Selasa, 04 Oktober 2011


Today’s topic: local brand! :)

My mother has been so faithful with this brand: Sariayu by Martha TilaarMartha Tilaar herself is the founder of this brand and not only producing products, she also does many social things and helps a lot of Indonesian women with her way, such as opening job opportunities, education thingy, et cetera. 

I’m proud Indonesia has her. :)

Here it is, a moisturizer with lime (jeruk) that is created for everyone with normal to oily skin.  Not only contains lime, it also has neroli oil as an aromatherapy, olive oil, areca (pinang) extract to maintain the skin elasticity and coconut oil.  Don’t forget one more plus point: SPF 15!

The performance of this moisturizer satisfied me.  It does makes my skin looks matte, the texture is gel-like and very light!

It’s also very affordable and easy to be found anywhere in supermarkets or minimarkets. 

question. Has anyone tried the red rice range of L’occitane? I am interested with them. Thank you anybody to answer this.  Bye bye!

*for this illustration, I worked together with random-branded pencil colours and Snowman Drawing Pen 0.1.  Lightness edited with Adobe Photoshop CS3. Don’t forget to keep original.  Don’t copy my result and use it illegally!

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