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Come and See! :)

My short stories and poems, HERE.


and share your thoughts, please. :)

have a nice Saturday ahead! :*

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And The Award Goes To...Me?

Never been more busy with blog but more relax with life, because there’s some change of schedule here and there, so I’m totally free on Wednesday and Thursday.  So here I am, doing tag again!

Phanie, the founder of Diary of A Product Junkie has given me 2 awards:

The Versatile Blogger Award Rules 

1. Thank the person who nominated you and give their blog a shout out on your blog with a link to their blog.

2.Share 7 random facts about yourself.

3.Send on the award to 15 bloggers whose blog you appreciate and then let them know that they have won the award.

7 random things about me :

1. My favourite interactive book is Acme Climate Action.  It’s a guide book for a greener life with a lot of things and tools to be utilized and to be done, e.g. stickers, post card, posters, DIY tips.  Check the website and be amazed!

2. You know peuyeum? Fermented cassava which has sweet-sour-electrifying taste? There’s a lot of peuyeum in Bandung. :D LOL.  It’s a nice additional ingredients for cake.  I  do love cake peuyeum!

3.  Oh, man, I’m seeing clouds moving SO FAST like a tank.  And it’s extremely windy today in my hometown.  Get ready to serve Tolak Angin to prevent ‘masuk angin’! (this is what I call ‘random’)

4.  I prefer to take city transport than taxi, because: a. Taxi’s expensive and a little impractical because we have to explain where we want to go, b. City transport a.k.a ‘angkot’ is easy and cheap! Just jump inside, jump outside when the destination has been reached, and pay 2000 IDR, so practical!

5.  Sometimes I watch TV and stop at Indonesian soap opera  (s.i.n.e.t.r.o.n) just to laugh at the story and the extreme character which still wear a lot of make up when she’s hospitalized or being kidnapped.  LOLOLOL!  XD

6.  My favourite composer is Claude Debussy from 20th century era.  His works are adorable (you know ‘Clair de Lune’ from Twilight movie? Yes, it’s Debussy’s) and some uses pentatonic tunes because he’s inspired by Indonesian gamelan after watched a gamelan performance on Paris Cultural Exhibition in 1889 (I guess that’s the year, I forgot).  It makes me proud! :D

7.   I want to make a girrafe as a pet.  I imagine its head will enter my second story window and it will lick my whole face. ((: Btw, it’s the real thing in a hotel in Africa.  A giraffe sometimes steal a chance to say ‘hi’  from the window of dining room.  Cute! <3

And this is the second award:

Rules are :

1. Thank for being tagged.

2. Put in the link to the blog of a person who tagged you.

3. Put on your blog the logo Top 10 Blog Award.

4. Choose 10 bloggers to be tagged by you.

5. Put links to their blog.

6.Inform them about it.

7. Create the list of your top 10 cosmetics.

My Top 10 Cosmetics:

face: The Body Shop-Nature’s Minerals Foundation SPF 25

cheeks: The Body Shop-Nature’s Minerals Cheek Colour

eyes: The Body Shop-Define & Lengthen Mascara,

-Eye Definer Shade: Taupe

-Nature’s Minerals Eye Colour~Golden Emerald

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow~Metallic Pink (a gift)

lips: Maybelline Colour Smooth Lip Care~Strawberry

Okay, actually I have no more , that’s all I have! LOL. :))

Dear Beloved, I Give You These Awards:

(haven’t reached 10, but, just forgive me, please :p)

Okay, that’s all for the award thingy.  Thanks a bunch , Phanie! :D

Have a nice day, Beautiful Ladies!

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11 Sebelas

It’s the year 2563 now, and I’ve tagged!  The one who did the tag is Lynn of Lovely Cosme.  Check her georgeous green-in-pink blog! Hers is one of my HG blog! :D

VoilĂ , this is it, a task from Lynn…

Here are the rules:
1. Post these rules.

2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.

3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.

4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

5. Go to their blog and tell them that you’ve tagged them.

6. No stuff in the tagging section about ‘you are tagged if you are reading this.’ blah blah blah, you legitimately have to tag 11 people!

11 Random Things About Me:

satu I love animals! I even wish I could talk to them. J Whenever I see a cat/ dog/ sheep/ whatevers around, I always try to make an interaction because I just love animals!

 dua Skirts and dresses make me feel alive, happy, and productive more than any other kind of outfits. Why? Am I feminine or what? I don’t know.  

tiga I’m addicted to Twister and UNO Stacko.  Do you know Twister? It’s a game which twists your body like crazy! LOL.  And UNO Stacko, I love the thrill of pulling or pushing or even blowing the ‘stack-parts’ I should eliminate from the stack.  Twister and UNO both need no counting or thinking, just…feeling, body elasticity, sense, and a little bit of luck.  That’s why I love them! J

empat I’m reading a history book about India.  The title is: INDIA YANG BERSEJARAH, from the series Abad Besar Manusia, from Pustaka Time Life.  Why India and why history? Because that’s my new year resolution: learn more histories! I adore history. J

lima My favourite number is 7.  I believe it brings me luck.

enam I’m trying to be a vegetarian.  But sometimes it’s hard when I meet rawon, soto, sate, and other Indonesian cuisine, because they’re tasty! As a temporary solution, I decided to give 3 days in a week as vegetarian days, where I thoroughly not eating any animals. :D I’d like to continue the habit and make all 7 days as a vegetarian days later. J Give me a support, please!

tujuh Language is my life.  I would like to learn every languages in the world if I can.  For now, I was in Japanese club in Middle School, I never got ‘red’ score in Sundanese, Indonesian, and English subjects at school, because I always study happily for those topics. I lived in Malang for a year when I was 6 years old and had no problem with Javanese subject, I like it, especially the book, which has an illustration of wayang at the cover. Now I’m in French course.  Hahaha! Maybe language is a snack for me. :P

delapan I watch Shaun The Sheep…everyday! And Timmy Time after that.  Whenever I’m at home and at the moment of those two cute TV shows, I’ll surely watch them. J Those shows stimulate my happiness and creativity.  They’re entertaining, too.

sembilan I want to learn diving or at least snorkeling.  I’m afraid of deep-see-view, but I’m curious about it and somehow I think I have to try breaking my fear.

sepuluh My first pet was a turtle.  A small one which my Mama bought together with the aquarium.  I forgot at all what happened with the turtle after, and I never gave it a name.  Anyway, I was so happy when Mama showed the turtle on the front door. :3 LOL.  Sweet memory.

sebelas I love being a viola player, because it sounds good, elegant, and yes, edgy! :D

11 Questions I had to Answer:

1.What do you like the most about being a blogger,especially a beauty blogger?
I can share about products and make a good picture of the packaging! :D I also like reading comments and people’s different experiences with a beauty product.  :D

2.Which part of your face do you like the most? Why?
My lips. :* I don’t know, I just love the shape and the colour and how tender it is. :D But I love my whole face, actually.

3.What skin imperfection that you have? And what do you do to cover it?
Ehm, blackheads? And I wear nose pack when I feel like I need it urgently? I also scrub my face with brown sugar and honey twice a week? J

4.Do you have any beauty secret? If yes,what it is?
Eat fresh fruits. It instantly brighten your skin and your day, too! :D And yes, please take mineral water as much as you can to detoxify! Trust me, it works! :P

5.Are you a junk food lover or not?
Sadly yes, I love them! They’re delicious.  But I only take junk food once a month, even less than that. :P Health, darling, your health is in gambling when you become a junk food lover. Anyway, something you eat too often won’t be as delicious as it should be.

6.Choose one:make up or skincare? Why do you choose it?
Skincare! Because the right skincare will make your make up stays right at your face. Anyway, if your skin treated goodly, you don’t really need make up everyday because your face will glow naturally!

7.What beauty product that you won’t leave your house without it?
Is handcream included in beauty product category? J

8.Plastic surgery: yay or nay?why?
Supernay! Except it’s for treatment after accident or any kind of medical help, that’s not in the purpose of “I hate my nose”/ “ My eyes are too big”/whatevs.  Our face/body is a blessing, and it has been created perfectly, proportionally, everything in the right place!

9.What is your fashion style?
Sweet, vintage, in pastel or basic colours.  

10.What beauty product do you want the most now?
Angelica UV Shield SPF 40 de L’Occitane. J

11.What is your opinion about green living?
It’s a basic thing people have to own in their heart, spread to the world, and hold till the end.

11 Questions for the People I Tag:

1.What is your favourite song these days? Why do you love it?

2. If you are a king/ president of your country, what will you do to spread ‘eco-friendly-life virus’ to your people?

3. What do you love the most about your personality?

4. What do you think about writing blog? Is it very important for you, or it’s just something to spend your time?

5. Do you read magazine? If yes, what magazine? If not, why?

6. What was your dream when you were 8 years old?

7. What vehicle do you like? Why?

8. What is your favourite skincare/bodycare brand? Why?

9. What do you know about natural-organic skincare?

10. Which language that you adore?

11. Do you believe in ‘love at the first sight’?

11 people I tag (in random order):

2. Phanie

4. Nacchu

7. Uci


So, those beloved who tagged, it’s up to you. 

xin nian kuai le 2563!

:) May all the prosperity be with you and your beloved ones.

Be nice!

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-share and tell, be happy, be proper! :*

Me vs Lipstick

I was a very silly girl back then.  I’m still silly now, but not that silly.  LOL. :))

When I was a little girl, I love to watch my Mama when she’s applying powder and lipstick.  And I was obsessed with lipstick, because it’s the only cosmetic I knew 14 years ago.

In my primary, I usually be chosen to dance with other girls.  When the dance should be shown up, I wore a lipstick and I was so happy! :) Mama helped me using it. <3

But I was afraid that lipstick could stick my upper and under lips, so during the show, during the day of dance when I was with lipstick on, I NEVER SHUT MY MOUTH.  I showed my tooth all the way, like a weirdo.  HAHAHAHA! :)) What a irrational logic of a kid.

Well, take that as a funny intermezzo.  Thank God I’m not that weird again. :p

Hello, Kitty!

My premier winning of a giveaway! Thank you for Stephanie and her giveaway.

Mmuah! :*

Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Hello, Sunshine!

Oh my, these days are a bit lazying myself. 

Cloudy, rainy, windy, mention all the Indonesian-style winter weather situation. 

I’m a sunny person.  I walk out the door when the sun shines brightly, and I won’t be sleepy if the weather’s full of sun.  When there’s a sunshine, there’s me hopping around outside the house.  :3 I love sun so much! It makes me smile all the time. 

In the other hand, when the weather becomes cloudy, my eyes will be closed, I’ll put my head on a puffy something, and I’ll sleep tight.  LOL.  I become sleepy easily in rainy season, and it’s too complicated to go outside because I have to bring an umbrella, and the road is wet, then the water goes into my shoes…gah, gah!

But when I’m at home, rain is like heaven.  I can do something calm and have a nice nap. 

Well, that’s what I feel about winter and summer (noted: in Indonesian style, cause I haven’t gone anywhere else but my own country with different season style).  Which one do you prefer? Sunny or rainy? :)

Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

Sustenuto! (a giveaway clue, actually)

Well, stack of toiletries makes me confused—not everyone of them are used. And that will be too bad if I throw it away…

So friends,

based on sustainability reason, I got an idea to make a Sustainable Giveaway, means things I give away will be a used product, but not a half-filled product for sure.  LOL. At least a bottle with 80% filling still get permission to be given. Less than that, I guess it’s quite impolite. :))  

If you agree or disagree, you can give comments below. :) 

extraclue: I’d like to give away some hair care products. :3 And also a face scrub.

Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

What do you think of the word ‘sustainable’?



Les Pommes dans Votre Sac

This L’Occitane paperbag is entirely biodegradable and recycleable,

made from apple remnants,

with water-based inks & glue

Isn’t that good?

But still, it’s better to bring our own reusable shopping bag everytime you purchase something. :)  Love our Earth, and she shall smile!

*illustration made manually and edited with Adobe Photoshop CS3.  My weapons were Maped Colour Peps. :)  Font is Velvet. Thanks for not illegally use it.

Ramya Legit

This is an exfoliating face mask. You scrub, you leave, you rinse, and get a sweeter skin! :) 

Proven local personal result:

After using, my skin felt smooth and fresh! Even my daily moisturizer could glide on very easily, almost slippery! Honey and palmsugar make miracle! :D

*Ramya is a brand of mine, so don’t try to illegally use it for your products. Be creative! :)  Ramya contains no parabens or meat/chicken/pork/fish. I made picture above, and wished everyone who is in need to use that picture ask for my permission. :3  But yes, you may try to make that product I talked about because it’s so easy! :) Thanks anyway. Good luck! :*

Selasa, 03 Januari 2012

Special Edition! Photographs, Not Illustration

And the topic is…my toiletries collection from time to time! :) Why is it matter? Because I want to share it with you, Ladies. ;)

We know how much happiness we get everytime we see products, anyway. It’s fun. Me, I love reading hauls post in beauty bloggers’ pages, and I love travelling around inside a body/skincare or make up shop.  It’s always entertaining and somehow addictive. :P

Well, too much words won’t be good for photography post, so here they are:


I was in high school when I realized that my face needs treatment.  So I bought that Sariayu Facial Mask “Jeruk”, because I didn’t use a facial wash at that time (which I forgot the reason, by the way, chemistry-skeptical I guess), and that mask was comfortable, smelled (does this word exist, please, English masters?) good, and left my face supple and clean. Those lip balms from The Body Shop are my first TBS products. Love them! The Lip on Lip, I bought it only for joining a short story contest sponsored by Rohto.  And yeah, I had Makarizo hair treatments for free, because my Papa attended a design event of them. They are good, but I was stupid and couldn’t use it properly. LOL. 

Finally I decided to buy a facial wash, and after reading brochures, I chose Seaweed Deep Cleansing from The Body Shop while I was in Bali.  I like it and it didn’t broke me out at all. :)  After that I continue bought the moisturizer.  And I love their body care too, that’s why there are shampoo, strawberry lotion, and body polish too.  And the one with black cap, it’s Nature’s Minerals Foundation.

New year, new resolution, new stuffs! :)  Looked better for me, at least there’s more space for my fellas. The most memorable product is: Tea Tree Clearing Toner, because it broke me out! LOL.  I wished I never bought that one if in the end all I got is acnes on cheeks. :’((  But it’s okay, forget the past and learn from mistakes: I should avoid alcohol. :P  By the way, I really love TBS’ Banana Shampoo & Conditioner! Feel-good-shampoo!

New year again, and these are my favourites! Things I use everyday, be put in a vintage box from Daiso. :)  Lip Ice product bought for the short story contest reason (again).  I’ve reviewed almost all of them, except DeoDry. Later, okay?

Well, surprise, surprise. That crew has other crews in separated box! Take a look:

Because a small box can’t keep them all together. :D Samples from L’Occitane, my lovely shampoo, Clean & Clear deep action daily pore cleanser which confuses me because I think I can’t use it anymore—too harsh and alcoholic (means it has a bit of alcohol inside)—there’s around 65% of filling, if someone want to adopt it, please tell me via comments or email ( :)  Different product reacts differently with different person. It could be good on you. :D

So this is the full team of my darlings!

Thank you for your attention! :*

*all photos taken dan edited by myself. :3 I wish no one will come and claim that they’re his/her photos. :)

Senin, 02 Januari 2012

My Daily Happiness :3

Setiap hari adalah anugrah.

Every day is a blessing. :)

My Daily Happiness :3

My Short Stories, Heartmade <3

Cerita-cerita penghangat hati.

Stories to warmth your heart. :)

My Short Stories, Heartmade <3

I Brought Back My Bottles, and...

The Body Shop has BRING BACK OUR BOTTLES program that allowed consumers to give back their empty TBS products’ packagings to the store! This is the main reason why I love TBS too, by the way. :)

Last Saturday on the last day of 2011, I went to Istana Plaza and I brought an amount of packagings: bottles, jars, pumps, and there are 11 of them. :)

On the store, the nice shop assistants took my bottles (just call them all as bottles to make it easier, Saudara-Saudari) and I got a stamp on my card, then they gave me a gift, because I’ve collected 25 bottles so far, counted from 2010. :D Yipiie! 

It’s Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream in 50 ml size.  OMG, I’m glad that a product I loved and used and emptied has come back to life! *just as Kahmunrah in Night at The Museum 2 

Thank you so much, The Body Shop! :*

*The illustration made…oh, I forget! This post made without illustration! :P

Have a good life, Ladies and Gentlemen. :)

Show Some Love: Go Vegetarian!

another campaign for you to consume! :)

It's 2012 Now and Mother Earth is Feeling...

She’s feeling heated…because we contribute a lot of toxic, carbons, ashes, and being grumpy.

She’s trapped in a plastic bag a.k.a kantong kresek, because the Bring-Your-Own-Shopping-Bag or at least Use-Paper-Bags-from-Sustainable-Materials habit haven’t developed equally everywhere in every heart of people.

She wishes everything could be better: a normal smiling Sun as her partner, fresh plants, happy creatures…

*illustration by me, but please reblog/repost/or else to spread the campaign and satisfy our Mother Earth! :)

Minggu, 01 Januari 2012

Ramya Stroyo

Wonder what ramya is:

a name for my homemade skincare products, which until this time just limited to face masks. :)

And what is stroyo?

Stroyo explains ingredients: strawberry fruit and yogurt.


Well, D.I.Y brings fun!

Zoom in, zoom out

*Ramya is a brand of mine, so don’t try to illegally use it for your products. Be creative! :)  Ramya contains no parabens or meat/chicken/pork/fish. I made picture above, and wished everyone who is in need to use that picture ask for my permission. :3  But yes, you may try to make that product I talked about because it’s so easy! :) Thanks anyway. Good luck! :*

In case you want to know how I messed up a table in my house.  This is how I work.  Very untidy! :))

Happy Soothed Scalp

My brother and I discussed about my birthday gift and finally we reached the conclusion to go together so I could pick my own choice of gift. LOL. Thanks, Bro! :*

Actually we went to Paris van Java to find a good cardigan, but at last, because the best cardigan discovered in MUJI was 600thousand Rupiahs in price (boo!), we changed the plan. 

So I got him to go to L’OCCITANE en Provence boutique and after tried so many products till I became multi-fragranced, I picked Aromachologie Soothing Shampoo—which has been so attractive in my eyes for a long-long time.

Here is the benefits, as seen on the label and on internet page:

Formulated with a natural origin vegetable complex of 5 essential oils (Basil, Chamomile, Cedar, Lemongrass, Mandarin Tree) and wheat proteins, this shampoo helps soothe the sensitive or irritated scalp. It also adds a genuine softness to hair, delicately cleanses and purifies the scalp and immediately eases irritations and aggressions. The scalp returns to a healthy and comfortable state, for stronger, beautiful hair.

Do they lie? Fortunately no! I tested this products immediately, and I can say:

1. It leaves hair so light, airy, soft, and sweetly scented.

2. It cures my itchy scalp.

3. It also cleans dandruffs mildly in a good way.

4. It doesn’t contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate, they use natural origin foaming base.

5. Its fragrance! Lovely as a Christmas creamy cakes! And btw, I purchased this shampoo on Christmas Night, it’s very memorable. :3

My hair-washing moments getting funnier now! :) Been with this shampoo for a week and more, get no problem, and fall in love.  Guess this could be a HG.

*this vintage illustration created by the help of 24 sticks of Maped Colour Peps, a present from my best friend Esther. :*  Adobe Photoshop CS3 also contributed to make this picture sweet!  And my brother, who gave advice about colours and croppings. Thank you! :)  Remember the law, don’t you?

How’s your second day of 2012, Humanbeings and Ants? :)

Walau mungkin bosan,


Selamat Tahun Baru! :)

Mudah-mudahan 2012 membawa banyak sekali kebahagiaan!

Have fun in our new year! :*