Rabu, 26 Februari 2014

Veggie Report #3 : You are Not Alone

If you think I'm going to post about another vegetarian friends...well, you're wrong, baby.  Therefore, I want to talk of the other side! :D

You know.  Life would be perfect if everyone's happy, and natural circle is always on the right place.  I may be superbly amazed if all humanbeings in Earth are becoming a vegan, they're all healthy, no corned beef in stores, ah, those cows will be safe there!

But, hey, there are still carnivors between us: dogs.  And lions, tigers, cheetahs, hyenas, falcons, ugh, why God created them? I don't know God's purpose, by the way.  But I know their carnivorousment (does the word existed?) has a function, somehow.  

If I have a dog someday, which is my dream, should I make my dog a vegetarian? I don't think so.  I must respect the carnivor inside the dog.  If he loves fruits and vegetables, it would be fun, though he may try to eat my harvested apples, carrots, and tomatoes at the backyard.  I know a dog, Jordi, he used to love to eat vegetable soup, but he used to eat beef and chicken too.  He's still a dog! 

So, for my future dog, don't worry.  I'll still provide you with meat, though I don't eat meat.  If I have a cat, not dog, I'll give you fishes, kittens! :) 

For you and me, dear humanbeings, let's respect each other.  Love the vegetarians, vegan, and pescaterians. Don't ever judge them to be so strict and strange.  Love the non-vegetarians.  Maybe their body naturally needs meat and animal-by-products. 

We're all the same, we just have different point of view about our meals. :D

4 komentar:

  1. Huuu~nngg...
    kakak vegetarian ya? Waahh~ aku salut sama orang vegetarian, bisa ngelawan makan untuk si meat itu xD
    Sedangkan aku gak akan bisa nolak kalau disuguhin apaan aja.

    Saya termasuk omnivora, pemakan segalanya =_____=b

    1. Hehehe, iya, masih belajar kok ini juga. Pelan-pelan. Ikan-ikanan masih dilahap. :D Emang susah sih nolak makanan enak, aku mengerti banget. <3
      Nggak masalah, semua aliran harus saling menghargai ;)

  2. Ga pernah sukses jadi vegan T_T padahal uda niat dari zaman SMA baheula, sekarang uda kolot tetep aja ga bisa, padahal di Bandung sudah didukung dengan banyaknya resto2 vegan.. Uhhh.... Semua kembali pada niatan memang wwkwkw

    1. Hihi, iya, niatnya harus didampingi rajin dan telaten. :)) Semangat, semangat! :D