Senin, 26 Maret 2012

(17) Hug A Tree Today!

And don’t just stop today, hug a tree each day! Every tree you can hug. :D (but don’t forget to hug your Mom, Dad, brother, sister, friends, boyfriend, and others, too)

(16) Shout To The World That You Love Her


Say I LOVE YOU to Mother Earth,

and proudly say I LOVE HER to everyone else.

Have a lovely day! :)

just me, myself, and a little trial on Adobe Photoshop CS2. :)

Karas Puhun Now Has Cabinet

As you can see, I add some dividers for my box! XD Yay! Now it looks so playful, brings back my childhood memories. ;)

What do you think, Ladies?

Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

sekedar unyu-unyu

a little treat for my cousin’s birthday :)


No, this is not a post about that magnificent delicious rhum in your chocoballs. *uh, I want some chocoballs :9

Not also about my name, Ningrum!

And not about anyone named Arum too. 

But if you mention… ‘harum' (scented), you get it! :D

Because I’m talking about…

See the cute bottle? :3 It’s a shower cologne!

I bought this from My Lovely Sister . They/she have/has a garage sale section. 

She (or they?) writes (or write?) that the cologne (I mean Dress Room) has a sweet candy-like scent.  So…after thinking a lot and praying, I was like…Kyrie eleison, Dear God, forgive me, I BUY SOMETHING! LOL. 

(maybe up there, God said, “Oh, My Creation, why you spend your money again? It’s near the end of a month!”)

And after a weekend session, it arrived on Monday afternoon. Wrapped in a box and I got two sachets of Lioele and Suaocin samples. I opened the box and expected to smell some stickiness of sugar, but…

"Oh, where’s the candy part?"

Okay, should I admit it.  It’s not as sticky-sugary-sweety as I thought before, but I still love it. :D

To explain a scent, you need to expand your imagination. Read the following:

You’ve just finished a shower with your favourite soap or shower gel, and you’re ready to dress up.  Then you choose a chiffon dress in pastel colour. You wear it and you smile in front of a cute mirror.

Voilà, it goes like that! The Dress Room Lovely Look's scent reminds me of that scene.

Now, ingredients matter…

alcohol denat, water, dipropylene glycol, peg-80 hydrogenated castor oil, peg-8, butylene glycol, proplylene glycol, ethoxyoglycol, rosa centifolia flower water, onsen-su, jasminum officinale flower extract, lavandula angustifolia flower water, citric acid, hydoxypropyl cyclodextrin, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, ethylhexyl salicylate, bht, fragrance

Okay, it’s still okay I can find rose water, jasmine flower, and lavender water, but the rest…not my favourite. :P  Glycols, BHT, undefined fragrance (natural or synthetic?), and the others that I’m not familiar with.

But for a while, I’ll use this as my daily fragrance. It’s good, actually.  Good in nose, but I don’t want to use it forever (caused by the not-as-sweet-as-I-want scent and those ingredients). :D  I’m still searching for the real candy-sweet fragrance out there! I just haven’t met you yet, dear my holy-grail perfume!

Can you suggest me a fragrance with this description:

sweet, fresh, candyland atmosphere, all natural

Little note for tommorow:

Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi! :)

Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

(15) Let's Unplug!

Unplug to save some carbon.

Unplug to save your electricity bill.

Unplug to give your electronics a little rest.

Let’s unplug and enjoy your unplugation! :D

Ramya Gadyanga

Do you like banana? Well, I AM a banana-mania.  Banana cake is my holy grail kind of cake.  Banana shampoo of The Body Shop was my favourite ever after before I realized there are parabens inside and sadly I stopped using it. :’( And I love to eat banana with grated cheddar cheese, banana alone, fried banana, Pontianak-style fried banana, roasted banana with cheese and chocolate sprinkles, banana-flavoured milk.  LOL.  I can’t imagine a life without banana! :)))

And then, continuing my love to banana, I tried to create a face mask with banana.

I use two slices of banana (you may choose the one you love, anyway: pisang Ambon, pisang raja, pisang susu, it’s up to you!). Then I pick about one teaspoon of grounded coffee, hmm, it smells wonderful! To make it thicker, I add a little natural honey. Mash the banana, and stir together all the ingredients! Yum yum! :9

You can apply it to your face directly and let it dried for 15 minutes then rinse, or you may do some scrubbing a.k.a exfoliation while waiting.  Yes, the grounded coffee works good as a scrub! :D

My first trial is satisfying. Post-feeling: velvety soft and smooth, supple skin.

JSYK, this mask should be kept in a tightly closed jar, in a refrigerator.  Mine is still okay for a week. :D 

Do you dare to try banana-ing your face? :3

(read this also to find benefit of banana face mask!)

Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

A Milky Way to Save Your Face

Moo! :8)

Hello readers, I’m back with skin care thingy! Since I have decided to do more DIY to save my face from chemicals, I am now addicted to it! ;)

It’s getting more strong, my will, to do this DIYs after I talk a lot about ingredients with my blogger friend Lynn. :)  She even sent me two tiny bottles of Humphrey’s Alcohol-free Witch Hazel toner that she uses as cleansing water for morning regime, as she avoids Sodium Laureth Sulfate and chemicals. (CMIIW, Lynn) Anyway, thank you so much! :* —>will do a review about this toner later

Okay, now back to my addiction, I become a kitchen queen at home.  Doesn’t mean I cook gorgeously, fellas.  But lately I spend more time in the kitchen, searching for something to be transformed into a skin care product! LOL. XD

One day, I found a box of milk after I washed my face and traveled around in the kitchen.  I suddenly got an idea to sweep a milk with a cotton pad on my face.  How will it react?

Then I did it spontaneously.  I used a low-fat plain milk that day, comes from the brand ‘Frisian Flag’. 

At first, it felt cool.  Yeah sure, the milk were kept in the refrigerator! Slowly after the application, it’s getting sticky! ‘Peliket-peliket’, in slang Indonesian. :))  Just like you put a liquid sugar on your face! After the sticky feeling, it got dried (maybe not dried but absorbs into my skin? I have no idea.).

But I let it go.  I went to sleep with milk on my face.  In the morning, I woke up and quickly see a mirror. 

The mirror told me:

My acne-redness reduced.  All my skin moisturized. It’s velvety smooth when I touched it.  And after itchy-cheeks-days caused by windy-rainy-whatever weather in Bandung, I don’t feel any itchiness anymore.  It’s gone.  And my skin’s okay.

MAN! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? It’s like an instant cure!

Act sceptically, I tried it again like…last week, after a week of my premiere milky trial.  With the same milk ‘species’, but a new one. Two days in a row.

…and it still give a GOOD RESULT.  It didn’t heal acne, but it made the redness gone.  I’m saved from itchiness.  Supple skin.  Oh, dear Cow’s milk, you’re so WOW!

I haven’t use it again.  There’s no milk in my house today. 

But hey, you can try it at home if you have the milk! :) Don’t forget to say thanks for cows. 

Moooo! :8)

Kamis, 15 Maret 2012

My Daily Blog About My Life, in Details

Visit and be cheered up! :)

My Daily Blog About My Life, in Details


Do you know how much I miss you, Ma Chérie, Kizka? :’)  Look at your clear eyes, your smile… You’re adorable! <3

*errr, sorry for haven’t reviewed or DIY-ing anything.  Got the sketch on my papers, but not yet scanning it. :D

Btw, it’s a photograph my brother took in 2008-something. I edited it.  :)

Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

(14) Those Antique Junks

Spin your wheel, sleep enough, and let’s make some junks into several useful stuffs! :D

(13) Keep This Blue, Keep That Green

Why don’t we stop transforming the blue sky into a grey polluted air?

And do you agree that green is a very exciting colour?


Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Ramya Stroma

Hello yellow, it’s DIY time! :)

Again, I took benefits of strawberry, the cute sexy girly fruit.  It’s good to be eaten, it’s gorgeous to be a face mask ingredient. 

This one connects mashed strawberry and pure honey (I use Madu Nusantara). Chop a strawberry, crush with a spoon or fork, then add a teaspoon of honey.  Voilà, your fresh and yummy face treatment is ready to serve!

My experience: I can’t wait any longer to see how it works.  I created it yesterday evening, and I gave it a try right away.  It provided me with cool sensation and sweet taste (yes, I licked it a little and it’s terribly delicious!).  After 10-15 minutes, I showered my face like usual with cool water. 

And, trust me, it brightens my skin! I looked at my face in the same mirror with the one I used 15 minutes before, and I guess that strawberry has made a difference. 

Okay, I’m not a whitening-product addict.  I don’t feel like I need it, I love my tan skin, and I’m not in love with those whitening product TV commercials—unfair for the dark girls! And hello, trying to be white just to catch a guy? Nay.Thank you, girls, if you’re not feeling insecure by that doctrine. :* You’re wonderful just as you are. 

But it’s so surprising to see my face glow and looked brighter than before.  Not white, but bright and happy.  Just that.  :3

So far, I love Stroma.  It creates a healthier-looking face and I believe there’s a lot of nutrients and goodness that move from Ms. Strawberry to your skin.  

If you want an instant brigtening thing, give it a go! :D Be creative and mix it with other fruits or liquid or powder you love.

note: Clean your face before applying the face mask. ;)

*as usual, I don’t let anyone uses my pictures illegally.Tell me first.  Be polite. :)

Scrub Up with Sekar Jagat!

I actually got this product accidentally.  My Father was in Bali last year and he attended a wedding.  Uniquely, the couple gave this ‘lulur’ as the souvenir!

So what is lulur? It’s a body scrub, in short. :) It exfoliate your dead skin cells in a creamy traditional way.

At first, I didn’t want to use this lulur, because I don’t really like the smell.  But after months, I realized that it should be used before it gets rotten, for it’s all natural.  So I gave it a go and, okay, I admit it…I LOVE IT! :))

It does exfoliate well, and honestly, the scent is quite good.  The nuance is mildly feminine, just like a carrot. :D I heart carrots, just as bunnies do! :3

After usage, my skin is smoother and supple. 

In conclusion, I’ll repurchase! I’ll try the strawberry one after this. :D

FYI, this is originally Indonesian product! :D Yipiie!

FYI again, these are the crews of this lulur:

Amylum radix daucus carota (carrot), amylum oryza sativa (rice), Amylum pachyrrhizuz erosus sativa, Amylum tritici, Oleum olivarium (Olive oil), Oleum blabla candidum, Aquadest

See, it’s 100% from nature!

How to use: take an amount of lulur, apply on desirable body part while scrubbing until dead skin cells & dirt wiped away.

Very easy and pleasant! :D

*It’s quite silly, my illustration.  Drawing a real Bali dancer figure with markers is not an easy job.  Anyway, what do you think? :)