Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

Happy 20 for Me!

Well, well, I’m turning 20 today (errr, like 15 minutes ago on December 23rd)! OMG! 20! Twenty! Vingt!

I have two heads! *LOL, no off course, it’s just an expression

But I had a blast, actually! :)  My brother called me on midnight while I was sleeping and I didn’t say anything while he’s babbling, and I forgot it at all in the morning! LOL.

Mother and Father kissed me on the cheeks as felicitations.  Then I had a cozy breakfast (oenbijkoek, some kind of sponge cake with spices & sugar-free Oolong Tea).  Hm, good!

After that, I took my lunch in Rosti Bistro, located in Jalan Merdeka Bandung, part of Badranaya (a butcher, actually), inside Toko Merdeka (they sell soes and other cakes, etc.).  I was there with my two best friends. :) We had a lovely semi-brunch-almost-lunch! I ordered Snapper Meunier which tasted ‘funny’, I think. :3

Further info about this bistro, click here.

We got fulfilled and talked a lot, and we went to BIP, took a sight-seeing in The Body Shop (<3), tried to search something in Matahari Dept. Store, but we decided to move!

So we caught an “Angkot” Margahayu-Ledeng, headed to Jalan Riau! Then we were MAD in a factory outlet named Lily ‘n Rose.  OMG! All the stuffs are cute! CUTE! CUTE!!! *hahaha, nothing can exactly describe that cuteness

There are cute collars, chiffons, sweet skirts, colourful trousers, warm cardigans, nice scarves, vintage bags, accesories, OMG, I just GOT. CRAZY. LOL.

We were travelling around inside, and chose a stuff to try.  Inez took a casual-but-okay-for-formal-situation broken-white chiffon blouse, Esther grabbed a blouse with little lace and cute little white apples pattern on blue background, while I dropped my choice to a dress with vintage bunny-and-ribbon illustration (oh, I love dresses!).  When we showed ourselves to each other with clothes we tried, we were amazed, in love, and with no resistance, we walked happily to the cashier! LOLOLOL.  One more thing, it’s our first shopping moment! I mean: we, to a boutique, and leave the store with shopping bag in hands! It’s always been our dream to held a girl’s day, but it came true today, after 7 years of edgy friendship. :)) We were surprised that we took photos with our shopping bags. :))

Voilà, c’est ma nouvelle robe:

I departed back home earlier than Esther & Inez, because I still had things to do.  At home, I played with candles…because there was an electricity problem suddenly! (mati lampu!) So I blew candles, but not the one on a birthday cake. :))

Aaand, in the evening, me and the whole family (Father, Mother, Brother) got inside the car and I did rehearsal with SLCO a.k.a. St. Laurentius Chamber Orchestra (me on viola) until 10 p.m. while they had dinner at Glosis with my uncle’s family! :P I couldn’t attend that dinner because of the rehearsal.

But with SLCO, I had a blast too! Well, everyone said HBD to me, everyone sang a HBD song, and we ate cakes! :))  Our clarinet player (she’s about 10/11 years old!) was having birthday at December 19th too, so she brought 3 boxes of chiffon cakes.  I bought 2 box of brownies.  The choir gave us soes-es.  A violin player (and she is about 14 years old!) also had a blackforest cake, and our “Momma” a.k.a. coordinator or something shared her ananastaart, a kind of cookies, which I made for her. :)) So WE ARE SO FULFILLED!


I went home after that.  Happy and grateful. :3

Thank you, families*! :)

*families contains: Father, Mother, Brother, Esther, Inez, my uncle’s familly, all SLCO members, everyone in the world, oh…we are all family! :D

And, yeah,

I’m 20,

and my ringtone is:

Timmy Time’s opening theme!

I absolutely in love with Timmy Time.

Have a nice day ahead, Ladies! :3 

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