Kamis, 03 November 2016

Neglected. Abandoned. Bye.

Noooo, don't misunderstand this post as a sad, hollow-faced lady writing up her feelings!
It's not about me being neglected or a pet being neglected or what. It's just a simple post about...how we have abandon the real quality of humanbeing. It's about humanity.

But, surprise! I'm kidding. Yes, I'm concerned about humanity nowadays, but actually, that title is just a representative for some little thing I've realized recently. Hahaha. Got you!

*minta dijitak 

OK. Anyway. I'm in the middle of the 20s now. In the world full of materialistic offerings. But I've been a make up hoarder in my early 20s, and an outfit lover in my 18s-23s. I also love to buy expensive imported food for the sake of gaya and ceritanya sih veganism and health. But in the end, because I wasn't wise enough (not actually gain much wisdom now, but not worse than yesterday!), I've thrown too much effort, money, and space. And time. Sorry. The enlightement started here.

And, after a while, I think I've left a lot of things I used to hang on to hardly. These are things I've neglected with a mindful reason :

+ plural lip products
I used to have lip butter, balm, tint, and colour stick together at the same time.  I only have one lips, but I thought I gotta use 4 products for this so-called-beautiful-organ. And...actually, rather than makin' me happy, it stressed me out.  I need to use it before the expiring date! My lips I dry I should use a butter! Balm before lipstick! Lipstick stains on tumbler neck! Lipstick stains on my clothes! 
Pale lips! Where's my lipstick? Oh I forget it. AAHH! 
What a stressful lady. I'm still young, I don't wanna be old earlier! And my lips are FINE. Definitely fine. My daily-game (call it a game or I'll be under pressure) doesn't even push me to wear lipstick! A proper lip-colouring session only appears in concerts or weddings / another party events.
The last time I wear my lipstick (which is this lipstick) was 3 weeks ago for my friend's wedding. So, it could be silly if I collect more and more lip products, since I only use it for special events?

During this time, I'm feeling lighter. Like there's no pressure or doubt about my lips being pale. Because, in reality, it's even brighter and more red after I left my habit of using lipstick every single day. 

+ eyeliner
I have a bad feeling about eyeliner everytime I see an additional stroke on my bold eyelids. But I still gave it a try, with such a ladylike expectation. It's not  bad, actually. Not actually annoying. Unfortunately, wearing an eyeliner increases my freedom. I didn't want to laugh too hard or it'll melt. I can't touch my eyes area. I...literally couldn't do anything without considering my eyeliner situation. HAHAHA. So I give my eye a freedom. Real liberacy. I'm thankful for that decision. 

+ handcream
Because handcream is just a body lotion being kept in a smaller tube and being labeled handcream. THAT'S ALL.

+ flat shoes
Nothing is wrong with flat shoes. But being realistic, I can't walk safely with this species of footwear. Especially on the bumpy road of Bandung, plus it's usually muddy and slippery during the rainy season. I have a zigzag walking style and some friends of mine know how often I fall down on the street! Flat shoes is definitely dangerous for me in my habitat. It could be different on you! It hurts, too. As much as stillettos. In my standard.

Everytime I feel like complaining, I try to remember a joke or a funny puns...to switch to a better channel of mind. And good things are coming. Along with an optimistic feeling.

Happy Friday, people! :)

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