Kamis, 24 Januari 2013


Preparing for new 2013 style’s theme: PRASCAYA! It means ‘believe’. :)

Because I believe good things will come.

I believe that life is easy.

I believe that what I wear is what I am.

I believe in people around me.

I believe I’ll buy some more clothes along this year, too! LOL. :))

Now let’s see what I’ll do with everything I have:

being girly, a little, with my edgy face :D

Yellow top for a cheerful year! Got that in Happy-Go-Lucky house. :D

And I bought that green legging here from Pretty Young Things. :D

But I made mistake about the real colour of it.  It’s actually appear like…more retro-ish *don’t know how to describe it!

*thanks, Papa, for taking the picture! :3 Hey, I think I rarely put my photo here, right? :))

By the way, now I have a cousin at home now.  The girl cousin! And she’s great at cooking…especially cakes, cookies, chocolate, even omelette, oh, yes, I eat a lot of her works! But thankfully she’s a half-vegetarian too. So we’re not eating beef! *and gotta continue to not eating chicken later :D

And, another ‘by the way’, go see this page for fashion inspiration! It’s so naturally inspiring! :D

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