Senin, 17 September 2012


Yes, life’s been good to me. :D

Ciya means happiness.

And for me, happiness explains many topics, including…hauls! Well, this is a picture of my recent money-traffic.  LOL.



Have you ever heard nicole’s natural? Well, it’s a Singapore brand, packaged in Indonesia, and they have a laboratory in US.  One of the store is in Paris van Java Bandung (lucky me!).  I guess it’s the only store in Indonesia for now.  I didn’t actually planned to purchase something last Sunday.  But like a fate, that day I brought three PET-1 empty bottles of one other brand which I wanted to bring back into the store.  And then I was told thatnicole’s naturalreceived any bottles from any brands as long as it’s PET-1.  And every bottles give 5% off! HUF! So, another spontaneous shopping event, then!

I took Rose Body Lotion for my Mama, Citrus Shower Gel, and Wood Flower Tea for my Papa.  I was so happy eventhough it’s a little expensive.  But it’s all natural and refillable! *o*

Okay, to tell you,nicole’s natural's store is very convenient.  Minimalistic-natural interior style, and there are refill tanks! Cool! I'll get the photo of the store later.  Or at least illustrate it.  :P

They have good principals: RE-FRESH, REDUCE, REFILL, RE-USE, RECYCLE.  Their products make our body and mind refreshed, they reduce waste by providing refills, the paper bags and bottles can be reused and recycled! Great one! And every products are chemical free! <3 <3 <3

For now, they have 6 fabulous main scents: Cooling Mojito, Romancing Rose, Calming Lavender, Energizing Citrus, Detoxifying Green Tea, Balancing Wood.  Product range starts from tea, cellotape-like soap, bath bombs, cake-like soaps, shower gels, bubble baths, body lotions, body butters, body scrubs, chocolate-bar soaps, aromatherapy oil, et cetera!

Will review their products later! :)


For me, buying expensive (imported) branded apparels is not worth-it. There are many good Indonesian brands around, and though it’s a little more expensive, but it’s Indonesian, so…why not?

I purchased a pink cute dress at Widely Project (Jalan Riau, Bandung), the brand is Cyan. I haven’t researched the history of the brand.  LOL.

Weeks ago, Papa went to Singapore and since my brother asked him to buy a Uniqlo(a Japan brand) product (he loves Uniqlolike crazy), and my mother wanted one too, so I got one also.  He bought us 3 sweater-like-T-shirt.  100% cotton and manufactured in Vietnam.  Mine is pink, beige for Mama, and broken white for brother.  :D So comfortable to be wore daily!

By the way, there is one other Indonesian brand which I like too! I never tried their clothes on, but it seems promising.  And I’m longing for the Neat & Natty line! :) Check them out: Pretty Young Things. Products are limited! So, book fast!


Grilled salmon of Ei-Jie, Paris van Java.  CRAZILY DELICIOUS!!! :9

50% for Danamon cards user.  My Brother does.  :D Thank you! Hihi.

That’s all I want to post today.  :) Thanks for reading and have a happy ending! Still loving Earth and your life! :D

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