Selasa, 04 Februari 2014

Shopping, Shopping!

Have you ever feel amazed with the way you shop? Uh-huh.  I'm in that position last year.  I bought many things without using it til the last drop and ended up selling stuff on preloved groups.

Actually, the existence of that place to buy and sell preloved things is so useful.  When we are desperate about stack of stuff, we can just take a picture of it, give a price, then sell! Almost all my preloved items (mostly body care and make up) are sold by the help of that kind of market.
Sometims I scroll through the page and find many interesting offers there.  I bought a brand new product with preloved price too, a lip tint from Innisfree because I think I need it plus I want to use the container later for my beetroot lip stain. And for me, it's a blessing to find something there!

But, it's funny, since that kind of secondhanded market is started to be, uhm, taken for granted.  We shop a lot, spend our money, double things up, and when we think we buy too much, there comes a beautiful sentence in our mind:

OH YEAH. Don't worry.  I can sell it later!
(please do imagine this as whispering angel voice.  LOL)

I know, I know.  Everyone (especially ladies) love shopping! I do love doing that.  It's relieving.   Walking around the shopping malls or watching ready stock items in online shop with cute appearance.  Two activities we love.  When we comes home with a new product inside the bag, it's amusing!  And, oh, that spectacular moment when a courier brings us our package! But please, shopping is something you should do with consideration. 

Shopping connects many sectors in the world, including our mentality. 
Can you see it?

Yep! Shopping is related to our character.  Greedy.  Shopaholic.  Oh, those are the negative traits.  It can be good anyway.  You may learn to make a list of needs and wishes.  You can have a saving-money habit everytime you make a buying target.  :)

Lately, I've been learning to control my desire to shop.   Thankfully, I never be a greedy girl since I was a kid.  Even my brother were so tired of accompanying me at shops, cause I often leave a shop after seeing around for hours...without purchasing anything!
I love to save my money for any big dream I have.  For example: 4-set Debussy CD, new album of Keane, a novel, a beautiful distro dress, and when I grow bigger, I used to save my money for The Body Shop's products I would love to own. 

In the last two years, I trapped in an uncontrollable situation.  I buy so many things.  Online, in-store, spontaneously, and as I mentioned before, many things are left unhandled.  When I have money, time, way, and reason, I acquire! Then I started to stress out over my pile.

You know I'm a picky person.  I choose what I buy carefully from many sides.  But still, I wasn't well-educated about what-I-bring-home.  Oh, don't ever forget I'm a visual person! When the packaging is nice, I'm interested, thank you.

Yeah, it's not really easy nor so hard to control our consuming culture. In some point, I know everyone will minimize buying too much if they have limited cash.  But in reality, no.  Every single person is consumptive.  I call people who smoke as consumptive too.  It's not a need, it's a choice.  If they need cigarette, they won't eat either.  Sometimes they don't even have much money, but they still eating that crap! Ergh!

We can stop being consumptive by THINKING.  Yeah, it's not for lazy person, I told ya'.  We have to think twice before we buy.  Do we really need that variable we're going to pay for? 
Do I need ten full-size lipsticks in my drawer? Will I throw away this product if it's accidentally unmatched with my skin? Do I need a new skirt? Do I like this pants that much? Do I'm going to produce rubbish if I grab it now? When will it be expired? 
Ah, yes, make your own questions.  Think, think.  Think til you get the answer.  Please consider Mother Earth, your financial life, people around you, and efficiency for each purchase. 

It sounds extreme!

Yap! Don't worry.  It is extreme.  But you can step to the better you little by little.  Remember, you can make a change! We can reduce waste, reuse materials, refuse things we don't actually need, and the result is: you will be growing, glowing, and happy! 

You know, when you have the great feeling about holding a new item, you also have a freedom when you finally decided to cancel uneccessary purchases! Try to stick into it.  :D

I never meant to forbid everyone to buy things.  We won't stop shopping all the time! I just want to underline the point: make your purchase worth it.  You don't want to waste your money, yes? ;) 

Happy Tuesday-almost-Wednesday! May this post be a goodness for you.  <3

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