :))

I grew up as an abundant daughter. With my brother, we were a dynamic-toys-kingdom-duo.  My father gave me dolls, fancy bags, cute stationeries, books, magazine, and all.  Beside being an illustrator, he worked in a printing business, toys and J-Culture industry, plus he's a bag designer--also a fashion designer for a dept. store brand.  My mother is a crafter.  She used to work with a lot of craft person, and she made crafts.  She brought out a crafty creation, she went back with something else. I received many crafty gifts from Mom herself, and her friends, and I made things too!

See? I'm not a rich daughter, but my life is surrounded with stuff!

Surely, I won't blame my parents.  They were growing in the capitalism era, too. 

I used to cry if I couldn't bring home what I want.  I begged a lot for stuff I want.  

Everytime we went on vacation, we has about 70% the space in the brain to think about souvenirs.
Vacation = new stuff. Okay, sometimes there WAS adorable souvenir, but most of them are useless...

The only good thing I can be thankful for now is, everything is still limited.  I got special stuff only on birthday.  No random Barbie doll purchase.  But still, when my father arrived at home with a Hello Kitty sling bag with no notification about it, I'm happy like a...porcupine (?).  But somehow, the best memory I've ever had wasn't that.  Deep down in my heart, the most lovely times in the world was these happenings:

1. Mom got home from somewhere, and she brought me a living turtle to be loved!
2. Brother won a competition in an outbond event, he received a lovely living bunny as a gift.  Surely, he doesn't pet the bunny.  I did.  I loved this bunny too much I named her Siska.
3. My friends gave me a pair of two lovely bunnies on my 21st birthday.
4. Touched a dog for the first time.  Fell in love.
5. Got bitten by a puppy for the first time.  In love.
6. Literally touched a giraffe. SUPER DUPER HAPPY.
7. Read the first email about my novel from a reader!

My best sentimental experiences are always about animals...hahaha.

Got the pattern? Happiness is now measured with belongings.  If you have more, you are happier.  If you have less, you're pathetic.

The fact is, it's killing humanity.  It directs you to greed. You forget the real meaning of satisfaction.
I don't restrict you from buying anything forever.  Not that radical! I myself, is a seller, manufacturer, whatever--to be short.  I trade.  I sell stuff !

But at least I'm trying to be wise.  Since I realized buying too much clothes is not helping.  It confuses.  Accepting many gimmicks is cluttering--not funny.  Having 1000 magazines is literally disturbing your shelf.  Yes, I'm visual.  I love eye-catching products.  But ah, now I have Pinterest to see the whole lovely things around.  I don't have to own it for real.  I love fashion, but I'm annoyed by some fashion stuff I bought with no real purpose.  Or something I thought would be nice on me but it's not.

Maybe The Sims is right.  Happiness measurement has some...deadline.  The happiness of having new stuff at home is shorter than happiness of falling in love. While the sadness of broken heart is super duper distracting for a Sim's mood.  Hahahaha.  Weird, huh? Why people is very busy about stuff, then? :D

I found that spending time to shop impulsively is less satisfying than looking at this face, dude.

Senin, 17 Agustus 2015

Ayo Habisin! (2)

Masih berkutat di beberapa produk yang sudah pernah diobrolin.  

The Body Shop 
Deo Dry
sudah nyaris kosong, sih, tapi masih diperjuangkan! 

Cherry Tint 
tempo hari setengah, sekarang tinggal seperempat. yuhu! 

100% Pure
Cherry Lip Butter
dipakai tiap malam, pagi, siang bolong, pokoknya mendadak rajin :p 

Kalian sedang ngabisin produk apa? :D    

Mari Menghela Nafas

Hore, kembali ke Bahasa Indonesia! 

Sebelumnya kita bicarain tips mengurangi susuh.  Sekarang saatnya jujur.  Jumlah susuh di rumah saya...lumayan...epik.  Di berbagai divisi.

Koleksi balsem,  sabun hotel, sikat gigi hotel, cukuran hotel, obat otot, pencuci tangan, bedak, dan semuanya nggak kepake! Alhasil sekarang agak-agak nyolot kalau ke hotel sekeluarga.  Pakai peringatan, "Pokoknya sabun-sabun hotel nggak boleh dibawa pulang! Biar kata jatah, atau gratis, atau apa deh."

Nah ini urusan lain. Suka alay, beli majalah karena bonusnya, ada juga yang oleh-oleh.  
Ada yang belian Papa. Ada kacamata renang (renangnya jarang). Haha!
Mulai sekarang nggak mau beli majalah yang ada bonusnya.  Pasti nganggur. 

Ada asesoris-asesoris.  Anting-anting itu sebagian dikasih, gelang ada yang beli, ada yang oleh-oleh.  
Seneng sih lihatnya. Cantik.  Beberapa pesta dan kostum mungkin butuh perhiasan macam ini. 
Cuma kadang nggak tega kalau mubazir.  

 Sembunyikan sajaaa.  Kadang kalau bepergian, Mama pisahin krim, pencuci, dll ke wadah-wadah kecil.  Tapi habis gitu, ya di tempat pergi nggak dipake juga! Alhasil numpuk doang, terseparasi.  

Yang ini kotak saya.


Ini yang bikin bingung.  Pada dasarnya ada 4 orang yang hidup setiap hari di rumah dan menggosok gigi setiap hari. Papa, Mama, saya, adik sepupu.   Kalau kakak saya & pacarnya kemari, ya ada tambahan dua.   Tapi entah bagaimana ada total 9 sikat gigi dong di wastafel! Dan 4 ini misterius, nggak jelas siapa tuannya. 


Jumlah keresek sudah berkurang sih di rumah.  Luar biasa.  Karena ada kereseknya yang kecil, alhasil kami pun nyampahnya jadi sedikit.  Bahkan Mama nggak pakai tong sampah lagi di dapur! Biar kecil dan sedikit.  
Sampah basah biasanya dibuang ke kebun. :) 

Di bagian rumah lain...

saya dan Mama menyimpan harta karun.  

 Peranti prakarya saya.
Peranti prakarya saya + Mama. 

Sekian tulisan ini.  Sudah pusing belum? :)) 

Oh, I'm Trying to Write Some Tips!

As you've read previously, perhaps you've been familiar with my decluttering obsession these days. 

I realized that I don't want to be trapped with useless items in my house. I started with stop buying fancy pencils and pens.  At the beginning of the month, I declined my piano course payment gimmick.  What an achievement! I'm always excited about the monthly souvenirs, but then my house is overfilled by...kitschy plastic stationeries and...I'm not okay.  The pen is drying.  Pencils are spreaded at every corner without being used anyway. 

Whoa, so, what should I do? I'm trying to find a method.  And here's my short summary of what I've learned during the decluttering project! I asked my family to join, too.  So happy. Mom supports this effort.  She throw away a lot of stuff every single month. But ditching anything can cause a damage on Earth, too, so, not everything can be just thrown onto the landfill. So, sometimes she reuses and upcycles old stuff instead of buying a new one ( once she created a 'gayung' with old mop stick handle! Hahaha!) I sell many stuff on Huraya Garage Sale.  Well, the point is, we collaborate artistically. 

Alright.  Here's my...as-scientific-as-I-can method to decrease your piles around the house! 

Storage? Yes.  When we have empty storage / organizer / shelf / box, we get an urge to fill 'em.  How to avoid it? Don't buy or keep newbies! Be happy with available storages at home.  If you think it's not enough, try to rethink! Maybe it's not the storage that is too small, but you linger on your overloaded treasure too much? :p

Whether it's a bed that can be folded into a sofa and desk, or just some simple mind trick reduction.  You can actually use one ceramic pan to fry, stir-fry, boil, cook a soup, warm something, create a pancake, etc.  With only one regular-size ceramic pan! What about steaming and grilling? That's another case.  But with grill, use one single oven or microwave, duh.  Don't buy two cooking-boxed-shaped-appliances just to make sure it's good at single skill.  Consider everything multitalented.  

Imagine a clean kitchen with only one regular-sized pan with high quality ceramic and wooden handle, 
an oven OR microwave, a regular-sized pot, one steamer.  And you're ready to rock the minimalist effective kitchen! 

Okay it's just about the kitchen.  What about the mechanical pencil + red-blue-green ballpoint in a single wand? It does exist. And you'll love it.  But I can't afford it now because I still have...8 wooden pencils need to be functional. :D 

I usually say 'sell'.  But donating is one good act, too! Why? Some people may need what we don't use at home. Some people have no meal for days and starving.  Some people own only one dusty, thin, t-shirts and not able to buy a new one. While the wind is so freezin' out there.  Some people has no kitchen while we stuff our kitchen with greed. Some students can't buy a single pencil!

Find the nearest donation agent (make sure it's trusted!) and give away your stuff.  Clothes, school / office supplies, books you no longer read, accessories, whatever needed.  Being nice makes you happier more than anything.  Scientifically proven.  So what are you waiting for? DONATE! :D

The beginning of clutter is overconsumption. It's absolute. If we consume more and more, the global warming will walk faster and, BOOM, the Earth is destroyed.  Industries will roll around, unstoppable, the Earth is getting hot, ice melts...the first person to know the impact must be our cute polar bears and penguins! Still wanting to increase Earth's temperature? I don't.  What about you? 

So think twice or more before you consume.  Before you buy.  Do you buy something that is important? Will you throw it away immediately? Is it supporting the bad industry? Is it bear and penguin-friendly? Is it makin' your house looks like a traffic jam in busy times at the town? 

We have e-books now, and we have streaming websites.  So why buying DVDs? It's going to cost you a lot and it eats a lot of beautiful space at home! Seriously.  Someday I'll post DVDs my Dad purchased these years and it's not...aesthetically adorable.  Haha.  Download movies or TV series.  Find a rental or a friend.  :))

And books? Okay, I still need books.  Whether it's some novels or music books (off course I can't use e-books for this, sometimes we need to put notes and warnings on a music sheet, right?).  But I reduce it by only buy books in fine edition.  No more yellowish Schirmer's Library books.  No more impulsive photocopies. I select every single music sheet I need.

Some novels or nonfiction books are very sentimental you want to keep it.  But most books are not re-read-able.  You scan it once with your eyes and brains then you keep it somewhere you'll more likely to forget. Children books with amazing illustrations? Okay...I'm weak about that one.  But if it's not 150% sentimental for me, I give it away to kids or like my cousin, she sells it.  Share, share! :D

I can give up on magazine now, btw.  I only buy National Geographic for my Mom.  We used to subscribe to National Geographic & NG Traveller all at once but it causes another clutter, and anyway, travelling clues can be found on the internet. So.

Okay, Frankie is tempting, Kinfolk is photogenic.  But they have website, don't they? :D

If you want to read something, you can borrow it from THE LIBRARY.  YES.  I think library is a very lovely invention.  Our ancestors shared books with other people.  They don't believe they have to grab anything, possess everything.   Let's keep the spirit of sharing! But make sure you handle the books carefully! :D

Libraries accept books donation, too--fyi.

Last but not least, 
if you've got space, don't talk about refilling the space.  

Kosong adalah isi. 

Sometimes it's really comfortable to just stay still around an emptiness.  Or if you don't like an empty space, well, adopt a cactus and put it there.  Give it a name and love it. 

Don't you dare making excuses about 'I've sold 3 skirts, now can I buy 6 skirts?'. Hahaha! It's not helping you.  It's a trap.  

Now, are you motivated to be a selective consumer now? Do you love being surrounded with clutters? How you declutter? 

Share your thoughts with me! :) 

Senin, 27 Juli 2015

Veggie Report After Months

Last night before sleep, with this busy mind, a memory roses in my head.

There was a time when my besties should memorize my vegetarian day.  Yes, I started to be a halftime vegetarian at 2009 or something.  Friday was my total 'veggie' day.  Synchronized with the pre-Easter fasting ritual. I only ate beef at Saturday, and poultry on Monday.  Something like that.

And everytime I needed to have dinner / lunch outside with ma' fellas, they asked me first, "Hey, what day is it? Do you eat chicken today?"

OMG.  I think my friends are too sweet. *big hug*

Well anyway. Now everyday is my vegetarian day.  Okay.  Pescaterian. But mostly vegetarian. I avoid fishes as much as I can.  I give no more excuse to 'whoa, it's Monday, can I order a KFC bucket?'.
Sound difficult?  Yes.  A year ago.  Started with the cutest: lamb, goat, cow, pork.  And finally chicken, duck.  Now what? Gindara? Yes, gindara.  I have to thank my body to appreciate this change in such a flexible way. No sickness, no collapsing due to anemia or something.

But now I don't even remember the taste of a loaf of beef steak! I'm not craving for it, too.  When people consumes some meaty meals in front of me, I'm happy with my carrots.  I'm not thinking about how good is to drink a massive glass of cow milk.  I enjoy almond milk more than ever.  Even coconut milk.  Even no milk at all is fine! Remember all those calves with the need to get their mother's milk.  Why humanbeings promote breastfeeding while letting other babies from other species die, feeling hungry?

The best part of being me now is, my family understands.  They don't force me. They don't blame.  Not easy at first, but they adapt slowly.

I can't thank you enough for everyone.  I'm touched. :)

Sabtu, 25 Juli 2015

Semua Ada Versi Dapurnya

Jadi, kawan, ada beberapa produk yang nggak sepenuhnya perlu kita beli. Bisa kita buat sendiri di dapur dengan gembira.

Tidak perlu beli scrub. Apalagi kalau dipisah, badan dan muka. Kita bisa ngacir ke dapur mencari secercah gula pasir untuk badan.  Campur sedikit air atau minyak kelapa murni atau zaitun, apapun selain minyak sawit. Bisa dipakai jadi lulur cantik! Bahkan, lebih hemat.  Kita kan nggak scrubbing tiap hari. :p
Untuk muka, pakai oatmeal cukup. Kasih air dikit, usap-usap, biarkan sedikit kering, bilas. :)

Jangan lupa, scrub gula juga efektif buat ngehalusin bibir. :*

Memiliki hand cream juga tidak efektif, karena pada dasarnya isinya ya sama kayak body lotion.  Kecuali kita suka kemasannya dan tidak punya pelembap, ya nggak apa-apa beli krim tangan bertube unyu, karena lebih mungil dibawa-bawa.  Tapi ingat syaratnya: kalau memang nggak punya body lotion!

Lip balm lucu-lucu menggoda iman? Ya memang.  Kalau masih tidak punya celah buat nyimpen apapun lagi di kotak kosmetik, mending jangan cari-cari alibi beli lip balm baru lagi karena unyu, deh. Hahahaha. Terus, jurus penangkalnya apa, dong? Minyak kelapa murni alias virgin coconut oil! Ampuh untuk segala penyakit deh.  Alternatif lainnya: madu, cacao butter, shea butter, rosehip oil, dan lain-lain. :D

Kalau mau bibirnya jadi berwarna, baru pakai lipstik.  Mau mengkilap, kasih lip gloss.  Hm, sebetulnya metode penyelamatan bibir versi dapur di atas juga bikin bibir berkilau sih.  Sedikit. Alami pula kilaunya.  Dan nggak akan panik kalau kejilat / tertelan.  Usahakan pakai lipstik yang bahannya aman juga, daripada kekeringan akut dan bibir malah hitam.

Apalagi ya?

Oh! Sampo kering.  Alias dry shampoo.  Memang asyik dan efektif.  Tapi kadang...kita sebetulnya bisa bikin sendiri di rumah.  Nggak perlu beli mahal-mahal dan heboh-heboh.  Cukup sebulan dua bulan sekali membuatnya di dapur! Bahannya cuma: cocoa powder dan maizena alias tepung jagung halus. Kalau rambut warnanya terang, cukup tepung jagungnya doang!

Fungsional, hemat, aman. :D

Sekian ocehan malem ini.  Selamat Sabtu! :)

Senin, 20 Juli 2015

Goldie Gold.

Good morning, friendly folks! :D
Here's a post post-rambling-about-anything-else.  A review! Woohoo! 
But please note, this is not a post to poisonate you.  I don't suggest buying all the things spontaneously if you read a good review, 
be focused on what you already have, use them up, and think about what to invest later

100% Pure Super Fruits Healthy Foundation in Golden Peach

If you've followed my blog since the first steps of my blogging life,
you might already know that I repurchased the powder foundation from the same brand.  
I'm a hardcore fan of 100% Pure.  Hahaha. I'm that kind of girl. 

Once I ran out of the dearest foundation ever, I went back to empty my jar of
Nature's Minerals foundation from The Body Shop. It gives a bronze-y finish, so I don't really like it for daily wear.  But by the way, I'm done with it. Congratulation for me! :)) 

Then I spent some moments without powder on my face. I wanna try liquid foundie and placed the order of the treasure I will talk about today. But since it's not from an online shop nearby, I had to wait. During the interlude, I lived without any foundation.  I tried using cacao powder mixed with corn starch to fix any oiliness on my T-area. And badly, I had no sunscreen too that time.  I didn't mean to layer my face a lot, but, this dirty pollution outside forced me to do so. 

Weeks were rolling and finally, my order made it! Along with her friends :)) 

Let's focus on her, anyway. 
Yes I claimed this foundation as a female.  You read that correctly.   


Now I've been with her for...uhm, around half-a-year?  And how is it going? 


This foundation does the job almost perfectly. I'll make it systematic.  

1st : safe ingredients.  Please read the following:

Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch, Pigmented Extracts of: Prunus Persica (Peach) Fruit, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Fruit, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa Bean) and Lycium Chinese (Goji Berry) Fruit, Euterpe Oleracea (Acai Berry) Fruit Oil, Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Seed Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Extracts of: Cerifera Cera (Candelilla Wax), Organic Camellia Sinensis (Ferment White Tea) Leaf*, Coffea Arabica (Coffee Cherry) Seed, Aristotelia Chilensis (Maqui Berry), Vitis Vinifera (Muscadine Grape) Skin, Garcinia Mangostana (Mangosteen) Peel, Malpighia Punicifolia (Acerola) Fruit, Sambucus Canadensis (Elderberry), Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed, Lonicera Caprifolium (Japanese Honeysuckle) Active Ingredients: 15% Titanium Dioxide, 10% Zinc Oxide * Certified Organic

Nothing dangerous! Ihiy! And my biggest concern: beeswax, is not there, too. :D 

2nd: slightly thick coverage.  If you want a real layer, perhaps you need to apply 2 times.  But for my standard, one is enough! It conceals every single pimple (if you have any).  The shade Golden Peach is suitable for my skintone, too. 

3rd: it won't make your face glow.  In the case of mattifying, the formula's achievement is definitely outstanding. It holds your face fresh and clean for many hours! Works even better if you use a primer under this foundie! Thanks to the friendly rice starch, that absorbs excess oil. 

The only small trouble I got is : pump.  I haven't realized that the pump has a short pipe, so you can't take out any liquid while the bottle is standing tall. You should rotate it somehow so it reveals. :))

Paleo, my tapir, is havin' a sweet friendship with her! :p 
Curious about Paleo's friends? Click here

Now, question time.  
What is your favourite liquid foundation nowadays? 
Do you feel good about wearing liquid foundation? :) 

Okay, that's what I want to share today.  
Have a nice Tuesday.  Happy 21st of July! :D 

Sabtu, 18 Juli 2015

Three Favourite Little Bottles

Basically, my skincare routine is a trio. 

One DIY. One plant-based oil. One extranaturalbetterorganic facial care. Here I snap the essential three, outside of my day cream and sunscreen. 

DIY Vitamin C Serum
Prove the power of L-Ascorbic Acid.  This is literally just a powder of edible vitamin C plus distilled water.  I remake it every week. No strict measurements.  And no refrigerator required, as long as you use a thick glass bottle to keep it.  I reuse my moisturizer bottle.  It improves my skin's condition, even when I have hardcore sleeping hours (read as : going to bed too late). Fix a dry irritated skin around my nose. Further details, click here

Aster and Bay Facial Serum no.3: Purity 
The best facial oil I've tried. After a while, I'm amazed by the miracle it creates. Such as: clearing pores (it's almost visible), treating acne kindly, and, still, beautiful smell. :p  More ramblings about this: in this post

Virgin Coconut Oil Palem Mustika
I've talked a lot about this magical, tropical oil. To avoid you from being bored, just click 'vco' in my tags cloud and read. Or search 'virgin coconut oil' on the upper left of this blog. ;D

What's your basic skincare weapons, Folks? :) 

Ayo Habisin!

Ada kalanya kita pingin buang saja, jual aja, beli baru, buang ke keran...
tapi kasihan mental kita, nanti nggak terdidik untuk habisin satu produk hingga selesai.

Bosan memang harus diabaikan.

Nah, setelah kemarin menghabiskan seonggok produk, dan nggak akan beli baru lagi, kini saya akan berfokus sama tiga benda kesayangan ini:

The Body Shop Deo Dry in Floral- ini bagus sebetulnya.  Nggak ada alumunium chlorohydrate.  Wanginya lucu.  Tetapi karena sudah menemukan soda kue sebagai deodoran favorit (yes, cuma satu bahan, nggak ditambahin bahan aneh-aneh!), saya jadi nggak pernah sentuh deodoran itu. Lupa, malah.  Sampai suatu hari, kemarin, saya beres-beres keranjang kosmetik yang campuran antara saya dan mama, eh...saya menemukan Deo Dry kesayangan ini.  Isinya masih setengah lagi.  Ya udah, saya pakai dulu sampai kosong deh. :D

L'Occitane Honey Shea Butter - saya juga cinta banget sama mentega kacang shea yang baunya manis ini.  Mungkin nggak akan saya habisin buru-buru, karena fungsional.  Bisa dijadiin maskara lho! Saya suka oles di bulu mata, terus jepit.  Selesaaai.  Awet, dan nggak perlu ribet cuci bulu mata dan kena hitam-hitam maskara.  :) Kalau ada kulit kelupas atau iritasi, pakai ini juga manjur.

100%Pure Lip and Cheek Tint in Peach Glow - super duper kesayangan, enak dipake, warnanya oke.  Cuma, kalau udah kelamaan takut kadaluarsa atau warnanya pudar.  Ini tinggal lima milimeter lagi sih.  Biar kecil, awet juga. Untung cuma beli satu. Ke depannya saya akan pakai lip glaze saja buat bibir + pipi sekaligus.  Soalnya, yang satu ini pakai beeswax.  Lebih berat bawaannya dan nyumbat kulit takutnya. :))

Jadi, teman-teman sesama penyayang Bumi, kalian sedang menghabiskan produk kecantikan apa? Cerita-cerita yuk di komentar bawah.

Jangan gampang keracunan ya, hati-hati. Godaan banyak! Hahaha :D

Rapikan, Rapikan.

Penampakan meja bermain.  Sebagai tukang bikin-bikin pernak-pernik idealis, mau tak mau banyak senjata rahasia di situ.  Meja saya nggak bisa seratus persen kosong! Ada stiker, stiker pembatas, 
sisir (?), bolpen-bolpen juga. 

Koleksi cat kuku juga nemplok di situ.  Kacau ya. Tapi segini udah termasuk rapi, 
karena sebelumnya lebih gak keruan. 

Nah ini pensil-pensil yang secara tak sengaja populasinya membengkak.  Ada pensil hadiah, oleh-oleh, beli sendiri, dan yang dari dulu zaman SD udah di rumah nggak pernah disentuh.  Sekarang saya lagi bertekad menggunakan pensil tersebut satu persatu supaya efektif.  Dalam setahun dua tahun, saya pasti nggak perlu beli pensil lagi! Detik ini, saya lagi pakai pensil yang ada hiasan kucingnya.  
Iya, itu pensil yang tak sengaja kebawa dari Ikea kemarin. Entah siapa yang bawa, 
dan entah kenapa mendarat di meja saya. 

Dan beberapa harta karun hasil berburu dan penantian yang indah.  Pertama, tas bentuk kuda tanduk alias unicorn.  Nggak muat banyak, tetapi asyik buat diajak jalan-jalan santai yang nggak perlu bawa dompet lengkap dan buku atau apa.  Cukup ponsel dan kantong kecil serta beberapa lembar uang tunai.

 Di bawah, blus vintage yang saya beli di Ancienne Vintage
A favourite! 
Nah itu, kerahnya yang memancing saya ingin adopsi baju ini. Hihihi. Warnanya juga manis. 

Kalau kalian, punya susuh apa yang mau dirapikan atau ditata supaya rapi dan nggak puyeng sama tumpukan? Atau mau disumbangkan? Metode kalian beres-beres rumah gimana, dan apa pendorongnya? :)