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Veggie Report #3 : You are Not Alone

If you think I'm going to post about another vegetarian friends...well, you're wrong, baby.  Therefore, I want to talk of the other side! :D

You know.  Life would be perfect if everyone's happy, and natural circle is always on the right place.  I may be superbly amazed if all humanbeings in Earth are becoming a vegan, they're all healthy, no corned beef in stores, ah, those cows will be safe there!

But, hey, there are still carnivors between us: dogs.  And lions, tigers, cheetahs, hyenas, falcons, ugh, why God created them? I don't know God's purpose, by the way.  But I know their carnivorousment (does the word existed?) has a function, somehow.  

If I have a dog someday, which is my dream, should I make my dog a vegetarian? I don't think so.  I must respect the carnivor inside the dog.  If he loves fruits and vegetables, it would be fun, though he may try to eat my harvested apples, carrots, and tomatoes at the backyard.  I know a dog, Jordi, he used to love to eat vegetable soup, but he used to eat beef and chicken too.  He's still a dog! 

So, for my future dog, don't worry.  I'll still provide you with meat, though I don't eat meat.  If I have a cat, not dog, I'll give you fishes, kittens! :) 

For you and me, dear humanbeings, let's respect each other.  Love the vegetarians, vegan, and pescaterians. Don't ever judge them to be so strict and strange.  Love the non-vegetarians.  Maybe their body naturally needs meat and animal-by-products. 

We're all the same, we just have different point of view about our meals. :D

An Exhibition

Two years behind in my journey of finding the best beauty stuff, I made this post about my toiletries collection. 
I also painted my karas puhun and use it as a storage for those bottles, cans, jars, et cetera.

I'm changing a lot these past months.  I do a little spending ban, gain more wisdom, and thankfully I do simplify my body and skin care routine.  So I spend more on make up and other decorative stuff I need.  And happily, I have found my holy grail shower gel and body lotion manufacturer: Nicole's Natural.  LOL. 

I will be boring somehow, someday, but I love their products.  And once I fall in love with something, I'm faithful.  I discovered that I'm not seeking more and more body care stack.  All I think about is to use up everything I already got at home, and refilling my Nicole's Natural bottles.  After trying their lines, I end up planning to refill only one shower gel and one body lotion from one same line, the Romancing Rose.  My Mom and I love it.

Okay, by the way, I was talking about my wooden box, isn't it? If you clicked the karas puhun link above, you'll see my empty box. FYI, now the box is stuffed:

What do you think? :D I love that my toiletries collection is more monochrome and simple now.  But, hey, where's my make up?

They're here in a customized box! :D

handcrafted ;)

I pasted grass-like paper on the base to give a green effect, plus to remind me to stay green! Not all in the place is a truly green product, but I will try to restock it with greener products along the way.  :) 

Uhm, yes, I also have a separated reused box for my make up brushes and other tiny particles:

once, it's a Vanity Trove box, I modified the coverage ;)
I only have brushes from 3 brands (click to read my story with them): The Body Shop, 100% Pure, and Ecotools.  I have around 7 brushes and only use 4 of them repeatedly.  Another brushes in my house are painting brushes for different paints.  Aclyric, oil, poster colour... okay, out of topic, People! Those two sponge and puff are even more jobless here.  Haven't find the function yet.

That's all I have! Actually there are soap bars, but I keep it in the other place.  And nail polishes, these are my colourful multifunctional paints...yes I convert them into art tools.  Oh, those are alumunium tealight candle holders actually.  I don't want to trash them out so I made microsize-matter's container.  Painted them all with my nail polishes. :p

I have nail polishes from Innisfree, Skinfood, and Etude House.  The best one comes from Innisfree.  My Skinfood has weird colour on my nails, and the EH's texture is too sticky to be true.  The metallic blue is actually a gift from my Mom. 

Before we close today's exhibition, let's read the typography work I made with only 2 devices: Sharpie Permanent Marker and Playcolor 2 on recycled paper grabbed from an empty schedule book. 

have a Wise Wednesday! :)

Another Bye-Bye Blackhead Story

So, how long have you been struggling with blackhead, girls? I believe, from time to time, most people have a specific concern with this nature's alarm to tell us that our pores are blocked by oil and dirt.  (I was just trying to explain what is blackhead with non-scientific language, haha)

I told my tale about Skinfood's Black Bean Nose Pack years behind.  And I've tried using many, many methods to extract my blackheads, including making honey and sugar masks plus scrubs.  But I won't make any facial appointment, or take any dermatologist's drugs... Well, I'm not a formal kind of lady.  Hahaha.

So far, my favorite procedure to reduce blackheads is rubbing an amount of VCO on my nose with frontal-circular direction.  It slowly removes trapped oils and dirts.  Quite effective, but for some moment I need an instant way! And I was curious about liquid nose pack, after more and more pore strips in the past.  The brand I choose is again Innisfree.  This is Innistree Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack.   Purchased this tube online at My Lovely Sister, but I forget the price.   IDR 129.000 if I'm not mistaken.

No illustration today.  I'm fully a photographer this Wednesday.  And I was excited by today's gloomy sunshine.  A good time to start taking pictures with camera.  :)

Let's start with ingredients, shall we?

water, polyvinyl acohol, sd alcohol 40-B, charcoal powder, glycerin, dipropylene glycol, piper methysticum leaf/root/stem extract, ulmus davidiana root extract, amaranthus caudatus seed extract, portulaca oleracea extract, pueraria thunbergiana root extract, glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) extract, paeonia lactiflora root extract, cnidium officinale root extract, citrus unshiu peel extract, orchid extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, camellia japonica leaf extract, opuntia coccinellifera fruit extract, soluble collagen, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, hydrogenated lecithin, sodium hyaluronate, galactoarabinan, urea, C12-14 pareth-12, xanthan gum, silica, ethylhexylglycerin, volcanic ash (jeju scoria), disodium edta, fragrance, phenoexyethanol 

Woow, I feel like writing a botanical diary.  :)) By the way, I have no idea about those material I underlined and coloured.  Can someone tell me what in the world is it?

The form is black thick liquid, charcoal-y, as you can imagine how a liquified charcoal will be like. Dark, grainy, opaque.  Paste on the nose or any zone with blackhead, let it dry for 10-15 minutes, and pull off! :D

Okay, about the perfomance, I can't say I'm absolutely satisfied with the nose pack, but I'm not disappointed either.  Sometimes it's effective, sometimes it's not fabulous. It cleans my nose quite nicely, though it's not as harsh as usual pore strips.  Fortunately, it's sticky, but it's not drying or irritating compared with pore strips.  They strip the skin.  This one doesn't.  When being taken off, I can see some blackhead/whitehead fillers pulled out! :)

By the way, please note: You have to keep it in the RIGHT way.  Put the closure cap facing the ground.  Don't do the opposite.  Somehow the mixture will be messy, and all you get is a greyish jelly with charcoal powder not properly mixed! Remember, it works more effectively in matte black liquid form

C'est tout pour aujord'hui, Belles Filles.  May this review brightens your day.  A colourful post is coming after this.  <3 

Senin, 24 Februari 2014

A Little Artwork Post for La Petite Evita :)

marker + fine point pen on 8 grams paper (with 0,189kg of CO2 Carbon Footprints)

dedicated to a talented young blogger


Sabtu, 22 Februari 2014

Morning Marshmallow

Well, bonjour, mes amis. It's Sunday already! I've passed a nice Saturday yesterday, started early in the morning. 

What's you Sunday activity? Mine is to go to a place to do the orchestra rehearsal.  And then, family time after that. 

Today, I just want to have fun in this post.  To talk about...books! Yo, books! Does it have any connection with toiletries? Nope.  But ah, we can connect it. :p

Last week, I discovered that I have too many books in my room.  I've read most of them.  Some mangas and fiction literatures.  Since I've been writing a new book too, and need to finish it quickly this month, sometimes I need refreshment, to trigger my inspiration. 

And, to go out and meet friends, the world, and people will spend too much time outside, meanwhile I get to stay and write! So, I re-read those books in my room! Why do I choose books instead of the sourceful internet world? Internet is too addictive.  It doesn't make me write.  It stops me from writing. 

One of the manga, old-old manga I'm loving right now, is this:

I paste the 4th book's cover here.  In the reality, I only have 3 exemplars and the 4th book is missing! :(
Guess 80-90s kids now this horribly funny graphic story! You know, I didn't find it too hilarious when I was small.  Even after I grew up and read it when I'm in high school, I haven't see the real jokey side. 

Suddenly, I read Si Cerdik Michael again this year (I believe they are titled What's Michael outside Indonesia) and...I LAUGH LIKE AN INSANE.  Maybe I finally stepped in a condition where I caught the real humour the author is trying to represent! And I'm happy to laugh like that. :D 

One other thing, Kobayashi Makoto is a talented mangaka.  Talented and educated, I guess. He made beautiful artworks.  Realistic, but expressive and clean! Perfect!

Besides having a good books, I watch entertaining TV series.  Entertaining? Something like How I Met Your Mother? Nah.  Eccentrically, I don't really love those modern series! I prefer something retro like...Family Ties, Growing Pains, Cosby Show, Full House, and oh, anyone remembers The Nanny? Yeah, I'm a family person, that's why I'm into those homey shows.

The Nanny comes from my childhood era. Yep, 90s.  It was showing from 1993 to 1999.  Almost through the nineties era! :D
Of course I didn't watch that TV show when I was younger.  I was too hooked with Sailor Moon! Once, my Papa suggested me to try The Nanny.  He bought me the DVD and I was trapped in the comedy! The Nanny is absolutely a hit! Look at them...

Different characters, different roles, but same status: humorous. :p

Most people like Niles The Butler with his cynical comments for everything.  Other loves C.C.Babcock, with her strength and bold but pathetique life.  Many girls love Fran Fine. She's the lady in red when everybody else is wearing tan--said the theme song.  I do like her style and personality.  She's lovely. 

I do love them all.  :D

And, ehm, excuse my old taste.  :p  Another retro piece of art I love is Betty and Veronica comics! I prefer their high school story, compared to High School Musical, for example.  They both are brave girls with great ambitions, and how can I resist their fashion sense? *again, another old taste

Eh, don't forget the cute artwork too! :D

Even MAC the cosmetic company made a line inspired by these 2 girls last year, named Archie's Girls! If I'm not an ingredients-freak, I would've bought a series for my collection.  LOL.

Ah, I love both of them.  Their make up style is fun, too! Veronica with red lips, Betty with pastel tones.  I have Veronica's hair, I love Betty's colour (but don't worry, I do like bold red lipstick too!). 

What's in your mind, Readers? What is make up for you? Is make up something required for any women? Or it's something to tickle your fancy?
I choose the second answer.  Plus in my opinion, make up is expression of art and taste.  Symbol of mood and soul.  :)

But I don't want to harm my natural-chemical-composition with make up products, though.  Wearing dangerous ingredients is simply unwise--at least for me.  I won't judge you who don't even care about what's inside the product you're in love with.  I just drop my choice on being care.  Because every little lifestyle you do, it will give impact to Earth and your heart. Small or big. 

I love make up, so I decided to wear make up that fits my standardYou rarely fall in love deeply serious with a man who isn't your type, huh? :)

That's what I want to talk about this morning. Have a great Sunday! Share your thoughts below.  I'd like to hear your opinions. :D

*all pictures today are Googling's result :) Thanks, Google and sources!

Selasa, 18 Februari 2014

(26) We (Human) are Not The Only Sufferer!

 We may be grumpy for little things: money problem, air pollution, cigarette smoke, bad scores, jobless, homeless, hopeless, and whatever annoys our mind.
But do you ever think about creatures who get so many troubles but never complain?

Yep, don't you remember those sea animals? They swallow our rubbish.  Seaturtle trapped in a plastic ring until its shell was dented (penyok).  Birds with keresek inside their tummy! Fishes being poisoned by detergent's littering!

taken from teganuku.blogspot.com

from ceritahusayn.blogspot.com

Ah, we experience nothing, really, nothing compared to what these animals have to face everyday! 

Minggu, 16 Februari 2014

The Going Green Tag

I read this tag, like, everywhere through the green bloggers' pages.  The last Going Green Tag I caught is S Green Juice's post.  There are more out there. 
And yes, I finally know that the real source come from Rachel of All Natural Aspirations. :)  Great blog, Rachel! Thank you for creating this tag and making it goes around the world, too.

Finally, my curiosity can't stand it.  I want to share my beauty lifestyle green journey by doing the Q & A technique.  I haven't been a senior in going green and clean.  Boro-boro, Indonesian said.  Means meh, it will never be--translated dramatically. I started with a concern, and now I continue it by being critical to everything! :D

Firstly, thank you for tagging everyone in Going Green Tag, dear green bloggers around! :)
All we have to do in this tag is...answering questions.  It's not only for bloggers who talk about beauty stuff.  Any species of bloggers may join, I think! :D 

1. What started it all off for you?
It popped from nowhere in my mind that I'm the citizen of Planet Earth.  I borrowed everything from this planet, I shouldn't harm Earth, duh! Meanwhile, I've done many, many things that disturbing the natural circle of life in The Planet, and I'm feeling guilty.  The only way to reduce the risk of becoming frustated is...to start making changes. :) 
And, oh, I read ACME CLIMATE ACTION, the book that makes my life even better. 
C'est tout.

2. What was the first thing to go? (product or ingredient)
Parabens.  I caught the danger in Parabens on one fine day and decided to shoo them from my life.

3. What are you/did you struggle to let go of  ?
Eating instant food (LOL, I know it has nothing to do with beauty products, but, meh, it influences my skin's condition!).  We have delicious instant noodles here in Indonesia.  It's okay, it's quite healthy for some reasons, beneficial enough to erase your hunger, but sadly it contains tons of salt, preservatives, and, ah, palm oil sometimes.  Since not all palm oil is taken from sustainable resources, and not every preservative is fine for your body, yep, I shouldn't eat instant noodles too often! But, due to my homey personality, sometimes I'm just too lazy to go out (even from my desk) and cook something that needs a long time.  I know.  I have to be a little more...telaten or maybe tireless, in English?

4. What has been your best find or change? (i.e. a green product or a tip that you're really glad you found/learnt)
I live in Indonesia.  Virgin coconut oils are massively available in Indonesia.  And this plant-based oil is such a useful stuff! See what VCO would do here and there. It acts as a moisturizer, cleanser, serum, and yes, it's healthy as a digestive oil too! :)

5. What transition has been the worst thing about going green? What has been the hardest to transition or find an adequate green replacement of?
Personally, since I started using cloth menspad, my life in period is a little more complicated.  I have to wash every single pad and make sure it's clean.  I can't use usual fabric detergent with softener or bleaching properties.  I don't have a sanitary napkins if it's raining and no menspad dried.  I know, I know it seems like I jumped into the trouble, for instant-life's sake! But, hey, I'm getting used to it and I love cloth menspad! <3

6. Anything else to add? Any tips or tricks to pass on?
Be happy and patient.  This going green journey is endless.  The more you jump, the more you'll learn something.  But trust me, it'll make your life better! :) 

Okay, since this is a tag, it should be...tagged to someone.  :} Who will I tag? 
Well, I guess I would love to tag 2 people in my blogging circumstance:

Lynn & Windi! :)

But for you, all Planet Earth's citizen, you may do this tag too.  Show your effort to the world.  Show that you care! :) 

Selasa, 11 Februari 2014

I Got Schwinged!

Dear February,
I purchased two make up products this month.  Two packages wrapped in cute gift paper in one week. :)
Feel thankful.
But I'll stop! LOL.  I have to make sure that I'll shop again next month, not in February.

Anyway, you've known I got Innisfree Eco Fruit Tint.
Now I already have theBalm 'Schwing' Black Liquid EyelinerYep, I found it in dashgirlonline, a ready stock online shop, for IDR 150.000.  Well, I hope it's authentic anyway, but I think it's authentic. :D

(real swatch above...on the eyelids)

I've been eyeing this eyeliner since last year.  It's matte, they said, and the felt tip makes application easier.

Oh, uhm, don't forget the American-comic-style packaging decoration.  So catchy and pretty.  I guess theBalm is famous for their interesting packaging.  Don't you think so?

And hey, theBalm is cruelty-free, paraben-free.  They also have a concern with...pugs! Yes, pug, the cutest-weirdest-sweetest dog in the world.  I love pug! They are lovable. <3

That's me with the winged eye! :p

I would love to announce that I love this eyeliner! It's my first liquid eyeliner I bought. But I guess this is my first and last purchase.  Later, I want to find a greener-cleaner one.  :)

The application is quite easy.  Applicator is pointy, flexible, and since it's not a brush which can be tricky by being messy, it's more proper and clean.
Result on skin: matte black! Say it...hitam pekat in Indonesian.  I don't like glossy black eyeliner.  I better use metallic colour liners instead.  Norak, norak sekalian!

It dries fast after you draw the line.  But it's not waterproof.  Please note that.  Once you clean it, it's clean even only with water...smudgy clean and, hello, Panda!  Nah, you have to use a cleanser (such as: natural plant oil) to make sure you aren't becoming a panda.  :p 
And, I don't recommend watching sad movie while using this liner.  In case you can't stay calm and start rubbing your teary eyes. 

The most important part...content! :D
Ingredients of the liquid:
Water, alcohol denat, glycerin, pullulan, disodium coco-glucoside citrate, hectorite, xanthan gum, citric acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium dehydroacetate, iron oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), ferric ammonium ferrocyanide (CI 77510)

(taken from HERE)

Not the most awesome list, but not bad, for my standard. :)

C'est tout pour aujourd'hui.
Happy Tuesday! :D

Selasa, 04 Februari 2014

I'll Reuse The Container, I Promise!

As I told you in my previous post, I need a proper container for my DIY lipstain.  But I don't want a lip gloss or lip tint bottle with black cap, or with weird graphics around the transparent part.  I searched one with cheaper price, too.  

But still, I don't want to be impulsive and buy something with questionable ingredients.  And I don't think a preloved a.k.a used lip tint is nice. 

Since many lip tints come from Korean brands, I pick one from Innisfree.  I have other Innisfree products, actually.  I tried their Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask (but it is sold, I don't feel any difference by using this mask), and still have their Eco-Nail-Colour (nice colour and texture!)+ Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack (good for urgent blackhead-harvesting-time).  

Now I got my Innisfree Eco Fruit Tint 01 'Cherry'.  Someone sells it on preloved group, with cheap price, and it's brand new and there's only one left.  Here's the personal visual concept (blahblahblah) I made about this cute lip stain:

Honestly, I don't really want to buy a lip product with not-so-all-natural-or-vegan ingredients.  Plus, it's red, it could have carmine! I read the ingredients somewhere in someone's blog and thought, "Well, it's okay. You need the container.  And at least Innisfree cares about environment and chemicals.  They are free from some dangerous ingredients..."

Here I also paste the info from imomoko.com

Innisfree Eco Fruit Tint
Formulated with raspberry, orange extract
Provides nutrition for lips to create lively face.
Maintains clear color for a long time.
Talc free, paraben free, silicon free, mineral oil free (but it's not animal-ingredients free, ah, I'm afraid they really put carmine...) .
Instruction:Apply a proper amount to your lips with tip like lightly touching.

Water, glyceryl polymethacrylate, glycerin, ethanol, rengeul pentyl glycol, trehalose, tromethamine, Carbomer, Red No. 227, fragrances, dehydro acetic acid, 205, orange, grape seed oil , safflower seed oil, raspberry extract
(yeay, thank you for telling me the way to reveal the fillings, Lovely Cosme!)

Err...I guess there are typos above?

Okay, now let's see the Red No.227.  Is it carmine? I read in someone's blog that show the full picture of the ingredients label, they write it Red 33/ CI 17200.  And when I search for red 227, it's mentioned as synthetic dye.  Meanwhile, the number for carmine is: Natural Red 4, CI 75470, or E120.  Ah, thanks God, I didn't buy crushed beetle! :')

Why I choose synthetic red over that 'natural' red? Hahaha, you know, I don't support animal-cruelty.  And beetle is animal, too! 

Now the glycerin.  I can't guarantee that Innisfree uses vegetable glycerin.  But I hope they do.  :)

But my impression about this lip tint as a girl won't be too critical.  It's been a long time since the first time I wanted to try a liquid lip stain.  Not tinted lip balm. The liquid gives me bright red colour, appears non-glossy, and at least when I'm looking pale, I can use it to make my lips vibrant. :D
I'm surprised with the scent of the lip tint, by the way.  It smells exactly the same with Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa.  Yes.  Obat Batuk Ibu dan AnakA cough medicine, ladies.  Cute, huh? It's cherry + honey + menthol become one.  I hope it has same ingredients with the cough syrup so I could lick it and be healthy, LOL.  I always be cured properly when I have cough if I drink this syrup...

Anyway, this is the cough syrup's photo I borrowed from Sir Google:

the most magical useful obat batuk in the world <3
Look at the illustration: that heart-shaped something is the lip tint applied on white paper.  It's purple, right? Purplish magenta! Hahaha.  Amazing. Because it appears red on my lips!  Different lips will create different story.  
Is it drying? A little.  But, not a big problem for me.  I heard that most lip stains are drying. Even my beetroot lip stain tends to be drying slowly! I think I'll add some honey for my next experiment. 

The only confusing mind I think about this lip tint is just...I can't fully swallow the liquid.  :p

Overall, nice lip stain! I'm happy I've meditated for two weeks before I contact the seller (and thankfully it hasn't sold!). 

What is your favorite lip product? Are you concern about its ingredients?


Shopping, Shopping!

Have you ever feel amazed with the way you shop? Uh-huh.  I'm in that position last year.  I bought many things without using it til the last drop and ended up selling stuff on preloved groups.

Actually, the existence of that place to buy and sell preloved things is so useful.  When we are desperate about stack of stuff, we can just take a picture of it, give a price, then sell! Almost all my preloved items (mostly body care and make up) are sold by the help of that kind of market.
Sometims I scroll through the page and find many interesting offers there.  I bought a brand new product with preloved price too, a lip tint from Innisfree because I think I need it plus I want to use the container later for my beetroot lip stain. And for me, it's a blessing to find something there!

But, it's funny, since that kind of secondhanded market is started to be, uhm, taken for granted.  We shop a lot, spend our money, double things up, and when we think we buy too much, there comes a beautiful sentence in our mind:

OH YEAH. Don't worry.  I can sell it later!
(please do imagine this as whispering angel voice.  LOL)

I know, I know.  Everyone (especially ladies) love shopping! I do love doing that.  It's relieving.   Walking around the shopping malls or watching ready stock items in online shop with cute appearance.  Two activities we love.  When we comes home with a new product inside the bag, it's amusing!  And, oh, that spectacular moment when a courier brings us our package! But please, shopping is something you should do with consideration. 

Shopping connects many sectors in the world, including our mentality. 
Can you see it?

Yep! Shopping is related to our character.  Greedy.  Shopaholic.  Oh, those are the negative traits.  It can be good anyway.  You may learn to make a list of needs and wishes.  You can have a saving-money habit everytime you make a buying target.  :)

Lately, I've been learning to control my desire to shop.   Thankfully, I never be a greedy girl since I was a kid.  Even my brother were so tired of accompanying me at shops, cause I often leave a shop after seeing around for hours...without purchasing anything!
I love to save my money for any big dream I have.  For example: 4-set Debussy CD, new album of Keane, a novel, a beautiful distro dress, and when I grow bigger, I used to save my money for The Body Shop's products I would love to own. 

In the last two years, I trapped in an uncontrollable situation.  I buy so many things.  Online, in-store, spontaneously, and as I mentioned before, many things are left unhandled.  When I have money, time, way, and reason, I acquire! Then I started to stress out over my pile.

You know I'm a picky person.  I choose what I buy carefully from many sides.  But still, I wasn't well-educated about what-I-bring-home.  Oh, don't ever forget I'm a visual person! When the packaging is nice, I'm interested, thank you.

Yeah, it's not really easy nor so hard to control our consuming culture. In some point, I know everyone will minimize buying too much if they have limited cash.  But in reality, no.  Every single person is consumptive.  I call people who smoke as consumptive too.  It's not a need, it's a choice.  If they need cigarette, they won't eat either.  Sometimes they don't even have much money, but they still eating that crap! Ergh!

We can stop being consumptive by THINKING.  Yeah, it's not for lazy person, I told ya'.  We have to think twice before we buy.  Do we really need that variable we're going to pay for? 
Do I need ten full-size lipsticks in my drawer? Will I throw away this product if it's accidentally unmatched with my skin? Do I need a new skirt? Do I like this pants that much? Do I'm going to produce rubbish if I grab it now? When will it be expired? 
Ah, yes, make your own questions.  Think, think.  Think til you get the answer.  Please consider Mother Earth, your financial life, people around you, and efficiency for each purchase. 

It sounds extreme!

Yap! Don't worry.  It is extreme.  But you can step to the better you little by little.  Remember, you can make a change! We can reduce waste, reuse materials, refuse things we don't actually need, and the result is: you will be growing, glowing, and happy! 

You know, when you have the great feeling about holding a new item, you also have a freedom when you finally decided to cancel uneccessary purchases! Try to stick into it.  :D

I never meant to forbid everyone to buy things.  We won't stop shopping all the time! I just want to underline the point: make your purchase worth it.  You don't want to waste your money, yes? ;) 

Happy Tuesday-almost-Wednesday! May this post be a goodness for you.  <3

Sabtu, 01 Februari 2014

Sunday Sunshine

Just an old unpublished photo I found in my folder.  Well, I used to love The Body Shop really much, and their Nature's Minerals make up line is the only all-natural products I could get that time.  It's good in quality, I think.  Unfortunately, that range has discontinued.  Thankfully, I already have backups.

Anyway, it's just nice to see my blog's header finally finished happily in the right colour tone.  It has no Latin alphabet on it! The title of my blog is written in Sundanese alphabet!  :D You know, my blog's name Citraramya actually comes from Kawi a.k.a ancient Javanese traditional language.  But, since I came from Parahyangan, the lovely place with easy Sundanese aksara, I made it in that alphabet.  I'll learn to write in Javanese later, it's a little more difficult than Sundanese I think.  By doing this, I hope our traditional alphabet will be eternal!

And those doodles up there...well, I made it myself, with lotta' love.  I put a giraffe since I reaaally love giraffe, and I do love other animals as well.  But giraffe is special.  It's gentle, vegetarian, tall, and has cute prints! LOL. 
Talking of animals, I guess, to love them is not enough.  We have to respect animals, respect their life, their territory, and their comfort.  If you have any pet at home, please take care of them. If you want to have an animal, please make sure you'll provide good place, good food, and let them live happily with you.  One more thing, don't ever keep rare animals at your house! Don't ever pet orangutans, sloths, elephants, I know, I know they are cute and whatsoever. Me myself, I really want to have a giraffe at home. But actually, wild animals should stay in the wild (in the jungle, par example).  Especially when they are rare! Ugh, come on.

So, please, just pet a pet, never pet a wildebeest or anyone else  you usually find in National Geographic's documentary films about wildlife or rainforest.  Cat, dog, rabbit, turle, hamster, guinea pig, goat, and fishes are homey, they can be happy in the house (as long as you take care of them).  Oh, I don't know about snake and chameleon, or gecko, but I know some people love reptiles. 

Other stuff on doodles is talking about cosmetics.  But if you look carefully, there is a 'cruelty-free' rabbit.  Means I don't want my cosmetics to be derived from murder of animals (or human!).  Vegan products are preferred too.  I still can't be totally free from honey and beeswax, they are useful.  But slowly, I'm moving to vegan alternatives.  And, sure, I'm concern about ingredients.  We better be careful about what you apply on your body.  However, it will be absorbed to your bloodstream and organs.  Eh, and they will come to say 'hi' to Mother Earth, too.  Who wants to see our planet harmed? She has already been harmed... So, well, educate yourself. Do a research, read ingredients list, learn, learn! 

I know school doesn't teach us to actually learn something. We were just students who have to memorize anything in books. Ah, a post about education world will come later, okay?  

Last but not least, happy Sunday to you! May your life be filled with gladness. :D

*yes, I'm a random person anyway...