Sabtu, 06 September 2014

Veggie Report #bla

Ah, thanks internet connection.  You're finally permanently stay at home.

Anyway, I have some development on my almost-vegetarian life. In case you're curious...
In these majestic 3 weeks or more, I have eaten A LOT of fruit.  I mean a lot.  My meals should always contain fruits--even in dried version--like raissins.  And my snack is blueberries or papaya.  Or rolled oats *lol*.  And thanks to 'Mang Sayur' (Mr.Vegetable a.k.a a man who walks along the residence to sell groceries in a wheel), he brought me a lotta' avocado--by order.  And carrots.  And so, and so.

Well, and, as a visual person, I always make new artpiece with my meals! And it encourages me so much that I can't stop making nice breakfast, beautiful lunch, plant-based everything.  Two fruits per day.  No poultry, beef, bacon, whatever.  Still take a little portion of seafood (salmon, salmon!). 

And what happened after? I haven't known it yet.  Let's see.  But I feel, my body is stronger! I walk slower! Due to lack-of-meat, I tend to be mooore calm.  Maybe, a herbivore life makes a giraffe beautiful and elegant? *forget it

Out of those stupid analysis, here are some pictures of my repas:

I believe every individual body has different handling and structure.  And taste.  You may eat your meat.  By the way, meat comes from cruelty.  Meat means cow's/chicken's/piglet's/goat's/and friends' tears.  That's all about meat that I don't like. 

And yet, we're genetically closer to orangutan rather than lions. Just fyi. ;)

Happy Saturday Night, babes! <3

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