Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

A Milky Way to Save Your Face

Moo! :8)

Hello readers, I’m back with skin care thingy! Since I have decided to do more DIY to save my face from chemicals, I am now addicted to it! ;)

It’s getting more strong, my will, to do this DIYs after I talk a lot about ingredients with my blogger friend Lynn. :)  She even sent me two tiny bottles of Humphrey’s Alcohol-free Witch Hazel toner that she uses as cleansing water for morning regime, as she avoids Sodium Laureth Sulfate and chemicals. (CMIIW, Lynn) Anyway, thank you so much! :* —>will do a review about this toner later

Okay, now back to my addiction, I become a kitchen queen at home.  Doesn’t mean I cook gorgeously, fellas.  But lately I spend more time in the kitchen, searching for something to be transformed into a skin care product! LOL. XD

One day, I found a box of milk after I washed my face and traveled around in the kitchen.  I suddenly got an idea to sweep a milk with a cotton pad on my face.  How will it react?

Then I did it spontaneously.  I used a low-fat plain milk that day, comes from the brand ‘Frisian Flag’. 

At first, it felt cool.  Yeah sure, the milk were kept in the refrigerator! Slowly after the application, it’s getting sticky! ‘Peliket-peliket’, in slang Indonesian. :))  Just like you put a liquid sugar on your face! After the sticky feeling, it got dried (maybe not dried but absorbs into my skin? I have no idea.).

But I let it go.  I went to sleep with milk on my face.  In the morning, I woke up and quickly see a mirror. 

The mirror told me:

My acne-redness reduced.  All my skin moisturized. It’s velvety smooth when I touched it.  And after itchy-cheeks-days caused by windy-rainy-whatever weather in Bandung, I don’t feel any itchiness anymore.  It’s gone.  And my skin’s okay.

MAN! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? It’s like an instant cure!

Act sceptically, I tried it again like…last week, after a week of my premiere milky trial.  With the same milk ‘species’, but a new one. Two days in a row.

…and it still give a GOOD RESULT.  It didn’t heal acne, but it made the redness gone.  I’m saved from itchiness.  Supple skin.  Oh, dear Cow’s milk, you’re so WOW!

I haven’t use it again.  There’s no milk in my house today. 

But hey, you can try it at home if you have the milk! :) Don’t forget to say thanks for cows. 

Moooo! :8)

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