Senin, 22 April 2013

Just A Little Snip Snap

Before I go back to Sibelius and work with music arrangements, I want to put one photo of mine.

On Sunday, I ate ‘pizza tungku’ at Dapur Bubu and the owner kindly turned on two Keane songs (Bedshaped and Bend & Break) when I was there with family. :D

I wear: retro polka top from my cousin’s TonetoTone shop (yes, she has a supplier shop!), mini black skirt, black socks, all from BTC, plus a pair of Chinatown’s shoes.

Messenger bag I bought from a friend is so cute too to complete this retro minimal look and actually I wore giraffe Saora bracelet from Jirave ducan. But the quality of this photo is just so silly it doesn’t appear clearly. :p

creadits to My Brother who took the photo and My Cousin who sell the tee :D

Mother Earth, I love you.  It’s that simple.  I love you, I do, I will take care of you. :)

Kamis, 18 April 2013

The Lady and The Rooster, by me, as requested by Kiky Huzein. (  :)

Thanks for giving me a chance to draw, my friend! :D


I went with markers, colouring pencils, and Stabilo Point on used envelope as usual  :)

Rabu, 17 April 2013

Once Upon A Time Before 20

Let me put my post-high-school pictures.  With my weirdo taste in fashion, called Tasikmalaya’an by my brother, and now we can name it Ningrumisme (OMG what am I doing, making a new lifestyle stream?).

When I was 18-19, I love wearing quirky pants and t-shirt, and also skirt plus a blouse, and necklaces.  After finished with high school, I got myself a Japanese-doll-style bangs, and it’s not a wrong decision anyway.  :)

Jsyk, I also like an oversized blazer that I used to wear anywhere and actually it’s awkward.  I was longing for cardigan at that time, but, yeah, my priority wasn’t clothes at that era.  I bought a lot of The Body Shop’s products. 

I’ve always been planning to start a good fashion blog.  I’m amazed with people in good style, and I care about a person’s appearance. So here I am, in my Tumblr, going with fashion and beauty in doodles and photography and everything I love.  Finally I have a place to paste this photos taken by my brother.  :)


2010 The rest of summer breeze in September. Look at the rocking horse necklace! It’s a bit broken now, because once I fell down in the rain after I jumped from angkot. :p


2011 Yes, that’s the blazer I talked about above! Wooden necklace from Bali.  Plus my old layered hair. 

Well, see you then.  Happy Thursday! Thursday is my multi-layer day.  I take piano lesson + I teach piano to kids.  Layered, right? :)


By the way, I have finally watched GREASE and Saturday Night Fever.   Fuh, now I get 70s 80s obsession! :)) And, yes, Bee Gees obsession too. 

Today I also heard guinea pig's voice for the first time! CUTENESS! <3



"Es krim, Neng?"

doodle order from my friend Thanty (from Mars). :D

pencil, markers, colouring pencils on used envelope :)