Minggu, 13 September 2015

Back then in 2013,
when I had too much cosmetic pile, 
but don't worry, 
some of the items in picture was my best friend's belongings. 

So we had our effort a lil' bit too late.  
Reached the age 22 and suddenly got interested with make up! 
On the other hand, right after that, 
I turned back and tried to fix the trouble I created: 

I waste my money to products I don't use religiously (or, at all). 
My space was reduced. 
A not-so-clear-mind because of the fulfilled open / closed storages around the house. 
I said I love Earth but I shop excessively, and it's not really an earth-loving act. 

So, hey. There I was last month.  
Sharing some filllings of my lip butter, 
giving things I bought with impulsivity to others who may need it better, 
and stop buying toiletries, 
except some palm-oil-free bar soap.  
Though it's rare. 

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