Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

The Body Shop-Grapeseed Oil Glossing Serum

Yee-ha! Back again! Thank you, digital camera, for some-kind-of-scanning my illustration. :P

The next stuff I will write about is: Grapeseed Oil Glossing Serum, another The Body Shop's product.  FYI, I AM FREAK about this brand.  I don't know why, since when, and how…but it came naturally one day in my lifetime.  It's a sudden love.  :P

Anyway, the purpose of this smells good oil is to moisturise and smooth your hair by giving it an additional glossy effect.

It’s so easy to use! Simply put a small amount onto your palm by pumping the head of the bottle and apply to your dry or towel-dried hair.  From top to bottom, or just bottom or only top, it’s up to you!

Let it dry as if you use leave-in conditioner.

What about the effect? Happy and healthier hair with faboulous gloss! Yummy! I usually use this before sleep to make it absorbs perfectly (my instinct said…).

And you know what? This serum is parabens-free! Good point, TBS!

*the illustration above was created by me, Ningrum, and she hopes no one will copy and use her sketch without any permissions. (but reblogging is allowed)

**the weapons: Snowman 0.2 Drawing Pen, coloured pencils.

***thank you and enjoy! :D

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