Rabu, 11 Oktober 2017

A Little Nostalgia...

...to the era when I had some effort to tuck in my blouse to an unfitted midi skirt made of polyester. And took a pose for a beautiful OOTD. It's not even more beautiful to be seen now, hahaha. 

Nice place, tho'. 

In that era, I used to love wearing stocking, fancy skirts, and uncomfortable oxford/flat shoes. I don't know how I survived...but yeah, it's fun at that moment. To experiment with different shades of lip colours, shoes, skirts, chiffon blouses, fancy bags, etc. ! 

These two photos were taken by my brother. The first one: 2014. Hahahaha. Good angle, still! But look at my facial expression! What is THAT?!

I transformed myself into an effortless tee dress person in 2017.  Standing awkwardly, but yet happy. And I smiled--the best thing was that I look positive and not craving for some attention. 

Tho' I shop less and I have no more catchy novelty bags, hey, it feels better now. 
Not trying to impress people with the way I dress (or, something I wear!).
More liberty in mind, more beauty to be cultivated inside the soul. Ceileh lebay. But, bener lho! 

Pardon my mixed language, lol.

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