Senin, 28 Oktober 2013

Do You Believe in Nature?

Synthetic ingredients and other chemicals might scare you.  It makes you feel  guilty sometimes, because you know it’s going to harm you somehow, slowly. 

It’s real.  Lipstick with leads.  With carmine a.k.a crushed beetle.  Face powder with asbestos inside. Creams that clog your pores event if they make you glowSoaps to disturb deep-water-life-cycle.  Brushes from furry friends murdered.  Food with parabens.  And all things creepy to be imagined.

Beauty world can be dark sometimes.  Those who jump into the more-natural-and-eco-friendly beauty habits will feel more secure, but not all the time.  We still find natural substances that works similarly with some dangerous synthetic ingredients.  Oh yes, and we can’t totally move from synthetic stuff.  They can be useful sometimes!

But if there’s a will, there’s a way.  Don’t you ever think about how our ancient grandmas/grandpas lived without big industry and manufacturers like today? They used to grow everything themselves! They made things at home!  No commercial creams, no sausage, no artificial fruit juices.  And do you realize? They lived longer, healthier!

Should we shut all the supermarkets down and start to own a garden? Not that extreme.  We have to accept world nowadaysWe can make little changes here and there.  We start with ourselves, our family, our friends, then we may conquer the world—LOL.

We must believe in nature, responsibly.  Take only what we need, don’t be greedy! Use natural products wiselyDon’t just buy things with ‘natural’ label.  Read the ingredients yourself.  Learn a lot.  Don’t be lazy! Don’t be eaten with contains natural ingredients thingy.

And you know what? Sometimes we don’t need that much bulky products.  We may have only 2 shades of lipstick.  One face cream.  One face cleanser, or you can just buy a bottle of plant oil (e.g: VCO, sweet almond oil, grapefruit oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil, etc.) as a cleanser and moisturizer! So you just save your money and your space for double bottles/tube.   

You can Google about how to live more naturally.  I’m not Google, not even a daughter of Google (?).  I suddenly write these whole thoughts to motivate you, friends, to respect your body, humanity, and Mother Earth!

Would you please do that?

n.b: Selamat Hari Sumpah Pemuda! Cinta Indonesia.

Selasa, 22 Oktober 2013

A Lip Glaze to Cheer The Day

I’m not a person who like to make a formal post title.  So, if this post should be formal, I’ll probably have written: REVIEW & SWATCH: 100% Pure Lip Glaze in Cabernet.

No, it’s not so Ningrumisme.  But truly, I’m posting about that review and swatch for real, anyway!

Pass my unimportant words above. 

When I ordered my 100% Pure products months ago, I picked on lip glaze product as a gift for my Mom’s birthday.  I gave it to her earlier because her previous lipstick, the one from The Body Shop, has been old and dry.  I want my Mom to consume a better lipstick, because she often licks her lip colour!

My Mom loves the colour, but she doesn’t really click with the boldness of it.  Because it’s RED. I mean, bright red like what. ! The colour is matte red, a little pink if you look closer, maybe that’s why they wrote on the website: deep blue red, not a basic red or what?  It’s not looking that cheerful when you see the lip-stick.  But when applied, yes, it’s red. Woohoo, how many ‘red’ word I used?

And you know what? I love that colour! Hahaha.  My Mom and I share the lipstick in the end.  We use it together.  Because we’re simply mother and daughter, plus, I don’t believe that this lipstick tube may be empty in a year if she uses it alone.  I’m the one who loves experiencing with make up! LOL. 

So, about redness of the tone.  I’ve been searching for a red lipstick, without glossy effect.  I would like to try classic make up theme.  I’m a theme person! I change my style everyday.  I go sporty, I go pink, I go Barbie, I go nerdy, like, day by day.  And this red lipstick, I need it for my vintage look! Imagine a red lips paired with floral shirt and denim skirt? Nice as heaven.

And this Cabernet Lip Glaze of 100% Pure gives me that. So I would like to repurchase this again, later, along with other shade to try. I’ve tried rose petal too before, got a sample from Lynn,  it’s a little dark pink on me. <3

Okay, I love the colour.  But I’m not finished.  Don’t you think some lipsticks are too dry and cracky sometimes? Or, it feels heavy sometimes.  In my case, this lip glaze is not sticky nor drying, and it’s creamy with quite long-lasting pigment!  Note this: every lips are special.  It may gives different effect on yours, but on me, that’s how it goes.

You can build the colour if you apply the creamy lip glaze twice or more.

Oh, one more thing, it smells fruity! Cute! I feel like like a little girl trying to wear make up.  And your make up are made from fruits!

Look what they put inside the stick, the one wrapped beautifully with metal cylinder covered by beautiful floral prints:

Organic Avocado Butter*, Organic Cocoa Butter*, Contains all or some of the following Fruit Pigments: Organic Cherry*, Organic Plum*, Cabernet Grape, Organic Raspberry*, Organic Blueberry*, Organic Blackberry*, Organic Peach*, Organic Apricot*, Organic Tomato*, Organic Pomegranate*, Organic Cacao (chocolate)*, Organic Rose Petals*, Organic Lavender Flower* and Organic Cinnamon*, Organic Shea Butter*, Organic Rosehip Oil*, Organic Mango Butter*, Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), May contain Mica (natural shimmery mineral) * Certified Organic

Nice! I’m more happy because they don’t add beeswax on it.  It feels lighter on lips without beeswax.  And, the reason why it’s creamy? Perhaps because you can see avocado, cocoa, she, and mango butter.  Butter! Nothing better than those vegan butter! :D You know I love shea butter, and I do love fruits. 

Alright, if you’re curious, just hop and read the website yourself, okay? Here’s the link:

Thank you if you read this and be inspired.  On the illustration, I give you the real swatch on paper, that heart-shaped red colour. ;)

By the way, DON’T COPY OR USE MY ARTWORK WITHOUT PERMISSION, get it?  See you! Happy Wednesday.  :D

The truth is: I love bold red lips for some occasion. I don’t care what people say. I love them. When it suits my mood, I’ll be bold. :)