Senin, 27 Juli 2015

Veggie Report After Months

Last night before sleep, with this busy mind, a memory roses in my head.

There was a time when my besties should memorize my vegetarian day.  Yes, I started to be a halftime vegetarian at 2009 or something.  Friday was my total 'veggie' day.  Synchronized with the pre-Easter fasting ritual. I only ate beef at Saturday, and poultry on Monday.  Something like that.

And everytime I needed to have dinner / lunch outside with ma' fellas, they asked me first, "Hey, what day is it? Do you eat chicken today?"

OMG.  I think my friends are too sweet. *big hug*

Well anyway. Now everyday is my vegetarian day.  Okay.  Pescaterian. But mostly vegetarian. I avoid fishes as much as I can.  I give no more excuse to 'whoa, it's Monday, can I order a KFC bucket?'.
Sound difficult?  Yes.  A year ago.  Started with the cutest: lamb, goat, cow, pork.  And finally chicken, duck.  Now what? Gindara? Yes, gindara.  I have to thank my body to appreciate this change in such a flexible way. No sickness, no collapsing due to anemia or something.

But now I don't even remember the taste of a loaf of beef steak! I'm not craving for it, too.  When people consumes some meaty meals in front of me, I'm happy with my carrots.  I'm not thinking about how good is to drink a massive glass of cow milk.  I enjoy almond milk more than ever.  Even coconut milk.  Even no milk at all is fine! Remember all those calves with the need to get their mother's milk.  Why humanbeings promote breastfeeding while letting other babies from other species die, feeling hungry?

The best part of being me now is, my family understands.  They don't force me. They don't blame.  Not easy at first, but they adapt slowly.

I can't thank you enough for everyone.  I'm touched. :)

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