Kamis, 28 Mei 2015

Rotate and Make Targets

So you can't stop shopping. 

It's normal.  For a while.  Until you realize how many stuff you get in your wardrobe. Then you think your shopping habit is abnormal.  You were left there with pile of clothes.  PILES. Maybe. You are confused because you wear anything similar everyday but when you open the wardrobe, you have so many to wear!

That's why we have to ROTATE.  Do the rotation. Use up everything you have.  Exception for party dresses or something.  Hahaha.  You're not wearing them to the nearest vegetable market, right? ;) 

I've done this with full consciousness for a month.  And, my fashion life has become better.  More efficient. And I save a lotta money if you'd like to know! :D It's like renewing all items in my wardrobe. It will make you more creative.  

So there's no reason to postpone the rotation program, right? Rotate, mix and match, take your time.  Love everything you own.  Donate or sell unused items to let some space empty.  Not to fill the area again. To boost your fashion ideas. 

Happy Thursday.  Thanks God tomorrow is Friday! ;) 

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