Senin, 27 Juli 2015

Veggie Report After Months

Last night before sleep, with this busy mind, a memory roses in my head.

There was a time when my besties should memorize my vegetarian day.  Yes, I started to be a halftime vegetarian at 2009 or something.  Friday was my total 'veggie' day.  Synchronized with the pre-Easter fasting ritual. I only ate beef at Saturday, and poultry on Monday.  Something like that.

And everytime I needed to have dinner / lunch outside with ma' fellas, they asked me first, "Hey, what day is it? Do you eat chicken today?"

OMG.  I think my friends are too sweet. *big hug*

Well anyway. Now everyday is my vegetarian day.  Okay.  Pescaterian. But mostly vegetarian. I avoid fishes as much as I can.  I give no more excuse to 'whoa, it's Monday, can I order a KFC bucket?'.
Sound difficult?  Yes.  A year ago.  Started with the cutest: lamb, goat, cow, pork.  And finally chicken, duck.  Now what? Gindara? Yes, gindara.  I have to thank my body to appreciate this change in such a flexible way. No sickness, no collapsing due to anemia or something.

But now I don't even remember the taste of a loaf of beef steak! I'm not craving for it, too.  When people consumes some meaty meals in front of me, I'm happy with my carrots.  I'm not thinking about how good is to drink a massive glass of cow milk.  I enjoy almond milk more than ever.  Even coconut milk.  Even no milk at all is fine! Remember all those calves with the need to get their mother's milk.  Why humanbeings promote breastfeeding while letting other babies from other species die, feeling hungry?

The best part of being me now is, my family understands.  They don't force me. They don't blame.  Not easy at first, but they adapt slowly.

I can't thank you enough for everyone.  I'm touched. :)

Sabtu, 25 Juli 2015

Semua Ada Versi Dapurnya

Jadi, kawan, ada beberapa produk yang nggak sepenuhnya perlu kita beli. Bisa kita buat sendiri di dapur dengan gembira.

Tidak perlu beli scrub. Apalagi kalau dipisah, badan dan muka. Kita bisa ngacir ke dapur mencari secercah gula pasir untuk badan.  Campur sedikit air atau minyak kelapa murni atau zaitun, apapun selain minyak sawit. Bisa dipakai jadi lulur cantik! Bahkan, lebih hemat.  Kita kan nggak scrubbing tiap hari. :p
Untuk muka, pakai oatmeal cukup. Kasih air dikit, usap-usap, biarkan sedikit kering, bilas. :)

Jangan lupa, scrub gula juga efektif buat ngehalusin bibir. :*

Memiliki hand cream juga tidak efektif, karena pada dasarnya isinya ya sama kayak body lotion.  Kecuali kita suka kemasannya dan tidak punya pelembap, ya nggak apa-apa beli krim tangan bertube unyu, karena lebih mungil dibawa-bawa.  Tapi ingat syaratnya: kalau memang nggak punya body lotion!

Lip balm lucu-lucu menggoda iman? Ya memang.  Kalau masih tidak punya celah buat nyimpen apapun lagi di kotak kosmetik, mending jangan cari-cari alibi beli lip balm baru lagi karena unyu, deh. Hahahaha. Terus, jurus penangkalnya apa, dong? Minyak kelapa murni alias virgin coconut oil! Ampuh untuk segala penyakit deh.  Alternatif lainnya: madu, cacao butter, shea butter, rosehip oil, dan lain-lain. :D

Kalau mau bibirnya jadi berwarna, baru pakai lipstik.  Mau mengkilap, kasih lip gloss.  Hm, sebetulnya metode penyelamatan bibir versi dapur di atas juga bikin bibir berkilau sih.  Sedikit. Alami pula kilaunya.  Dan nggak akan panik kalau kejilat / tertelan.  Usahakan pakai lipstik yang bahannya aman juga, daripada kekeringan akut dan bibir malah hitam.

Apalagi ya?

Oh! Sampo kering.  Alias dry shampoo.  Memang asyik dan efektif.  Tapi kadang...kita sebetulnya bisa bikin sendiri di rumah.  Nggak perlu beli mahal-mahal dan heboh-heboh.  Cukup sebulan dua bulan sekali membuatnya di dapur! Bahannya cuma: cocoa powder dan maizena alias tepung jagung halus. Kalau rambut warnanya terang, cukup tepung jagungnya doang!

Fungsional, hemat, aman. :D

Sekian ocehan malem ini.  Selamat Sabtu! :)

Senin, 20 Juli 2015

Goldie Gold.

Good morning, friendly folks! :D
Here's a post post-rambling-about-anything-else.  A review! Woohoo! 
But please note, this is not a post to poisonate you.  I don't suggest buying all the things spontaneously if you read a good review, 
be focused on what you already have, use them up, and think about what to invest later

100% Pure Super Fruits Healthy Foundation in Golden Peach

If you've followed my blog since the first steps of my blogging life,
you might already know that I repurchased the powder foundation from the same brand.  
I'm a hardcore fan of 100% Pure.  Hahaha. I'm that kind of girl. 

Once I ran out of the dearest foundation ever, I went back to empty my jar of
Nature's Minerals foundation from The Body Shop. It gives a bronze-y finish, so I don't really like it for daily wear.  But by the way, I'm done with it. Congratulation for me! :)) 

Then I spent some moments without powder on my face. I wanna try liquid foundie and placed the order of the treasure I will talk about today. But since it's not from an online shop nearby, I had to wait. During the interlude, I lived without any foundation.  I tried using cacao powder mixed with corn starch to fix any oiliness on my T-area. And badly, I had no sunscreen too that time.  I didn't mean to layer my face a lot, but, this dirty pollution outside forced me to do so. 

Weeks were rolling and finally, my order made it! Along with her friends :)) 

Let's focus on her, anyway. 
Yes I claimed this foundation as a female.  You read that correctly.   


Now I've been with her for...uhm, around half-a-year?  And how is it going? 


This foundation does the job almost perfectly. I'll make it systematic.  

1st : safe ingredients.  Please read the following:

Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch, Pigmented Extracts of: Prunus Persica (Peach) Fruit, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Fruit, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa Bean) and Lycium Chinese (Goji Berry) Fruit, Euterpe Oleracea (Acai Berry) Fruit Oil, Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Seed Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Extracts of: Cerifera Cera (Candelilla Wax), Organic Camellia Sinensis (Ferment White Tea) Leaf*, Coffea Arabica (Coffee Cherry) Seed, Aristotelia Chilensis (Maqui Berry), Vitis Vinifera (Muscadine Grape) Skin, Garcinia Mangostana (Mangosteen) Peel, Malpighia Punicifolia (Acerola) Fruit, Sambucus Canadensis (Elderberry), Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed, Lonicera Caprifolium (Japanese Honeysuckle) Active Ingredients: 15% Titanium Dioxide, 10% Zinc Oxide * Certified Organic

Nothing dangerous! Ihiy! And my biggest concern: beeswax, is not there, too. :D 

2nd: slightly thick coverage.  If you want a real layer, perhaps you need to apply 2 times.  But for my standard, one is enough! It conceals every single pimple (if you have any).  The shade Golden Peach is suitable for my skintone, too. 

3rd: it won't make your face glow.  In the case of mattifying, the formula's achievement is definitely outstanding. It holds your face fresh and clean for many hours! Works even better if you use a primer under this foundie! Thanks to the friendly rice starch, that absorbs excess oil. 

The only small trouble I got is : pump.  I haven't realized that the pump has a short pipe, so you can't take out any liquid while the bottle is standing tall. You should rotate it somehow so it reveals. :))

Paleo, my tapir, is havin' a sweet friendship with her! :p 
Curious about Paleo's friends? Click here

Now, question time.  
What is your favourite liquid foundation nowadays? 
Do you feel good about wearing liquid foundation? :) 

Okay, that's what I want to share today.  
Have a nice Tuesday.  Happy 21st of July! :D 

Sabtu, 18 Juli 2015

Three Favourite Little Bottles

Basically, my skincare routine is a trio. 

One DIY. One plant-based oil. One extranaturalbetterorganic facial care. Here I snap the essential three, outside of my day cream and sunscreen. 

DIY Vitamin C Serum
Prove the power of L-Ascorbic Acid.  This is literally just a powder of edible vitamin C plus distilled water.  I remake it every week. No strict measurements.  And no refrigerator required, as long as you use a thick glass bottle to keep it.  I reuse my moisturizer bottle.  It improves my skin's condition, even when I have hardcore sleeping hours (read as : going to bed too late). Fix a dry irritated skin around my nose. Further details, click here

Aster and Bay Facial Serum no.3: Purity 
The best facial oil I've tried. After a while, I'm amazed by the miracle it creates. Such as: clearing pores (it's almost visible), treating acne kindly, and, still, beautiful smell. :p  More ramblings about this: in this post

Virgin Coconut Oil Palem Mustika
I've talked a lot about this magical, tropical oil. To avoid you from being bored, just click 'vco' in my tags cloud and read. Or search 'virgin coconut oil' on the upper left of this blog. ;D

What's your basic skincare weapons, Folks? :) 

Ayo Habisin!

Ada kalanya kita pingin buang saja, jual aja, beli baru, buang ke keran...
tapi kasihan mental kita, nanti nggak terdidik untuk habisin satu produk hingga selesai.

Bosan memang harus diabaikan.

Nah, setelah kemarin menghabiskan seonggok produk, dan nggak akan beli baru lagi, kini saya akan berfokus sama tiga benda kesayangan ini:

The Body Shop Deo Dry in Floral- ini bagus sebetulnya.  Nggak ada alumunium chlorohydrate.  Wanginya lucu.  Tetapi karena sudah menemukan soda kue sebagai deodoran favorit (yes, cuma satu bahan, nggak ditambahin bahan aneh-aneh!), saya jadi nggak pernah sentuh deodoran itu. Lupa, malah.  Sampai suatu hari, kemarin, saya beres-beres keranjang kosmetik yang campuran antara saya dan mama, eh...saya menemukan Deo Dry kesayangan ini.  Isinya masih setengah lagi.  Ya udah, saya pakai dulu sampai kosong deh. :D

L'Occitane Honey Shea Butter - saya juga cinta banget sama mentega kacang shea yang baunya manis ini.  Mungkin nggak akan saya habisin buru-buru, karena fungsional.  Bisa dijadiin maskara lho! Saya suka oles di bulu mata, terus jepit.  Selesaaai.  Awet, dan nggak perlu ribet cuci bulu mata dan kena hitam-hitam maskara.  :) Kalau ada kulit kelupas atau iritasi, pakai ini juga manjur.

100%Pure Lip and Cheek Tint in Peach Glow - super duper kesayangan, enak dipake, warnanya oke.  Cuma, kalau udah kelamaan takut kadaluarsa atau warnanya pudar.  Ini tinggal lima milimeter lagi sih.  Biar kecil, awet juga. Untung cuma beli satu. Ke depannya saya akan pakai lip glaze saja buat bibir + pipi sekaligus.  Soalnya, yang satu ini pakai beeswax.  Lebih berat bawaannya dan nyumbat kulit takutnya. :))

Jadi, teman-teman sesama penyayang Bumi, kalian sedang menghabiskan produk kecantikan apa? Cerita-cerita yuk di komentar bawah.

Jangan gampang keracunan ya, hati-hati. Godaan banyak! Hahaha :D

Rapikan, Rapikan.

Penampakan meja bermain.  Sebagai tukang bikin-bikin pernak-pernik idealis, mau tak mau banyak senjata rahasia di situ.  Meja saya nggak bisa seratus persen kosong! Ada stiker, stiker pembatas, 
sisir (?), bolpen-bolpen juga. 

Koleksi cat kuku juga nemplok di situ.  Kacau ya. Tapi segini udah termasuk rapi, 
karena sebelumnya lebih gak keruan. 

Nah ini pensil-pensil yang secara tak sengaja populasinya membengkak.  Ada pensil hadiah, oleh-oleh, beli sendiri, dan yang dari dulu zaman SD udah di rumah nggak pernah disentuh.  Sekarang saya lagi bertekad menggunakan pensil tersebut satu persatu supaya efektif.  Dalam setahun dua tahun, saya pasti nggak perlu beli pensil lagi! Detik ini, saya lagi pakai pensil yang ada hiasan kucingnya.  
Iya, itu pensil yang tak sengaja kebawa dari Ikea kemarin. Entah siapa yang bawa, 
dan entah kenapa mendarat di meja saya. 

Dan beberapa harta karun hasil berburu dan penantian yang indah.  Pertama, tas bentuk kuda tanduk alias unicorn.  Nggak muat banyak, tetapi asyik buat diajak jalan-jalan santai yang nggak perlu bawa dompet lengkap dan buku atau apa.  Cukup ponsel dan kantong kecil serta beberapa lembar uang tunai.

 Di bawah, blus vintage yang saya beli di Ancienne Vintage
A favourite! 
Nah itu, kerahnya yang memancing saya ingin adopsi baju ini. Hihihi. Warnanya juga manis. 

Kalau kalian, punya susuh apa yang mau dirapikan atau ditata supaya rapi dan nggak puyeng sama tumpukan? Atau mau disumbangkan? Metode kalian beres-beres rumah gimana, dan apa pendorongnya? :) 

Jumat, 17 Juli 2015

Horray, Halfway There!

Recently trying to empty this small bottle! Hahaha.  Thankfully it's around  40% to go.  Yippie, yippie! Anyway, I've reviewed the cherry tint months ago: here

After a while, I can say, this stuff is quite amazing. If you're converting from dangerous chemicals, Innisfree's a nice choice.  Not one hundred percent organic, but still better! :D 

One of my breakfast.  Random veggies stir-fried rice.  

Me wearing Schwing black eye liner from TheBalm (here's the review). It's a photo from 2014, if I'm not mistaken. As far as I can remember, my lips was wrapped with 100% Pure lip and cheek tint in Peach Glow. :) 

How's your holiday and Hari Raya, folks? Had a good one, you all! :) 

Let's reduce, refuse, reuse, recycle! 

Senin, 13 Juli 2015

Silakan Mengadopsi :)

Hi folks! Here I am, selling my preloved cosmetics! If you're about to adopt them, please email me at

Curious about other beloved I sell like clothes and books? 
Click here


Kita sudah ngobrol tentang hemat belanja baju ye, kemarin-kemarin. Ada omongan tentang alternatif hemat dan praktis soal kosmetik juga.  Gimana, udah dicobain? :D

Yap, sekarang, saya ingin berbagi tentang efek samping dari sistem hidup non-konsumtif ah.  Saya juga masih awam.  Baru mulai beberapa bulan, dan masih suka bablas beli baju baru, atau tahu-tahu bawa pulang lip balm lucu.

Sejak lebih memikirkan cara biar padu padan menarik dengan benda-benda yang sama, saya jadi agak kreatif dan tenang.  Nggak tergesa-gesa panik merasa perlu baju baru.  Rasanya kayak menemukan ketenangan batin tersendiri. :)

Biasanya, kalau sedang impulsif, ketika merasa tidak punya baju, kita jadi buru-buru ingin beli baju baru.  Gitu! Nah, karena saya perkencang standar belanja dan memberi batas-batas yang jelas, kapan untuk tidak beli, kapan boleh beli cuma kalau butuh, alhasil, pikiran saya teralihkan ke cara padu padan biar tetap terasa tidak membosankan.  Bukan mengatasi masalah dengan menambah bibit masalah baru.  Hihihi.

Oke, tapi kemarin saya sempat beli 3 lembar blus rayon nyaman adem warna lucu di Colorbox.  Maaf, sekali lagi maaf. Awalnya saya cuma berniat beli blus putih berkerah yang sedang dicari-cari, eh...ternyata ada yang lain modelnya sesuai pencarian selama ini dengan warna cocok.  APA. BOLEH. BUAT. (nah kan, mangkir)

:)) Mari tertawa duluuu...

Lalu saya juga menambah intensitas ke pasar swalayan yang penuh godaan itu.  Ada cemilan-cemilan lucu (tapi isinya gula semua), es krim, promo-promo barang gratis (yang tidak semua diperlukan), dan aneka ragam bujuk rayu lainnya.  LHO? Terus kenapa ditambah?! Saya orangnya bosenan.  Kalau keseringan, saya akan jenuh dan ogah.  Nah, sekarang, karena sebelah tempat saya ngajar ada Lotte Mart, saya pun sering ke situ sekedar lihat-lihat...dan akhirnya bosan (hore!).  Karena bosan, saya jadi ke sana cuma cari yang dibutuhkan lalu keluar.  Dan tidak berminat menambah pernak-pernik yang cuma diinginkan saat lapar mata!

Divisi kosmetik gimana? Ehm, saya sukses menghabiskan dua bulan tidak nambah kosmetik apa-apa.  Bahkan sesudah botol parfum kesukaan saya kosong, saya nggak kembali ke toko dan beli baru! Karena saya masih punya essential oil blend aroma teh hijau dari Nicole's Natural.  Biasanya saya pakai buat mengharumkan ruangan sekitar pakai pot yang dikasih lilin bawahnya itu.  Cuma, lilinnya habis dan kami sekeluarga lagi malas pasang aromaterapi...alhasil, saya manfaatkan sebagai parfum saja.  Itupun kalau inget! Saya juga masih kepenuhan produk-produk bibir.  Masa, saya bisa punya lip stain, lipstick, lip butter, dan lip tint di saat bersamaan? Harusnya saya cuma punya satu batang lipstick warna favorit saja ya.  Tapi maafkanlah, kemarin-kemarin ini masih serakah. :p

Saya nggak pernah beli losion lagi.  Ini juga punya dua botol lotion dan body butter, hadiah.  Bingung mau diapain. :'D

Oh, berkat hemat di belanja kosmetik, saya pun nggak stres melihat rombongan botol dan jar atau tub minta dipake.  Sumpah, suka nggak tega lihat dua parfum kayak bergunjing, 'hayo, hari ini siapa yang dipake?'.  Ugh, cukup punya satu saja!

Benda lain yang saya nggak pernah bawa pulang dari toko lagi: pensil, bolpoin, buku tulis, buku gambar.  Bulan lalu saya sempat bongkar laci isi gambar-gambar lama, dan panen kertas yang belakangnya kosong melompong atau bahkan sama sekali tidak ada isinya tapi tidak saya budidayakan! Konyol kan! Pensil, saya memang punya banyak banget ternyata.  Ada 10 batang pensil kayu dan dianggurin.  Sekarang saya pakai satu persatu dengan setia. :D

Nah, gimana dengan kalian? Sedang keranjingan belanja, atau ketagihan beres-beres? Saya sih...pilihan kedua sembari menekan minat pertama.  :))

Semoga sukses bersih-bersih lemari, sekaligus bersih-bersih pikiran.  Kita fokus ke melestarikan Bumi, binatang, pohon kelapa, dan tawa saja, yuk! :)

Kamis, 09 Juli 2015

Tiny Hacks of Cosmetic Life

Hey everyone! Mmmh, I've missed this blog so much.  I was busy with piano performance exam and all other dream-realisation projects! :D At least now I'm not thinking about the exam and one of my to-do-list has been done: to change Lai Maheswari's strings.  Horray! Now Lai sounds so...soooooo alto! :))

OKAY.  Enough with the greeting.  Ahay. How's your life, Cuties? Mine is good. I've been decluttering a lot! Don't forget to visit my garage sale page: Huraya Garage Sale.  You might find a goodie you want to adopt so much! ;)

Another division I try to reduce is...sure, my cosmetics! I'm using them religiously so it will be effective and useful, not being a rubbish.  And I'm still going.  No matter what.  But the happiest part of it is: the tricks! Tricks of what? Of substitution.  Hm? You don't get it? We can substitute almost anything, with many, many ways, and it will save your cash & space! I will talk about the 'closet-minimalizing' effect on me later, but today: SUBSTITUTION!

For example? 
Change your body lotion to some plant-based oil.  The best candidate is Virgin Coconut Oil.  It's local, natural, and perfect for tropical country like our beloved Indonesia. :)
If you need the oil that is more moisturizing, well, I recommend using Olive Oil or Grapeseed Oil.  There are still so many alternatives out there.  Please make your research. :D

Body lotions are such a waste of money--at least for me.  We buy a bottle or fragrance and random oils and emulsifier plus dangerous preservatives, sometimes we get bored with the scent and leave it until it's too old to be applied and gross.  There are natural and organic body lotions out there.  But we still don't purchase them to get the 100% function, right? Sometimes we just want the scent...or anything else, or you just need a lotion.  Naturally, our skin will be alright without some lotion or butter.  If you leave in tropical country, it's even more vivid to say that.  Yes, some people have dry, flaky skin.  And the only thing you need might be: a whole cacao butter or virgin coconut oil / olive oil / canary oil, etc.  Who can even guarantee that the mix of Propylene Glycol and Parabens, with flowers and shea butter added may make your skin healthier? And it's more expensive than anything, if you count carefully.

Another idea? 
Perfume! I know, I love those beautiful fragrance bottles, too.  Pretty eau de toilette products everywhere.  New arrivals of body mist from your favourite brand. Tempting! I know that feeling, pretty ladies. I was there.  In the position of 'oh how I want to grab anything my eyes see'.  But, inhale, exhale.  It's unhealthy.  For you, your wallet, and Earth.  I know many girls are frustated to see bottles of fragrances on the box.  All half-empty but not finished yet for a looong time. You tend to get bored to some scent a lot.  Then you adopt another alternatives.  And another...and another.  I know that.  Once, I had 3 scents at the same period: floral solid perfume in a tin jar, edt in a beautiful glass bottle, a body mist in plastic spray...and I don't even use them periodically or alphabetically or anything! I only want them to stay because I think I'll be weary with same fragrances all the time. So they stay quite full for months.  Voila.  A clutter.

Now I live with no edt at all.  Nor solid perfume or body mist.  WHAT? Yes.  I reduce meat consumption too (now officially a half-time Pescaterian), so I don't have too many body odour source, though.  And, since I don't use deodorant for health reason ( aluminum chlorohydrate issue), actually, the armpit is happier.  Somehow. Plus, my choices of shower soap.  Those synthetic-fragrances in the general soaps cause trouble on me.  First, it gets me dizzy. Second, it's boring. Haha. Just call me a hippie, people!

Anyway, everytime I want to have some specific scent, I take a small bottle of Nicole's Naturals' fragrance oil.  Just that.  A drop or two and let your bloodstream behind the neck and on the wrist work! Seriously.  If the magazine says we should spritz the perfume on that area, yes, it's true. And it works boldly with fragrance oil.  Better if you have essential oil! :D I don't want to buy too much bottles of oils, so I haven't get an essential oil.

If you want to have a great sticky scent, the more portable fragrance, use lip balm.  Lip balm with your favourite fragrance.  Make sure it's a clear lip balm, natural, even better the organic one.  Find one with shea butter or plantbased wax.  Don't find one with petroleum-based-wax.  If you wanna be vegan in cosmetic life, don't drop your choice on beeswax.  Read the ingredients.  If you can't find the ingredients list, don't trust.  Except you cook them yourself! Hahaha. As simple as that. Apply on 'fragrance-carrier' areas.  Finished.  The ozone is safe.  You're safe. You're ready to rock!

And again...
Hm, okay.  Blusher and lipstick have the same philosophy, right? They give you a shade of red or pink.  Or peach. Alright. You name it.  Purple... LOL.  If you're not a cosplayer, or a theatre actor, or wayang wong actress, do you need 10 lipsticks and 5 blush ons in your shelf?  Let me repeat the question.  DO YOU? :))
Haha, sorry.  Too much Capslock. But, really, DO YOU NEED THAT MUCH IN YOUR LIFE? They will be so useless in the end (please note, now we're talking about the-daily-life-without-being-a-performer).

Everytime you're going to buy a new one, please ask yourself: Will you use your magenta lipstick everyday? Will you love the lipstick you're going to bring to the cashier throughfully? Have your cheeks pale enough to be blushed again by some powder?

And please note can buy a lipstick and use it as a blusher, too.  So it's better to find the lipstick with safe ingredients.  Because you'll swallow some part of it, and you'll apply the small amount on your skin. Avoid petroleum and mineral oil.  NO. And avoid carmine.  It's a bug being crushed.  Choose mineral colours or fruit-dyed, or anything you can spell.

Ah, I'm sleepy now.  Let's stop for a while.  And rethink of our consumptive habits. :)