Senin, 31 Oktober 2016

Things I've Learnt from Kids

Kids. Oh, those tiny little folks are such a role model for me. Why? Here's why :

1. They don't complicate things. 
Hungry? Just find a food (or ask for it). Sad? Cry it out. Angry? Hit something. Everything's simple and straight in kids' world! And it's reflected on their expressions, their general face. Nothing is hidden. Nothing is kept inside waiting to explode.

2. They dream a lot higher. 
And they believe that they'll achieve it. Even if they dream of flying high riding a llama. Seriously.

3. They wear bright colours. 
Because there's no trend flow or fashion rules for them. And, you know, somehow, they tend to choose bright colours, because their life is bright! As bright as their intelligence!

4. They know that they know nothing. 
So they are always curious, asking for answers of their inner questions. In our society, they are banned for asking such random interviews. But, trust me, curiousity is our no.1 important talent! You'll bloom out of pure curiousity!

5. They're sincere. 
Loving people like there's no tomorrow. Starring at their beloved parents or friends or siblings's eyes with a lot of attention and affection. Why can't we just act as easy as that?

6. They love animals! 
D'you ever encounter a kid that doesn't want to feed or pet a stray cat? I don't. They naturally respect animals and nature, without nobody tell 'em to do so.

7. They choose their food wisely. 
Consciously, they know which food that is not good for their body. So, they're picky! It depends on their parents, tough.

Do you have special attention to kids? Do you think they're better than adults? :p 

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