Rabu, 28 September 2011

Inspired by Beauty Giveaway! :)

Inspired by Beauty, an interesting and beautiful blog, let us join in a giveaway with these stuffs as a treat!

(TOPSHOP products, pallettes, jewelleries, cute goodie bag…yummy!)

They look interesting! :)) LOL.  Sorry for not making a sketch of those things.  I’m learning for my aural tests while I’m blogging.  Insane. I give all my time for my music exam and I can’t wait until the exam happens.  :P


Actually, I plan to sketch some products, but, yeah, that aural tests don’t let me go from the practice book and audio thingy.  I’ll go sketch ASAP! :)

How do you spoil your self today? :) I wish you still feel good about your body. 

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