Senin, 09 Februari 2015

The Red Shade

Let's move to another 2 half-full packagings.  A hand cream and one lip stain.  

Stuff I just wanna use up. Until they are empty! :D 

Rabu, 04 Februari 2015


As you've read on the previous post, I was trapped between bottles, jars, and tubes of cosmetics since I could afford them myself. Then I tried to focus on 5 products every month to see if I can use them up until the last drop.

THE GOOD NEWS IS, I FINALLY FINISHED TWO PRODUCTS! Yes, my Rose Allure Body Oil and Nature's Minerals Foundation! Yippiie! Now I've been drying the bottle and the jar after they are washed. :)

Anyway, I've stocked up for the future, too.  Here's the stuff I've been keeping in my drawer (thanks to Lynn) :

Juice Beauty Sport Sunscreen - smells like a mix vegetables juice--seriously! It's a little tinted, nor too hard due to the absence of beeswax. Easy peasy to be applied.  Yay! First natural sunscreen without beeswax! <3 

100% Pure Super Fruits Healthy Foundation - My very premiere liquid foundation! Yipiie! I really love the tone 'Golden Peach', and how it mattifies your face without making it feels thick.  Yes, you should apply 2-3 layers to cover everything as a porcelain-like, but trust me, it doesn't really matter for me! 

Aster & Bay Facial Serum - That literally consists of good plantbased oils--this one 03 : Purity has watermelon seed and chamomile oil.  Love it! The scent is similar with TBS' Nutriganics-field of grass with a touch of fresh air and fragrants flowers. Lovely! And as an oil-form serum, it's pretty modest on my combo facial skin.  It isn't greasy nor heavy.  You'll love the ingredients list of this. I'll review this tiny bottle soon! 

So that's the way I survive life, lately.  :)