Senin, 30 Desember 2013

Veggie Report #1

You see, I’m becoming a vegetarian. But, growing up in a omnivorous surroundings, it’s not one hundred percent easy to just switch to it!

Lots of tolerance, effort, and consistency needed on the way to my goal.  What is my goal? Being a vegetarian.  Yap.  Inside and out.  Not eating animals and apply animal-cruelty-free topical products.

Why I want to be a vegetarian? Am I on diet? No, no at all! I just think that it’s not fun for animals to be suffered and killed by us, massively, and we eat their meat and flesh happily.  I don’t get the point.  We are amazing at conquering the world, creating cultures and methods, but some cultures are…cruel.  Simply cruel.

Animals are alive.  They breath, produce voices, they feel pain…ah, they’re simply a active-living-creature! Now, do you know how bad we treat them? Even when we don’t kill ‘em, we torture them with our greed. 

So, one day, I decided to start building my way to vegetarian life.  I think I started in 2010, when I made Rumtarian, a special program made by me, for me.  As I remember, I made Wednesday and Friday as animal-free days.  Saturday-Sunday are free.  The other day, I guess, beef are forbidden, and on Thursday I only eat seafood and vegetables + fruits.

Because it’s not easy to follow the day strictly, I continue the Rumtarian days with different term.  I made 3 days in a week meat-free, something like that. 

It’s still a little bit difficult.  Sometimes, rejecting somebody’s special dishes he/she made for you personally may trigger sadness.  But sometimes their dishes are…mostly animal-y.  That’s why, sometimes, when I’m with a new acquaintance, I try to tell that I’m a vegetarian.  With a hope that he or she will remember it forever. :p

Okay, now, to match the title, I would like to tell you, people, that I have free myself from some kind of meat.  I used to love duck.  Fried duck with special sambal.  Ah, it’s delicious! And, oh, I loved lamb-satay!

But actually, starting with rarely-cooked animals are easier! I mean, duck and lamb are not as common as beef plus chicken!

Today, I happily announce that I don’t eat duck and lamb anymore. I think it’s been 6 months or more.  I avoid beef and chicken too and prefer seafood as far as I can.  So I think I’m more like Pescaterian these days.  Pescaterian eats only seafood, and the rest of it that’s not animals. 

It’s almost 2014. Let’s make a good new year resolution! What’s yours? Mine is to continue my vegetarian project.  For goodness!

Wish me luck! <3

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