Selasa, 31 Januari 2017

Source of Unhappiness is Just A Point of View

It's such an enlightement. Ugh.
I've finally discovered that, actually, humanbeing is conditioned to be unhappy, as soon as they grow up and being labeled 'adult'.

Or even as a teenager, following the education system in Indonesia.

Here's why:

As an adult, we're being blamed for everything we are. 
"You are lazy when you're young, that why your life is ruined now."

Reality is: time is relative and you can release all the effects if you want. Even if you have a dark, lousy childhood, or you failed at school, or you lost a lot of friends, hey, you can always get a new pal, you can turn the light on and smile! You're not your circumstances. Go ahead, make any change you want!

We're restricted and being asked to limit ourselves. 
"Now live your life, have a job, gain money, get married, raise a child or two, send them to school, make them successfull. Don't dream too high, you're already 30."
Actually: NO ONE HAS ANY RIGHT TO CLOSE YOUR OPPORTUNITIES! You're 40 and suddenly after a stellar movie marathon, you want to be an astronaut. Then, be it. Just remember, greater things come with greater responsibilities. ;) 

Be fake. Be stress. Be difficult.
"Maintain your image. Have a great attitude, be cool. Follow the rules and trends, be safe. Mind your joke, mind your words. Don't cry, try to smile even if you're sad."
Are you insane? Should you always hold your tears and never burst laughing, well, a psychologic therapy will help you, pffft. Seriously, people? If you always try to be safe and secure, be a robot and live in the cave. Be authentic. Wear bright polkadots even if all adults around you are wearing sleek linen blouse in pastel colours. Because you're nothing without your you-ness! And, express your feeling! Don't stop crying just because you're a male. Don't hesitate to speak your mind just because you're a wife. Or so. That's too complex for a happy life. 

Don't be childish. 
"Grow up. Stop listening to kid's folksong and don't watch Barney. Don't read all those illustrated science books. Pay your bills and decide what to do in the future!
Hey. Everyone needs a cure and relaxation. And, anyway, if you stay stressfull about the future, nothing good is coming to you. Really. Let me say that, actually, you need A LOT of childhood's media's exposure. In the end, they are mostly talk about loving people, loving yourself, and manners. Because adult has lack of manner and kindness.

Oh, geez. Now I know why I'm always attracted to kid's products. Because they're colourful and bright. And why adults are so frustated? Culture has separated adulthood and childhood as a prison. Like, you'll lose your freedom and authenticity. You don't have to! Be healthy, people! Be HAPPY !

Anyway. Happy February 1st ! 


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