Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Hello, Sunshine!

Oh my, these days are a bit lazying myself. 

Cloudy, rainy, windy, mention all the Indonesian-style winter weather situation. 

I’m a sunny person.  I walk out the door when the sun shines brightly, and I won’t be sleepy if the weather’s full of sun.  When there’s a sunshine, there’s me hopping around outside the house.  :3 I love sun so much! It makes me smile all the time. 

In the other hand, when the weather becomes cloudy, my eyes will be closed, I’ll put my head on a puffy something, and I’ll sleep tight.  LOL.  I become sleepy easily in rainy season, and it’s too complicated to go outside because I have to bring an umbrella, and the road is wet, then the water goes into my shoes…gah, gah!

But when I’m at home, rain is like heaven.  I can do something calm and have a nice nap. 

Well, that’s what I feel about winter and summer (noted: in Indonesian style, cause I haven’t gone anywhere else but my own country with different season style).  Which one do you prefer? Sunny or rainy? :)

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