Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

Atashi no Soap

My brother went to Tokyo last month.  He was with his boss, a photographer and artist.

When he arrived at home again, he brought us a box of soaps! Well, he said that it’s from his boss.  There was an embossed phrase on the top, written: TAMANOHADA SOAP. 

So it’s a soap!

I opened it and surprised.  It’s a ROUND-SHAPED soap! Each wrapped in a white thin paper. Wuuh.

That box contains three scents of the soap: lavender (which is GOOD!), orange (citrus-y fresh), and musk (smells like musk).

The foam of this soap is very mild, creamy—especially if you apply it to shower puff—try it! Rub the soap to your shower puff, and voil√†, foam party! I’m so in love with its velvety foam.  Elegant!

Anyway, you can check about this round soap here! :)

A little snap from the website:

Round Soap Made with Meticulous Attention to Detail For your Hands, For your Heart: Round Soap. It rolls around in the palm of your hand, comforting your spirits. We wanted to offer a soap that makes you feel pleasant right from the time you start lathering, and this round shape is the result. If you look carefully, you can see that the sphere is slightly flattened on one side, giving it stability as it rests delicately on the counter. Go ahead, pick it up―cup it in both hands and see how it feels. Enjoy the Aroma. A Date with Fragrance. Tamanohada developed this original blend of luxurious aromatics in a base of natural essential oil. Just roll the sphere around in your hand, and the aroma fills the bathroom. The aroma stays with you, providing comfort and healing even as you go about town. And by using it in conjunction with our Shampoo & Conditioner, you can wash from head to toe with the same fragrance. Treat your Skin with Gentleness.

TAMANOHADA SOAP is made from natural palm oil and palm kernel oil. This soap has excellent moisturizing properties and strong cleansing power. It also lathers well, is highly stable (does not oxidize easily) and is gentle to the skin. Whether washing your whole body in the bath or just washing your face, this soap will bring you peace of mind.

What a cute experience! :)) olala!

*the circus-y soapy picture made with love by me, Ningrum, together with my dear friends MUJI hexagonal dual markers + Adobe Photoshop CS3. :) Dont’ copy and use it illegally!

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