Sabtu, 02 Juli 2016

In Case You Had A Tough Week, Here's Animal Pictures

It's officially summer holiday in Indonesia.  Not an actual summer--because climate change has transformed the cycle: gloomy days in August, yet shiny December. Plus it's not a holiday caused by summer, but the end of the semester and Ied. Anyway, back to the climate change:  If we're human are disturbed with that, think about the animals out there, with more sensitivity, but less complain.  They're growing strong, evoluting, surviving, while we, the so-called-intelligent-men, just talking around about that without any effort to change anything in our daily habit. Knowing we're the cause, yet not correcting anything.  HEEY.

Not to make your holiday a little emotional. Okay, maybe, I'm asking you, and myself, to be concern about this Earth. Make it a core. Grow it a like a seed.  Grow it in your friends and family's heart. Let it bloom together with a better planet.  A happier one. 

Anyway, happy holiday! Don't forget your reusable bag and be thoughtful about what you buy, what you wear, what you dispose, what you say, what you do.  Just, ehm, be focus to The Earth and humanity, folks! :)

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