Rabu, 25 November 2015

The Delutional Society

It's such a blessing to have an ability to see. We can enjoy the beauty through a pair of eyes.  It's a pleasure!

But the story becomes different when you measure some abstract things with eyes.

For example:

You meet a friend who wears an original Chanel bag, and you give her a respect.
You greet a folk who bring a little old dusty tote bag he sewn himself and laugh at him.

And they both are humanbeings.  So what's the matter?

We're drowning in the society who give each other's value by looking at the belongings. By separating the people who drink Starbucks and kopi tubruk to different social classes.  We really think that friends that pay your dinner more often is better than the other who may be honest about havin' a hard time collecting coins for some public transportation.

Okay.  It's beyond crazy.  We really forget how to be a human.  We were born naked.  We die without bringing a ten million handbag.  This industrial era has been so delutional for all of us.  But it's not just the system to blame, but our basic greed.

We literally spend the whole life to own everything in our sight? It's not even bearable! If we really want to have all the assets in the world, okay, we will be exhausted and it won't be enough to do that in a lifetime. You have to be reborned milliion times! :))

So. Let's. Stay. Human.

flowers. effortlessly pretty. more beautiful than all the clutters we collect just for the social status' sake. 

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