Senin, 19 Desember 2011

Prepare Your Basket and Eat Your Fruits!

If you ask me, what’s my favourite food, I will answer: fresh fruits!

Why fruits? Okay, fruits are usually naturally sweet.  I easily become sick if I take too much sugar, because I don’t really like sweet taste. :P  But eating fruits doesn’t bring me to sickness, instead I feel fresh and happy plus healthy! :3 Fruits contain vitamins.  Homo Sapiens needs vitamin.  And fruits sometimes bring you a lot of water, natural sugar, and antioxidant!

My favourite fruits are: Banana (I even used a banana shampoo just for the nice smell of that species), apple (and it reduces excess oil too! I agree that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. True!), avocado (can’t resist the creamy, mild texture), watermelon (crispy and refreshing!), melon (sounds childhood-y and Nobita-y since I read the manga Doraemon and saw a scene when Nobita eat a melon with a pleasant face. I was fall in love at that moment, with melon, not Nobita!), mango (Oh, God, mango is a fruit from paradise especially when it’s already ripe and sweet!), papaya (yummy and a good cure for stomach problem), jackfruit (it’s edgy in taste and satisfying in texture)… oh, I love almost all of the fruits! I someone left me a basket of fresh, ripe, sweet fruits and a knife, I could eat all of them! Just like a monkey! :3

So what’s you favourite kind of fruit, Ladies?

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