Senin, 29 Februari 2016

Thank You, Dearest Consciousness

I'd like to give myself and appreciation,
who has made this decision:

+ buying a lot of TBS products
+ ...ended up selling some of them in a Facebook group.

+ start having trouble with blemishes
+ that I got from using TBS Tea Tree Toner
+ and discovered my real skin type
+ special credits to Lynn.

+ had dandruff thingy since puberty
+ tried out a lot of shampoo, from the cheap one to fake natural shampoos, to the high-end ones
+ considering no-poo method
+ i'm blessed to have my black, thick, hair back again after simple treatment with coconut soap & apple cider vinegar

+ ate a lot of beef steak
+ finally knew that beef causes body odour (on me)
+ and it was a living cow, jsyk.

+ met real cow and thought, "Gee, I don't wanna harm this glorious creature!"
+ met a chubby hen and thought, "Boy, what did I do to your ancestors? You're cute!"
+ started being pescaterian

+ said to fishes in the pond : "Someday I'll save your clan, too."
+ now moving to being pure vegetarian. 

+ above all, i'm grateful that I started this so-called 'beauty' blog
+ and saw many changes i made through the journey
+ i'll keep posting !

Senin, 22 Februari 2016

Since I Declared Myself A Human

...which is an hour ago, 

here I make a picture. 

applies to : clothes, shoes, bags, accesories, cosmetics, magazine, book, stationery, office-supplies, furniture, fancy palm-oil based food and beverages, craft supplies, needles, pins, hairpins, bobby pins, organizer, notebooks, animal (off course!), and other thing that usually ends up as clutter.

If I survive the 21 days (counting from now), I'm going to treat myself with a new baroque piece to learn both on viola and piano.

Anyone joining? ;)

I'm Not A Cupboard, I'm A Human

This is a challenge, to do yourself a favour: be human. Not a cupboard, or shelf, whatever you call a container of clutter. 

That's why I don't want to attach myself to stuff I (thought I) need to possess.  Such as a random sling bag on an online shop.  Or thinking about adding another cute haircomb to my collection... Or even a pet. Or a guy. Just to post it on social media so people will give me a high score.

I'm a human.  I have to fill this body with good, healthy food.  I have to fill this soul with happiness and satisfaction.  Therefore, I'm just a box. Even worse, a trash bin, maybe! Doesn't meant to be rude, but, that's a fact.  A sad fact about our society nowadays. 

I want to be fulfilled with love and spread it to all the creatures. To solve the world's problem and cure the pain of Mother Earth.

And slowly, this blog has changed to a minimalist-lifestyle blog from a greedy lady who wanted to collect all organic beauty products in the world. LOL. 

Welcome to the 3rd week of February.  Oh, how time flies!

Senin, 08 Februari 2016

Well it's actually a picture I made for Huraya Garage Sale
but yea, I want to talk this up with you, folks. 

Okay, first. I already have a smaller refrigerator and it's vintage.  Hahaha. Sorry for the sudden news, but, it's important. :p 

I have a tough January's February now, guys! Miracles came to me in last year's February and I believe that the month is good for me. Scrolling to the upcoming months, too. I don't know.  I have a special connection with February ! February always gives me a new beginning. Sends me amazing things. There will be Valentine's Day and it's my favourite celebration ever !

This February, and the whole 2016, I'd like to dedicate the day for...MY SOUL. What? Not my...soulmate? If I have a bright soul, the channel will have a better perfomance of finding the one, right? :))

Not my parents? No.  I love them everyday. Simply.  They're like roommates with a bit more controlling system for me.  HAHAHA.

Not Kimkim? I haven't seen Kimkim for a while.  Where is she?

By the way, this is Kimkim.  Not my cat.  But mine in the heart.

Not my friends.  Off course I love them, but not only on Val's Day! Hahaha.

Okay.  My soul. How ?  Here's my goals this year:

+ do a simple morning yoga routine and say some simple 'mantra' for self-suggestion.
+ eat more local food with slower cooking process (a.k.a. not fastfood)
+ reducing dairy products more
+ give cats some treats, only if they are hungry (not forcing anyone, huh?)
+ not giving 'defensive body language' --such as folding your arms in front of the chest
+ lower the ego and listen to ones who try to say anything to me

+ be grateful, even for the smallest thing

And if I make it, I'll have a new habit of being good !

Let's start in this first day of year 2567 !
Focus on your well-being state and The Universe will do the rest.  :D