Selasa, 04 Desember 2012

Eco is My Favourite Echo

I bought EcoTools 5 Piece Bamboo Brush Set!

Thank you My Lovely Sister, to stock up this brush set I’ve been eye-ing for months! The price is IDR 169.000 for 4 brushes + pouch + another surprise pouch.

Actually, I finally decided to buy this because I had a ‘Salon-Salonan' game with my friend, Rachel. She’s a make up artist.  We’re in the same age, one orchestra, yeah, musician with other jobs.

She taught me how to apply eye shadow and blush on. Well it’s quite messy! She did it nicely, I did it weirdly.  LOL. Amateur’s confession. :p

So, she suggested me to own an eye brush, since that oh-so-tiny sponge applicator isn’t actually satisfying for applying eye colours, and, by the way, I only have powder eye colour, which needs a right brush.

Then I ordered thisEcoToolsset with happiness I can’t explain. Why I chose a set of brushes instead of just eye brush? I actually need a brush set with pouch to be brought anywhere too, since I often attend an event, like, wedding party, concert, or else, in the evening, and I don’t have time to go home before the event.  Formal or stage-y events more likely appear on weekends, and weekends always be my busiest time.  And in this rainy season, it’s getting more impossible to come-and-go easily, fastly, without getting late. :p

Yeah, that’s why I ordered something travel-friendly, eco-friendly (obligatory), and well-designed. :p

Here’s my new fellas:

(left to right: baby kabuki, mineral powder brush, concealer brush, eye shading brush)

They are so tiny! :3 Fit beautifully in the pouch provided. And yes, the brushes are gentle! <3 

I love the plastic packaging they come with. Before, I thought it has to be cut by scissors, and I almost did it before I realized that I could only do a small thing to open this pocket.  Separate two parts of it. Nothing needs to be sent to trash bin at all! We can reuse the pocket! LOVE!

On the back, we can read:

My favourite point, again, is those brushes are CRUELTY FREE! Some may say that natural brushes are better, well, for me it’s a big NO. They might perform nicely.  But, hey, animals harmed in the making. What’s the good side of that tears on their cheeks, moreover, sometimes the fur-taking-process is dangerous for their life? :’( 

Let the animals smile along, we play with make up happily, and may The Earth feels lovely too! Use synthetic brush! :D

Complete review will come later! ;)

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