Kamis, 29 September 2011

Sparkle of Lychee

I was there in TBS’ spring sale and I got this Lychee Blossom shower gel with discount! (10% or more, I guess…). Contains lychee extract and Community Trade honey, so it won’t irritate your skin. 

This is my favourite range! The fragrance is fresh, happy, fruity, and sweet.  ♥

Unfortunately, it’s limited.  That’s why I grabbed it fast.  :D Now it’s almost run out.

For me, who lives in a sunny tropical warm weather, this shower gel is so refreshing! Lovely! :)

By the way, it contains NO parabens too.  Nice, isnt’ it?

*about the illustration, I made the pencil and Snowman Marker sketch in a paper, scanned it, and finished with Adobe Photoshop CS3.  Reblog allowed, illegal-using is not recommended. :) Thank you and have a happy day!

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