Minggu, 01 Januari 2012

Happy Soothed Scalp

My brother and I discussed about my birthday gift and finally we reached the conclusion to go together so I could pick my own choice of gift. LOL. Thanks, Bro! :*

Actually we went to Paris van Java to find a good cardigan, but at last, because the best cardigan discovered in MUJI was 600thousand Rupiahs in price (boo!), we changed the plan. 

So I got him to go to L’OCCITANE en Provence boutique and after tried so many products till I became multi-fragranced, I picked Aromachologie Soothing Shampoo—which has been so attractive in my eyes for a long-long time.

Here is the benefits, as seen on the label and on internet page:

Formulated with a natural origin vegetable complex of 5 essential oils (Basil, Chamomile, Cedar, Lemongrass, Mandarin Tree) and wheat proteins, this shampoo helps soothe the sensitive or irritated scalp. It also adds a genuine softness to hair, delicately cleanses and purifies the scalp and immediately eases irritations and aggressions. The scalp returns to a healthy and comfortable state, for stronger, beautiful hair.

Do they lie? Fortunately no! I tested this products immediately, and I can say:

1. It leaves hair so light, airy, soft, and sweetly scented.

2. It cures my itchy scalp.

3. It also cleans dandruffs mildly in a good way.

4. It doesn’t contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate, they use natural origin foaming base.

5. Its fragrance! Lovely as a Christmas creamy cakes! And btw, I purchased this shampoo on Christmas Night, it’s very memorable. :3

My hair-washing moments getting funnier now! :) Been with this shampoo for a week and more, get no problem, and fall in love.  Guess this could be a HG.

*this vintage illustration created by the help of 24 sticks of Maped Colour Peps, a present from my best friend Esther. :*  Adobe Photoshop CS3 also contributed to make this picture sweet!  And my brother, who gave advice about colours and croppings. Thank you! :)  Remember the law, don’t you?

How’s your second day of 2012, Humanbeings and Ants? :)

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