Senin, 22 April 2013

Just A Little Snip Snap

Before I go back to Sibelius and work with music arrangements, I want to put one photo of mine.

On Sunday, I ate ‘pizza tungku’ at Dapur Bubu and the owner kindly turned on two Keane songs (Bedshaped and Bend & Break) when I was there with family. :D

I wear: retro polka top from my cousin’s TonetoTone shop (yes, she has a supplier shop!), mini black skirt, black socks, all from BTC, plus a pair of Chinatown’s shoes.

Messenger bag I bought from a friend is so cute too to complete this retro minimal look and actually I wore giraffe Saora bracelet from Jirave ducan. But the quality of this photo is just so silly it doesn’t appear clearly. :p

creadits to My Brother who took the photo and My Cousin who sell the tee :D

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