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I'll Reuse The Container, I Promise!

As I told you in my previous post, I need a proper container for my DIY lipstain.  But I don't want a lip gloss or lip tint bottle with black cap, or with weird graphics around the transparent part.  I searched one with cheaper price, too.  

But still, I don't want to be impulsive and buy something with questionable ingredients.  And I don't think a preloved a.k.a used lip tint is nice. 

Since many lip tints come from Korean brands, I pick one from Innisfree.  I have other Innisfree products, actually.  I tried their Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask (but it is sold, I don't feel any difference by using this mask), and still have their Eco-Nail-Colour (nice colour and texture!)+ Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack (good for urgent blackhead-harvesting-time).  

Now I got my Innisfree Eco Fruit Tint 01 'Cherry'.  Someone sells it on preloved group, with cheap price, and it's brand new and there's only one left.  Here's the personal visual concept (blahblahblah) I made about this cute lip stain:

Honestly, I don't really want to buy a lip product with not-so-all-natural-or-vegan ingredients.  Plus, it's red, it could have carmine! I read the ingredients somewhere in someone's blog and thought, "Well, it's okay. You need the container.  And at least Innisfree cares about environment and chemicals.  They are free from some dangerous ingredients..."

Here I also paste the info from

Innisfree Eco Fruit Tint
Formulated with raspberry, orange extract
Provides nutrition for lips to create lively face.
Maintains clear color for a long time.
Talc free, paraben free, silicon free, mineral oil free (but it's not animal-ingredients free, ah, I'm afraid they really put carmine...) .
Instruction:Apply a proper amount to your lips with tip like lightly touching.

Water, glyceryl polymethacrylate, glycerin, ethanol, rengeul pentyl glycol, trehalose, tromethamine, Carbomer, Red No. 227, fragrances, dehydro acetic acid, 205, orange, grape seed oil , safflower seed oil, raspberry extract
(yeay, thank you for telling me the way to reveal the fillings, Lovely Cosme!)

Err...I guess there are typos above?

Okay, now let's see the Red No.227.  Is it carmine? I read in someone's blog that show the full picture of the ingredients label, they write it Red 33/ CI 17200.  And when I search for red 227, it's mentioned as synthetic dye.  Meanwhile, the number for carmine is: Natural Red 4, CI 75470, or E120.  Ah, thanks God, I didn't buy crushed beetle! :')

Why I choose synthetic red over that 'natural' red? Hahaha, you know, I don't support animal-cruelty.  And beetle is animal, too! 

Now the glycerin.  I can't guarantee that Innisfree uses vegetable glycerin.  But I hope they do.  :)

But my impression about this lip tint as a girl won't be too critical.  It's been a long time since the first time I wanted to try a liquid lip stain.  Not tinted lip balm. The liquid gives me bright red colour, appears non-glossy, and at least when I'm looking pale, I can use it to make my lips vibrant. :D
I'm surprised with the scent of the lip tint, by the way.  It smells exactly the same with Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa.  Yes.  Obat Batuk Ibu dan AnakA cough medicine, ladies.  Cute, huh? It's cherry + honey + menthol become one.  I hope it has same ingredients with the cough syrup so I could lick it and be healthy, LOL.  I always be cured properly when I have cough if I drink this syrup...

Anyway, this is the cough syrup's photo I borrowed from Sir Google:

the most magical useful obat batuk in the world <3
Look at the illustration: that heart-shaped something is the lip tint applied on white paper.  It's purple, right? Purplish magenta! Hahaha.  Amazing. Because it appears red on my lips!  Different lips will create different story.  
Is it drying? A little.  But, not a big problem for me.  I heard that most lip stains are drying. Even my beetroot lip stain tends to be drying slowly! I think I'll add some honey for my next experiment. 

The only confusing mind I think about this lip tint is just...I can't fully swallow the liquid.  :p

Overall, nice lip stain! I'm happy I've meditated for two weeks before I contact the seller (and thankfully it hasn't sold!). 

What is your favorite lip product? Are you concern about its ingredients?


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